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Re: Solitude and self enquiry
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Ramana Maharshi
D.: I want to know how I can gain that peace of mind. Kindly be pleased to advise me.
M.: Yes - devotion and surrender.

D.: Am I worthy of being a devotee?
M.: Everyone can be a devotee. Spiritual fare is common to all and never denied to anyone - be the person old or young, male or female.

D.: That is exactly what I am anxious to know. I am young and a grihini (housewife). There are duties of grihastha dharma (the household). Is devotion consistent with such a position?

M.: Certainly. What are you? You are not the body. You are Pure Consciousness. Grihastha dharma and the world are only phenomena appearing on that Pure Consciousness. It remains unaffected. What prevents you from being your own Self?
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However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them? - Buddha


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Re: Solitude and self enquiry
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Source: Ramana Periya Puranam

Mother's example also shows us what happens when one immerses in Self Enquiry and reaches a state of silence: an experience like the one during Mother's death takes place. “Innate tendencies and subtle memories of past experiences leading to future possibilities become very active.” When one is immersed in Self Enquiry and silence, this begins to happen. At this point one is tempted to give up and say, “I am not able to proceed.” “Scene after scene rolled before her in the subtle consciousness. The outer senses had already gone.” When one enquires deeply, the inner doors open. “The soul was passing through a series of experiences thus avoiding the need for rebirth and making possible the union of the mind with the Self or the Heart.” When one progresses in Self Enquiry, there is a struggle for the mind to merge with the Heart. The guidance and grace of the guru are very essential to push and pull the mind into the Heart. “Once the soul was disrobed of all subtleties, it reached the final destination, the supreme peace of liberation from which there is no return to ignorance.” This teaching is a clear example of the imminent experience that awaits us all. Mother Azhagammal has shown us the way. Have complete faith. Either take up the path of Self Enquiry or surrender to the higher power. In both cases, Bhagavan has said, “Ego has no place.” When there is no ego, neither "I‟ or "mine‟ - that which rules is only Arunachala. As Bhagavan has said, “Arunachala is the Heart, the Self, the "I AM‟.”

Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya