Author Topic: An Insight into the over scholarly attitude in segregating Bhagavan Ramana's boo  (Read 1740 times)


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dear devotees

some devotees of Ramana Maharishee , even learned ones tend to segregate the books of Maharishee as most authentic,  more authentic, normal authentic, less authentic etc.

In this line of comments, they quote various complex proofs and pass criticsm on even great books like Talks and Letters from Ramasramam.

While their intention may not be bad,  this type of segregating will discourage newly coming devotees and many visitors in internet.  Also pure devotion and innoncence of long standing devotees will also be lost and they will start interpreting everything by the intellect asking when was it recorded, was it shown to Maharishee ,  was it read out,  english translation etc. etc. etc.

but I believe is ,  Maharishee's blessigns is fully there in Talks, Letters,  Sat Darshana Bhashya, Ramana Gita ,  Day by Day etc. and they are not less or inferior to other works. 

Members here -- please share the encouraging ideas and the greatness of the books I have mentioned so that we come back to that pure innocent devotion and bask in the old hall in Maharishee's presence by reading Talks and Letters esp.


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Dear Krishnan,

I agree with you. There is no point in analyzing the authenticity of various works of the devotees of Sri Bhagavan. Our job
is to read them, assimilate Sri Bhagavan's teachings and try to practice it.  As Sri Ramakrishna said that instead of eating the
mango, one should not count the leaves in the tree.

Arunachala Siva.