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12 Steps for "Inner Silence"
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:20:02 PM »

Few Months back I got the following 12 Steps for "Inner Silence" from a friend of mine by email .I do not know of its source but I found it quite useful and practical and sharing it here . I do agree that  following all is not possible but we can try our best .
In another thread there was a discussion on Solitude for spiritual sadhana and I felt that we need to make the best use of our own available resources at home to create such a situation and hence sharing this .

1) Turn off the TV, Internet  and keep them off and perhaps stop reading the news as well.Use them only for functional purpose .

2) Limit or cease your intake of alcohol, don't do any drugs, stop smoking and watch your diet by starting to eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables i.e keep it as much sattvic as possible . Avoid as much as possible fast food and processed food .

3) Practice some form of meditation, contemplation or silent yoga: every day as a discipline.

4) Get plenty of sleep, at least 7-8 hours per night of gentle, uninterrupted sleep.( Many people have guilt with regard to sound sleep but in modern context sound sleep is necessary for good health and it is very useful to be productive the next day . )

5) Get in touch with nature: watch the sunrise or sunset, the clouds, the waves, listen to the birds. (This is tough in a City Environment which is a concrete jungle but try visiting a park nearby to be in touch with nature walk you way to buy daily fruits and vegetables daily instead of buying it in bulk once a week and storing it in refrigerator .At least you will have a feel of the fresh fruits and vegetables .)

6) Read some of the works of spiritual masters or teachers or Holy Texts ( like Bhagavad Gita ,Day by Day with Bhagwan  ,Gospel of Ramakrishna etc etc . You can also listen to good audio spiritual talks) .

7) Accept the fact that the past, your past is gone, dead, finished and has no control over you at all.

8 ) Forgive anyone and everyone who has hurt you in your life.

9) Seek out those you have hurt in life and ask their understanding and maybe their forgiveness but accept the fact that they might not offer you any kindness.

10) Accept the fact that "you" have absolutely no control over what the next moment or anything in the future will bring.

11) Accept the fact that NOW is the only reality: get in touch with what that really means.

12) Let go of everything you have ever learned, known or believed true, including your religious belief, your political affiliation, your social status and anything and everything that people, living and dead have told you about yourself. Instead find an answer to the question, "Who am I"? The sincere answer to that question is your freedom and the discovery of pure silence.

Om Peace .
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