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The Quest - Sadhana - Lucia Osborne:
« on: January 28, 2013, 04:36:02 PM »
(From Mountain Path, Jan-Mar. 2013)

Sadhana has become easier and simpler in this age of dissolution and darkness, Kali Yuga, particularly so after Sri Ramana Maharahi shed His body. People young and old keep on coming. The place is vibrating with His Presence. Ramana-Arunachala-Siva are one. The Biblical saying, 'Blessed are those who have seen and believe but more blessed are those who have not seen and believe' applies here. Those who are not advanced or simple enough to be awakened to the presence of the living inner Guru Ramana, turn to Arunachala, the physical form of Siva, the holy Hill and center from which emanates the Grace and guidance of Sri Ramana invisible and all permeating.

The power of Arunachala is also so great and yet so subtle that people are drawn to it without compulsion from far and near as if by some invisible magnet. It is HOME. In our embodied existence we have forgotten our divine origin. Arunachala is a mighty signpost to shake us up and arouse us from our delusion and self complacency, from the enticement of comfort and pleasure hunting, a sign post that points beyond our earthly entanglement towards Infinity which is our origin. Not many are there whom the call has reached and even fewer who have awakened to the living inner Guru, in their own heart, always present, the surest of guides, their own Self, and some turn to devious ways. Perhaps in this age, people are reached, through their imperfections. Those who are sincere and steady will ultimately find the right path and true Guru.


Arunachala Siva.