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Ramaswami Pillai (1895-1995) Day - 14.01.2013.
« on: January 14, 2013, 10:19:07 AM »
Ramaswami Pillai, a long term associate of Sri Bhagavan, attained Maha Samadhi on this day in the year 1995.

He writes:

I first saw Bhagavan when I was studying in school. Reclaining on the couch, He looked indescribably majestic. Since then He
has been God to me in human form. I did not ask for anything. He turned on me that look of heart melting grace that He so
often bestows on new comers. I felt to the brim just by seeing Him.

Miracles did take place in the presence of Bhagavan, Strangely, people like me close to Bhagavan, never cared to notice anything
happening, as we were all so thoroughly absorbed in Him, in His Presence! I am able to recollect a 'miracle' that took  place. A
person from a town near Tiruvannamalai lost his eye sight owing to small pox or severe fever. He was advised that if he went to
Sri Ramanasramam, Sri Bhagavan would give him back his eyesight. He arrived at the Hall and inquiring his way reached Sri
Bhagavan. A few days earlier, two young doctors had arrived for darshan of Bhagavan. They were totally captivated by Him.
They were to take leave of Bhagavan before going back to Madras. They came to Hall, prostrated, and went up to their car,
when they had an urge to have one more glimpse of Sri Bhagavan. Meanwhile, the blind man had entered the Hall and was praying
to Bhagavan that his eyesight be restored by His Grace. Sri Bhagavan was listening to everything but was silent. The doctors who
witnessed this, voluntarily took the blind man in their car to Madras and treated him!. 

After some months, 'the blind man' returned to the Hall and prostrated to Bhagavan with sincere gratitude for having restored his
eyesight! Yes. Sri Bhagavan has done the miracle through the doctors! 

David Godman writes in his The Power of the Presence:

Bhagavan could turn the most mundane event to an opportunity for spiritual instructions. Once Ramaswami Pillai was searching
for a key that he had lost. After sometime, he came into the Hall and told that that the key was where it was and was not lost.
Bhagavan said: The key was there only in the place where it was. Only your memory is lost. So is the Atman. It is always there,
but due to ajnana we spend time searching for it.

Ramaswami Pillai hails from B. Muyalur village near Chidambaram. I visited Sri Ramanasramam of and on. During his stay in the Asramam
he used to concentrate on Sri Bhagavan's face and then he would see a halo of glorious spectrum of colorful light and at times He
appeared as a majestic royal figure. He had gone for giri pradaksina a number of times with Sri Bhagavan and has also read Ribhu
Gita with Him in a group several times.

His Samadhi is on the upper level, after Cow Lakshmi's Samadhi, along with those of Muruganar, Kunju Swami, and Viswanatha


Arunachala Siva.