Author Topic: Changing the forum layout/colour scheme (Theme) to suit YOU  (Read 4266 times)


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If you don't like the default theme for the forum (colours, layout, etc.) you can always change it for another theme.

To accomplish this - after login select 'Profile' from the menu above or to the left, then under 'Modify Profile' select 'Look and Layout'.

The first item in the list is 'Current Theme:' followed by a name and (Change) inside brackets. Click on 'change' and then scroll down the list of installed themes. You have two choices:

[Use this theme]
[Preview theme]

Preview the theme first as not all will work the same in every browser. When you are happy select 'Use this Theme'

If you prefer a menu to the left rather than the default horizontal menu, simply click on the the '<<' double arrows to the right of the top menu.

The default theme is called Headline and this has been modified for anyone to use.

The Grasslands theme has now been modified

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