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Padi Vizha:
« on: January 01, 2013, 06:53:43 PM »
Padi vizha is a festival observed in Murugan temples. Padi = Steps. Vizha = festival.

This is done on 1st of every English New Year. Vallimalai Swamigal, who was also with Sri Bhagavan was fond of Tiruppugazh.
However, due to lack of proper education, he could not read Tiruppugazh properly. Sri Bhagavan Himself had taught him
how to read correctly the Tiruppugazh songs. Later he became an exponent. It is he who started this Padi Vizha. In the days
of British people used to go to English bosses and do salam on New Year with some offerings of gifts. Vallimalai Swamigal
said - 'Why are you going to these bosses and do salam? Why don't you go to boss of all bosses, Murugan, and pray to him
on the New Year Day.  Thus the practice started.

This Padi Vizha is celebrated in Tiruttani, Swami malai and Pazhani temples and also in Siruvapuri near Tiruttani. The devotees
go in the early morning, and for every step, they sing a Tiruppugazh song, light camphor and then proceed to the next step.
Thus, they reach the sanctum in the morning. They would have normally arranged for abhishekam, alankaram and arti.
When they reach the sanctum, they witness these and then feeding for all bhaktas who had come would be done.

There is a sloka about Muruga. 

Nityaannadhanam, Satchitananda Vigraham,
Sarvarohm haram Subrahmanyam Upasake !

One who gives food for devotee every day, the One who is of Satchitananda, and one who removes all diseases, let us
pray to that Subrahmanya!

In Bangalore, they have arranged it on 6.1.2013, since it is a working day today. This is done in the Murugan Temple in a
place called Mount of Joy, where there are about 100 steps. As usual they do singing in each step, light camphor and then\
pray to Muruga on the top of the Mount. Then there is feeding for every devotee and even poor people.

Arunachala Siva.