Author Topic: Maha Guru Darsanam - 7,8 and 9th Jan 2013.  (Read 5933 times)


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Re: Maha Guru Darsanam - 7,8 and 9th Jan 2013.
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Dear Sri Subramanian sir, So interesting to read about Your visit of Arunachala and Ramanashram. I am sorry for Your finger,that must be paining alot. Wish You fast recovery! With love and prayers,


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Re: Maha Guru Darsanam - 7,8 and 9th Jan 2013.
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Could you please tell me how I can book a room in the Ashram?



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Re: Maha Guru Darsanam - 7,8 and 9th Jan 2013.
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Could you please tell me how I can book a room in the Ashram?


Refer this link
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Re: Maha Guru Darsanam - 7,8 and 9th Jan 2013.
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This day, we had been to the Asramam for the morning arti and then adjourned for breakfast. During breakfast, beside me,
a family from North India, gentleman, his wife, his daughter and the daughter's small kid sat. The gentleman started talking to
me. I told him that I have been coming to the Asramam two or three times a year. Then he said that he has been coming from
Delhi, he is a retired Voltas Ltd., officer and he has been coming twice a year. He added that his name is C.K. Khanna and he is the
son of H.C. Khanna and Mrs. Khanna who have been Sri Bhagavan's devotees and their conversations with Sri Bhagavan have been
recorded in Day by Day (Pages 244, 261-262 and 266)!  I was thrilled to hear this and I told him that he and his family are really
blessed to have parents who are Sri Bhagavan's devotees. His mother tells Sri Bhagavan: (28.6.1946) "I am not learned in scriptures
and I find the method of Self Inquiry too hard for me. I am a woman with seven children and a lot of household cares, and it leaves
me little time for meditation, I request Bhagavan to give me some simpler and easier method."   Sri Bhagavan, inter alia replies:
"If you can do nothing more, at least continue saying Aham, Aham to yourself mentally all the time, as advised in Who am I?"     

I was then told by Mr. K.C. Khanna that his father H.C. Khanna stayed permanently in the Asramam in later years and merged
in Arunachala. His tomb is there along with those of Chadwick, Cohen and Lucy Ma, in Korangu Thottam. I told Mr. Khanna that
I am extremely happy to have met him, whose family is servitors of Sri Bhagavan. Mr. Khanna almost had tears.

After breakfast, we went to the Big Temple. The crowd was quite huge. We could not have darsan of Unnamulai and Arunachaleswara,
since there were at least 1000 Ayyappa and Adi Parasakti devotees. We had darshan of only Kambattu Ilaiyanar, Gopurathu
Ilaiyanar and Sivaganga Ganapati and then returned with some disappointment.

Back in the Asramam, I bought English translation of Marula Muniyanna Kagga, (the Blabberings of Marula  Muniya of D.V.Gundappa,
a companion volume of Mangu Thmmmanna Kagga, containing verses on philosophy.

Then we went to to have darsan of Seshadri Swami samadhi. We had a calm darsan there, not much crowd. There in the bookshop,
I purchased Pattinathar's songs with meaning. This is a good book, with good printing and explanation for verses.

We had lunch at 11 am. We returned to the guest room. We took some rest, packed up things, and then left Tiruvannamalai,
at around 1.30 pm. to reach Bangalore at 7.00 pm.

The trip and darsan were quite enjoyable.

A word about Bangalore - T'malai roads. From Krishnagiri, the roads are being broadened. No doubt this would be helpful
for highway travelers but for this a good number of trees, some 40/50 years old, are being felled. Everywhere, there is
a diversion stating 'Work in Progress'.  "Work in Progress" reminded  me of James Joyce's book Finnegan's Wake. The other
name for the book is WORK IN PROGRESS. This novel is written on the method of 'stream of consciousness.' It is said to be
a book based on Rosicrucian System of circular universe.


Arunachala Siva.


I have a kind request to you.  I am seeing many times you are missing the darshan of Arunachaleshwara. 

It is never more than 2 hours queue in my exp.

Even if you cannot have Arunachaleshwara darshan,  you can still enter the main hall of nayanmars and Lord Nataraja using the back door that is just opposite to the Navagraha mandappa.

As soon as you enter that back door which devotees use actually to exit,  you can go in reverse direction directly to Lrod Nataraja statue.

I have spent few hours some times just looking at the Nataraja statue  which in my exp is very powerful in speaking in silence and its faces change in bhava everytime I visit.

Also you can consider spending more time sitting near illupai tree in the temple.

I think you cannot climbu up the hill to skandashramam.

I have seen skandashramam and virupaksha cave twice.
But still I have to see Pachiayamman temple,  Gurumurtham,  Seven springs,  pavalakundru etc. 

Atleast Pachiayamman temple and Gurumurtham should be easy to reach ,  I saw the Arch of pachiaymman temple.  Any idea how far the above places are?

It will be nice to hear from your.


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Re: Maha Guru Darsanam - 7,8 and 9th Jan 2013.
« Reply #19 on: January 16, 2013, 09:45:21 AM »
Dear Krishnan,

I missed Arunachaleswara and Unnamulai darshan, because of huge crowds of Ayyappa and Mel Maruvathur devotees. It is a
loss no doubt, but because of my knee problem, I cannot stand in the queue for long time.

As regards the other spots, I have seen Pachaimamman Temple and Guru Murtham, these are on the ground level about 2 kms.
from the Asramam each. PavazhakunRu is on the Hill.

Gurumurtham temple is often kept closed. There are keys for the temple with a family on the street in front of that. One has to
ask for the keys from them, and we should ourselves open the door and see the Lingam. We can light a lamp if you take some oil
and wicks with you.

Arunachala Siva.