Author Topic: Is the Heart on the Right Side?  (Read 2015 times)


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Is the Heart on the Right Side?
« on: December 06, 2012, 01:10:09 PM »
There is a beautiful article by Ramachandra Gandhi, titled I AM THOU, published in Aradhana issue of Mountain Path. Is the
Heart on the Right Side? is a paragraph in this long article,. I want to share this paragraph alone for the time being.

The austerely advaitin teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi is enlivened by what looks like a quaint insistence on His part that
Atman's seat in the human body is on the right side of the chest, corresponding almost exactly to the biological heart on the
left. Of course, Sri Ramana  makes it clear again and again that this anatomical identification of Atman is only for the benefit
of those who are unable to be rid of the false identification of themselves with their body and mind, body for short. That in
truth Atman has no physical location at all. And yet, reading through all of the  Master's conversation and writings, one gets
the impression that this relegation of His doctrine of the spiritual heart on the right side to secondary importance is also a
concession to those, who, imperfect advaitins, shun physical analogies even as they fear the world,. Again and again, the Master
reverts to the doctrine of the heart on the right side, refers to an obscure Ayurveda text and also to the Sita Upanishad in support
of it, and also sometimes impatiently dismisses requests for authoritative support of His novel doctrine on the ground that His
experience confirms it and that He is not in need of any external authority for His doctrine.

Phenomenologically, it us it is on the right side of the center of the chest that Sri Ramana's KOHAM (Who am I?) sadhana
yields a powerful current of awareness as is testified by a number of sadhakas, and indeed the metaphor of the heart on the
right side is a profound one. The biological heart on the left is the seat of all our anxieties and partial fleeting arrogant pleasures
connected with dehatmabuddhi, the I am the body orientation of an Ajnani.

Ruthlessly accurately pictorially of this delusion, this tragic investment of all worth in the biological heart, is the heart on the
right side of which the Master speaks, the heart which is biologically non existent and yet the power of which is felt in Sadhana
and even the contemplation of the very idea of which at least weakens considerably the hold of dehatma buddhi.

Arunachala Siva.                       


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Re: Is the Heart on the Right Side?
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2012, 07:33:42 PM »
Dear friends ,
It was a pleasant surprise to see Subramanian Sir starting to post again and not just in response to other posts.
Anand .
Sundaram Anand