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Talks 427:
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Talks No. 427 (a part):

Devotee: Cannot gold be imagined to say that it has become an ornament?

Maharshi:  Being insentient, it does not say so. But the individual is sentient and cannot function apart from Consciousness.
The Self is Pure Consciousness. Yet the man identifies himself with the body which is itself insentient and does not say
'I am the body' of its own accord. Someone else says so. The unlimited Self does not. Who else it he that says so? A spurious
'I' arises between the Pure Consciousness and the insentient body and imagines itself  limited to the body. Seek this and it
will vanish like a phantom. That phantom is the ego, or the mind or the individuality.

All the Sastras are based on the rise of this phantom, whose elimination is their purpose. The present state is mere illusion.

Devotee: The mind is said to be a bundle of thoughts.

Maharshi: Because it functions on  account of a single root, the  "I- thought."

manasantu kim margane krte naiva manasam margam arjavat.

It has no real existence as a separate entity.

Devotee: Are not thoughts projections from the mind?

Maharshi: In that case, the mind is taken to be synonymous with the I - thought or the ego.


Arunachala Siva.