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Experience of Self Realization.
« on: December 04, 2012, 09:49:51 AM »
(from The Technique of Maha Yoga):


While not meditating, the mind should be kept engaged in reading Sri Ramana Gita, Who am I?, Self Inquiry, Vivekachudamani
and other books bearing on this sadhana. At other times, one should engage himself in the repetition  of the Japa of Who am I?

The Japa of Who am I? in the beginning may appear ludicrous for those used to 'Siva', 'Rama', 'Krishna' etc., But it must be
understood that this japa of Who am I? makes one involuntarily fix the mind on the Heart, which is the aim of Sadhana. Besides
Sri Bhagavan says, 'Who am I?' is the best of all japas. (Talks 72).

When well advanced in the practice of Step 4, say after five years, the aspirant should try to practice with eyes open occasionally,
as it helps one to meditate while walking or sitting idle. This may also be attempted while lying on the left.

The following passage culled from the introduction to His Tamzih translation of Vivekachudamani by Sri Bhagavan will be found
to be of great significance to earnest Sadhakas in the very late stages say, after ten years, or more of practice of Step 4 and when
they have been able to meditate with eyes open.

"Like butter being forced out of the curd by the ceaseless churning, the mind, used as a churn-staff, should be fixed on the Heart,
and the latter ceaselessly churned. This unswerving and unremitting churning, like the continuous flow of filamentary oil, automatically
results in Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi."
The above passage in one's own language must be frequently repeated mentally and every word of this must be ruminated upon and well understood. The frequent repetition of this passage enthuses and stimulates the aspirant to practical effort in that direction.

"Just as a red hot iron ball can behave as fire, so also the mind suffused with Self Inquiry  is not different from the Self." (Sri
Ramana Gita IX 19.     


Arunachala Siva.