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Day By Day with Bhagavan:
« on: December 03, 2012, 03:19:05 PM »

In an answer to a visitor, Sri Bhagavan said, 'Find out to whom is Viyoga. That is Yoga. Yoga is common to all paths.
Yoga is really nothing but ceasing to think that you are different from the Self or Reality. All the yogas -- karma, bhakti,
and jnana and raja - are just different paths to suit the different natures with different moods  of evolution and to get them
out of the long cherished notion that they are different from the Self. There is no question of union or yoga in the sense of
going and joining something that is somewhere away from us or different from us, because you were never or could be
separate from the Self.'


Various illustrations are given in books to enable us to understand how  the Jnani can live and act without the mind, although
living and acting require the use of the mind.  The potter's wheel goes on turning round even after the potter has ceased
to turn it because the pot is finished. In the same way, the electric fan goes on revolving  for some minutes after we switch off
the current. The prarabdha which created the body will make it go through whatever activities it was meant for. But the Jnani
goes through  all these activities without the notion that he is the doer of the same. It is hard to understand how this is possible.
The illustration generally given is that the Jnani performs actions in such a way as a child that is roused from sleep to eat, eats but does
not remember the next morning that it ate. It has to be remembered that all these explanations are not for the Jnani. He knows
and has no doubts. He knows that he is not the body and is not doing anything even though his body may be engaged in some
activity. These explanations are for the onlookers who think of the Jnani as one with a body and cannot help identifying him with his

Arunachala Siva.