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Framji Dorabji
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Framji Dorabji, the movie-theatre owner in Chennai, belonged to Zoroastrianism. The forefathers of Framji go back to Persia. They are known in India as Parsees. From childhood, he was devoted to sages and saints, for which his family members would tease him. Wherever there were sadhus and sanyasis, he would fall at their feet and serve them. His family teased him, ―Framji, there is a great sage at the outskirts of Bombay. You should go see him.‖‖ He would then go there; taking fruits and money, but nobody would be there. His family members had tricked him. However, Framji later expressed, ―I never felt hurt or got angry with them because those moments were very precious. I was thought of as a saint.‖ Once he was actually cheated by a pseudo-saint he thought was genuine, a psychic person, and an expert in thought-reading.

While Framji stayed in the car, his friends went to the supposed sadhu, who asked them, ―Why have you left your friend, Framji Dorabji, in the car? Bring him here.‖ They were surprised, for, ordinarily, even friends could not properly pronounce the name, ―Framji Dorabji,‖ but the illiterate sadhu pronounced it absolutely correctly. When Framji met him, the sadhu did a psychic reading of his thoughts. Framji was very much impressed and thought he was a great man, so he started going to him on a regular basis. Eventually, the sadhu started extracting money. Once he asked for a huge amount, which Framji could never procure, saying,―If you do not come up with that money I will curse you. Your whole family will be destroyed.‖ Framji begged, ―I cannot. It is not possible.‖ When he returned home, he found that his elder daughter was sick and was getting worse. So Framji ran to the sadhu, saying, ―Please reverse your curse. My daughter is dying.‖ The sadhu said, ―Unless you give me the money, I will not reverse the curse.‖ When Framji went home, his daughter was dead, and his wife had become sick. He became panic-stricken and suffered greatly. His elder brother, Dadiba, who had read a review of A Search in Secret India, took pity on him, saying, ―Brother! I have just read about a great sage in south India. Why do you not go and take shelter under his protection?‖

Thus, Framji Dorabji, along with friends, came to Bhagavan in 1937. There were no private interviews with Bhagavan at that time, but one would be allowed to go with Bhagavan up the hill alone. Framji followed Bhagavan up the hill and cried out, ―Bhagavan, this is my plight. I do not know whether my wife is alive or not!‖ Bhagavan stopped, turned, looked at him for some time, and then said: ―They can go that far alone. There is nothing to fear. Protection is always. Go back peacefully.‖ Framjiā€˜s fear dropped immediately, like a cloak falling from the body. He noticed a word surging from his heart, ―Master.‖ He was the first person to call Ramana Maharshi, ―Master, and my Master!‖ He repeated this often. When Framji returned to his family, they were surprised, because what had happened to him was undoubtedly a real miracle. His wife became well. Framji started going to Maharshi from far-off Mumbai.

Ramana Bhagavan Thunai
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