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Sri S. K. Natesan:
« on: January 06, 2013, 04:33:45 PM »
by David Frawley:

Sri K. Natesan, who recently passed away (in 1999)  at the ripe age of 96, was one of the oldest living disciples of both Ramana
and Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni. He had been in frequent contact with both of them since he was a boy and up to the time of their
passing. He lived at the Ramanasramam for many years after his wife passed away, alternating staying with his children in Bangalore,
and Pondicherry. He was in Tiruvannamalai, in fact in a driving car by the Asramam at the time he expired.

Natesan spent the last years of his life editing  and publishing the eleven volume collected works of Ganapati Muni, when the last volume
finished shortly before his passing, which works were released at the Asramam. He took painstaking detail in making sure the works were
as accurate as possible and were passed on for future generations as well as could be done. While the Muni's works were collected only
in the Sanksrit, it is likely that they will be translated in the future and gain the recognition that they deserve owing to his efforts.

I first met Natesan in 1991, as part of my search for Vedic works of Ganapati Muni. I had been in contact with M.P. Pandit, the
secretary of Aurobindo Ashram for many years. I learned throgh him that his guru, Kapali Sastri, who was himself of a disciple of
Muni for several years, noted that a few writings of Muni might be existing.  I was told at the Ramanasramam that Natesan was staying
there and  he might have such works and was eager to meet him.

Meeting Natesan, he showed  me many neatly handwritten copies of Ganapati Muni's works that he had copied and collected
over the years, traveling to various parts of South India, where the Muni or his disciples had resided in order to get them. He had
a number of such volumes in collection. He most graciously gave me several volumes that he had extra copies in his collection.  I took
them back to America and over time was able to gradually study the Muni's works through them.


Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Sri S. K. Natesan:
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2013, 01:56:17 PM »

I had known of Ganapati Muni as the great disciple of Sri Ramana who put Sri Ramana's teachings into beautiful Sanskrit verses,
and as the author of the great Uma Sahasram, an epic poem of 1000 verses on the Devi that revealed many great secret of yogas,
shakti and Self Realization. Natesan showed me Ganapati Muni's Vedic works, which were much more extensive than Pandit knew
of or than I suspected.
In Ganapati Muni's works there were also many special Sutras on Vedanta, Tantra, Yoga, Vedas, Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology,
all covered in great depth and detail, from an inner experience, a profound anubhuti, not simply some intellectual study. In fact,
he revived the old Sutra style in a way that had not occurred in India in centuries. Ganapati's philosophical writings proved to be
quite amazing, covering all aspects of Advaita Sadhana that he had learned through the Maharshi but as further connected to
Raja Yoga, mantra, Pranayama, and many special methods of focusing the awareness and the inner vision. He was not at all
limited to Bhaktik and mantra as some have thought but had numerous secrets of Jnana Yoga that one only finds in works like
Vijnana Bhairava. His stotras to the deities were works of the highest poetic value, in the most complex meters, such as one
finds in Sankara's stotras.

Natesan proved to bed the main preserver of Ganapati Muni's works and the full range of his teachings, that cover all aspects
Sanatana Dharma. That he was able to bring the Muni's works to print with little support, encouragement or resources and at such
an advanced age is a sign of the great power of his sankalpa and his bhakti. Yet Natesan was not just a collector, he carefully
studied Ganapati's works, and brought them into his own meditation and sadhana. Man of them he committed to memory.

I visited Natesan over the years, and continued to  appreciate not only his regard for Ganapati's work but his own personal wisdom
and insight. He had a clarity of mind and great sense of humor, as well as certain detachment and humility that made his company
both insightful and pleasant. He encouraged all who visited him, including many young people from the West, who he would relate his
stories with Ramana and Ganapati in the good old days before the crowds came. Natesan had known all the great devotees not only
of Ramana but also many in Pondicherry, who had been around Sri Aurobindo and had much that he could relate to receptive 

Fortunately, I was able to meet him just a few weeks before his passing, after not having seen him for a few years. One could see
a glow in his eyes, thought he could hardly move his body. He talked as if Ramana and Ganapati (Nayana as he affectionately called
him) were present with him in the room. Clearly he prolonged his life to finish his work and with the work completed, he could move on
to the higher realms.


Arunachala Siva.