Author Topic: Durga Pooja Celebrations:- (6)  (Read 2712 times)


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Durga Pooja Celebrations:- (6)
« on: October 04, 2008, 10:32:54 AM »
When Bhagavan was a young boy in Tiruchuzhi, whenever some
one got angry with Him or scloded Him, He used to run to the
Siva temple, Shri Bhoominathesvara, and sit in the precints of
Uma's shrine and overcome his sadness.  Uma, here, is called
Sahaayavalli,  The Mother who is the embodiment of mercy
had always been with Bhagavan Ramana, in times of distress.
In Sri Ramana Ashottaram, there is a name, which says:
Sahaayama Sahaayvan Namah:  I pray to the One who has got
the support of Sahayamba. 

Again, when He came to Tiruvannamalai after self realization,
his merger into the Self, is said to have happened only with
grace of Uma, and hence He is called, Sakti nipathane prabuddaya,
that is, One who got awakened by the touch of Godhead or Sakti,
her grace.  I pray to the One who had the touch of Sakti, Sakti nipatham.

During the early months, when He was staying in the Arunachalesvara
Temple precints, the priest served Him milk, which was used for
her abhishekam.  He got this milk collected, after the abhishekam,
and served it to Bhagavan.  For this purpose, unlike the usual proceedure,
in which milk is added with turmeric, rose water etc., the priest used
the plain milk, did the abhishekam and collected the outflowing milk
and gave it to Bhagavan.

Hence we can remember on this Durga Pooja Celebrations, how
Bhagavan, who is an avatara of Skanda, got His mother's support
for all His needs, be it consoling His sad state in Tiruchuzhi, or
to attain Self realization, or to quench his hunger and thirst during
the days in Tiruvannamalai Temple.

Arunachala Siva.