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Heart and Heart-Center:
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The entry in page 400 of Volume III of Arunachala Ramana _ Boundless Ocean of Grace:

(From Talks No. 17th April 1937.)

There was some reference to the extract from the Modern Psychological Review, wondering f any instruments could be of the use
in detecting the Heart-Center and if proper subjects were available for recording the experience of the adepts in the spiritual path,
and so on. Others were speaking. Sri Bhagavan said: In the incident mentioned in the book Self Realization that I became unconscious
and symptoms of death supervened, I was all along aware. I could feel the action of he physical heart stopped and equally the action
of the Heart Center unimpaired. This state lasted about a quarter of an hour.

We asked if it was true that some disciples have had the privilege of feeling Sri Bhagavan's Heart Center to be on the right side
by placing their hands on Sri Bhagavan's chest. Sri Bhagavan said: Yes.

Viswantha Swami, Narayana Reddy, and others have said they felt that Sri Bhagavan's Heart Center to be on the right side by
placing their hands on His chest.

Sri Bhagavan later said: A location is however given to it with reference to the body. You know that You ARE. Where are You?
You are in the body and not out of it. Yet not the whole body. Though you pervade the whole body still you admit of a center from where
all your thoughts start and wherein they subside. Even when the limbs are amputated you are there but with defective senses.
So, a  Center must be admitted. This is called the Heart. The Heart is not merely the center of the body but the Self which is all pervading. Heart is only another name for the Self.

Arunachala Siva.