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Talks No. 464:
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Talks No. 464:

A passage from Arunachala Mahatmyam was read out. It related to a pangunni (a lame sage) who has his legs made whole by
the grace of Sri Arunachala. Sri Bhagavan then related a story of a man whom Sri Maharshi had seen when He was in Gurumurtham.
The man was one Kuppu Iyer. His legs were useless and he could not walk. He was on his way to Vettavalam, moving  on his buttocks.
And old man suddenly appeared before him and said, 'Get up and walk. Why do you move on your buttocks?' Kuppu Iyer was excited
and besdie himself.  Involuntarily he rose up and walked freely! After going a short distance, he looked behind to see the stranger
who made him walk. But he could not find anyone. He narrated the incident to all those who were surprised to see him walk. Any
old man in the town can bear witness to Kuppu Iyer regaining  the use of legs.

Again a girl from the Girl's School was decoyed and was being robbed of her jewels. Suddenly an old man appeared on the scene.
He rescued the girl, escorted her to her home and then disappeared.

Often such mysterious happenings occur in Tiruvannamalai.


Arunachala Siva.