Author Topic: Abhishekam and Tirtha Prasadam:  (Read 1361 times)


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Abhishekam and Tirtha Prasadam:
« on: December 05, 2012, 03:05:31 PM »
From Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, Suri Nagamma:

(128). abridged:

A devotee, who has been coming to the Asramam off and on yesterday, during conversation, regarding
Sri Bhagavan's stay on the Hill, asked Him, 'While Bhagavan was on the Hill, it seems someone did abhishekam to
Bhagavan with coconut water. Is that a fact? Laughingly Sri Bhagavan said, 'Yes, while I was in Virupaksha Cave,
some ladies from the north came. I was sitting on a platform under the tamarind tree with half closed eyes, without
particularly noticing their arrival. I though they would go away after a while. Suddenly, there was a noise of breaking something.
I therefore opened my eyes and saw coconut water trickling down my head. One of those ladies had done that abhishekam. What
was I to do? I was in mouna and couldn't talk. I had no towel even to wipe the water off, and so the water dried on my body as
it was. Not only that. There used to be lighting  of camphor, pouring of water on the head, tirthas (sacred waters), prasdams and
several such troublesome performances. It used to be quite a job stopping these things..'

Again in the bathroom where Bhagavan takes His bath, there is a hole through which the water that is used for  bath drains out.
Below that, a gutter was constructed to drain off the water. At that time of His bathing, some devotees used to gather at that
place, sprinkle on their heads the water that came out of the bathroom, wipe their eyes and even used it for achamaniyam (sipping
drops of water for religious purposes). That practice was going on quietly for sometime. But soon people began bringing  vessels
and buckets to gather that water and soon there was a regular queue. That naturally resulted in some noise which reached Sri
Bhagavan's ears. He inquired and found out the fact. He then said the attendants: What nonsense! Will you get this stopped.or I
shall bathe at the tap outside? What do I want? Only two things, a towel and a koupinam. I can bathe and also rinse them at the
tap and that completes the hob.

When Sri Bhagavan thus took them to task, they told everything to Sarvadhikari who thereupon put a ban on any one goigng to the
side of the bathroom during His bathing time.

Arunachala Siva.