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Experience of Self realization:
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:16:05 PM »
Experience of Self Realization:

(From The Technique of Maha Yoga:)


After gaining Samadhi, it is stated, Samadhi must be continuously practiced till Sahaja Samadhi results. Even after gaining
Samadhi, the experience of Jnana is spasmodic on account of the vasanas not having been completely destroyed. For Jnana
to get dridha (firm) one must have recourse to the remembrance of 'I am not the body' and to recall the Samadhi experience.
These eradicate the vasanas. Then dawns the Sahaja state. One who remains in the primal Sahaja state of BE-ing, that is,
free from thoughts without effort, unaffected by internals or externals i.e. not reacting to them, is said to be in Sahaja Samadhi.

He who is fixed in this pristine state is in automatic and incessant tapas. This pristine nature of the Self is effortless and spontaneous
tapas. Engaged in such incessant tapas, one develops moment after moment, on the spiritual plane. This incessant tapas leads to the
manifestation of all powers. If one's prarabdha is that way he may even develop thaumturgic powers. There is no difference between
a Jnani and a Siddha even in granting  boons including Atma Labha (Self Realization). The last verse of Sri Ramana Gita Ch. 18 reads:
'The glory of Siddhas is beyond imagination; they are equal to Siva Himself in being  able to grant boons.' all this is explained in Ch.
11 of Sri Ramana Gita, and after serial 57 of Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The Muktikopanishad says, 'When the mind does not think at all, being completely devoid of vasanas, then dawns the state of
mindlessness, which confers the great peace.


Arunachala Siva.