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From the note books of Robert Powell:
« on: December 27, 2012, 04:50:09 PM »
Robert Powell, a devotee of Sri Bagavan has made some random notes on the teachings of  Sri Bhagavan. Some of them
are given below.  (original - Mountain Path, Aradhana, 2004)

1. Body perception gives rise to a framework in space and time that drives us, motivates all our thoughts and actions. In its 
totality it is nothing but what we call 'mind', basically a concept, kept alive artificially through repeated false vision and self-

To pierce our suffocating illusion, we should see the 'body; as nothing but an easy way of speaking, a thought construct.,
We perceive the 'body' as such an account of our assigning limits or boundaries to it in space and time. These boundaries have
been assigned by the sense organs, but these organs are themselves part of the body whose real existence has to be proved.
So the whole thing is is an exercise in begging the question a circular argument!

2. All that we really are is an 'idea', everything that we think to have 'existence' i.e. independent existence is only an idea,
a creation of the mind.

3. Most of us like to have some 'temporary immortality' to stretch out that which we cling to the idea that temporarily negates
our ideation or ideological reality that is, we constantly negate our being as a mere idea. Because once I accept or confirm existence
as a mere  idea where am I? I am nowhere at all, nothingness only a 'nothingness', however, that rests on the only solid basis of


Arunachala Siva.



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Re: From the note books of Robert Powell:
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2012, 07:07:48 PM »
Notes of Robert Powell continues....

4. When you use the word 'I' what is the first thing you think of or are associating with? It is the 'body. Do not refer to your
'body' because that is the fundamental first mistake from which all others follow.

5. Fundamentally, all our thinking revolves around that 'I' imagination or projection. Where is thought, without the latter?
Without the 'body', which 'I' have (better 'that has been) projected, where is the world, and where is the mind? Truly, there is
only one Consciousness.

6. The truth about the meaning of life is that there is none, just as the mind that would postulate it, as well as space and time,
are all non existent.

7. Death can exist only in the world of form. And form itself is non existent. It is a kind of waste product of the brain/nervous
system, which is the part of the exudent.

8. Tragically, we have built the whole of Existence upon  our perception of the entity designated as 'I' or 'self'.

9. The idea of 'body' comes about through integrated sense data, which in turn are physical reactions to stimuli. The latter
only register because of the underlying substratum called 'mind'. In its absence, they would not be able to manifest, just like
in the deep sleep state, there is no registration of anything happening around us.

10. People are concerned with what happens 'when  bad things happen to good people.'  But what about 'good things happen
to bad people'? It seems to me that the former affirms our usual dualistic mode of functioning (good always gets rewarded or should
be rewarded), whereas questioning this world outlook could be the starting point of a non dualistic or advaitic realization.


Arunachala Siva.