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Re: Power of Arunachala-kshetra
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Arunachala Panchamukha Darshanam

The five aspects of Shiva represent:

Ishana - Skyward Face:
The word Ishvara is form the root “Aisha – Aishwarye”. Total wealth means the total control and ownership of all the fourteen worlds. Such form of Shiva, who is the total owner of the fourteen worlds, is called as Ishana. This face is skywards. Which means it is on top of the other four faces which face the four directions. This fifth face of Shiva represents the creation; balance, annihilation energies and control and chaos energies. It is represented by pure crystal and signifies the top.

Tatpurasha - East Face:
The word “Tat” represents Paramatma. Tatpurusha means Saguna filled Para Brahma form. This represents the form of Shiva that is in meditation and Blessing the world. Hence this eastern face is considered as the first face. The word “Tatpurusha” means “his person”. One who is always behind a person to protect is Tatpurusha. It is represented by yellow and signifies the face.

Vama Deva – North Face:
The term Vama means Left or innocent. If we stand facing east, the north is to our left. Hence the north facing Shiva is worshipped as “Vaama Deva”. The left of a person is representative of the Shakti aspect. It represents “Maya and the feminine strength and beauty”, Hence in Ardha Nareeshwara aspect, we find the goddess on the left side. Represented by red and signifies the navel.

Sadyojata - West Face:
West is called as “Paschima or Pratyak”. The soul is called as “Pratyagaatma”. “Sadyaha” which means just now and “Jataha” means now born. Shiva makes his presence felt through the countless souls being born. Hence the apt name “Sadyosata”. This shows the creative aspect of Parameshvara. Since the very existence of any being starts from its birth, the Sadyosata aspect of Lord Shiva is prayed first. Represented by white and signifies the foot.

Aghora - South Face:
If we stand facing east, south is our right. Hence right side is called as “Bala”. As important as right hand is for humans, the South face is important to Lord Shiva. This is also famously known as “Dakshina Murthy”. Those who worshipped the Aghora form of Shiva were called as “Aghoris”. Aghoris generally live in graveyards and are naked, use things which the world has branded as “inauspicious”, and perform harsh penance; because their main belief is that there is no such thing called “inauspicious” in the world because all that exists if Shiva himself. Represented by black and signifies the heart.


॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: Power of Arunachala-kshetra
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I believe it is the saints/devotees who make a place/temple special!! Without Bhagawan, what specialty would Arunachala have other than being a panchabutha lingam?

Prior to Bhagawan, what was the condition of TVmalai? Did it really attract many visitors? Was girivalam as popular? Did lots of people know about the Karthigai dheepam? Of course, people may have heard through Arunagirinathar and I believe Appar thevaram, but did it have the popularity as it has now?

Atleast, my perception is that Chidambaram was always more popular with royal patronage, etc.

Dear Deepa Ji,

What is the condition of Tirupathi today being so world famous? We find all kind of things happening there ignoring its sacredness & great history. Even Srisailam which is a jyothir ling with great history & popularity but do we feel that attraction or eagerness to visit again & again. Tell me one punyakshetram in this world by visiting many number of times still u feel insatiable?

 Our master was a messenger of Arunachala who showed his love to his father & eventually he has come in spot light. I remember reading somewhere in this forum were a devotee when referred our master as arunachala, our master became very angry listening to that comment. So we being our master desciples, we can never dare to say that it has become famous just because of him. People like us needed a person to be guided to reach our destination & this is taken care by our master by the grace of supreme Arunachala. As per my little knowledge, no other place in this world gives the true vedantha just by looking or mere thinking of it.

I wish our Arunachala should maintain its special uniqueness & there should be no need to get popular coz as per the legend "people dont come here by their wish, it is just he who calls them"

Om Arunaachaleshwaraaya Namaha!

Dear Vinod

It was me who posted that dialogue comparing Bhagavan to Aruanchaleshwara and Bhagavan immediatley getting angry saying 'enough enough'


This Arunachala is a very powerful and secret Kshetra.  Infact it is Arunachalam Nirguna and then Arunachala Shiva Saguna Brahman.

Saints sometimes make a place holy but Arunachala was holiest from starting. 

The rocks here are really not mere sand particles -- how many times our logical brain (including me) questions this,  the fact remains so holier to our Heart.

Arunachala is Heart kshetra --  I have found by exp that the only way to develop a relationship with Arunachala is to think of it more and more.  Every cave, every stone here is Shiva himself.

I have not gone to Chidambaram yet.

Vinod is our guide when it comes to Arunachaleshwara worship.

Sometimes even for me doubts haunt regarding the holiness and greatness of Arunachala. It is due to our own Karma.  We should not listen to our foolish brain,  that is it.

People say Bhagavan was Brahma Jnani --  but he was the foremost devotee of Lord Arunachaleswhara.   No evil can come here in the mind thinking of Arunachala. 

By a strange phenomenon, merger , direct merger in Heart is possible by Arunachala,  the base of the hill is the Heart, Hrudaya Dwara to Nirvana.  Adhi Rahasyam Arunachalam.