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(From Arunachala's Ramana - Boundless Ocean of Grace:

A question was asked regarding untouchability:

Sri  Bhagavan said: The Non Self is untouchable. the social untouchability is man-made, whereas the other untouchability
is natural and divine.

Devotee: Should the untouchable be allowed in our temples?:

Maharshi: There are others to decide it.

A question was asked regarding the avataras of Vishnu .

Maharshi: Let us know our own avatara. The knowledge of the other avataras will follow.

Again there was question on Isvara.

Maharshi: Existence of Isvara follows our conception  of Isvara. Let us first know whose concept He is. The concept will be
only according to the one who conceives it. Find out who you are and the other problems will solve themselves.

Arunachala Siva.