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Experience of Self Realization:
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:39:34 PM »
Experience of Self Realization:

(From The Technique of Maha Yoga.)

The question may arise as to how anyone could function at all without the mind. Just as a pot filled with grains and emptied
of its contents is filled with akasa (ether) which was all along there, similarly mind emptied of thoughts is Chit itself which is '
infinite knowledge. 

With the destruction of mind, kartrutva (I am the doer idea) vanishes. Every world uttered and every action done is God;s.

In this connection, it will be interesting to recall what Sri Ramakrishna expressed once: Just like a grain dealer with a heap of grains
pushes them gradually towards the man who measures them out. I felt someone behind me supplying me with a torrent of ideas
to be given out.

To a question by a lawyer devotee if the day long examination of Him at the Commission of Inquiry (Perumal Swami case) about
the Asramam affairs caused Sri Bhagavan much strain, He replied, 'I did not use my mind and so there was no strain. Let them
examine me for a thousand days, I don't mind. (Talks 281). The inference is obvious.

While the mental articulation of Who am I? or Be Still is useful in the initial stages, effort must be made to give it up totally,
as such articulation stands in the way of concentration and stillness of the mind. Similarly breath restraint should be given
up when one could concentrate without this aid. Of course, one can have recourse to them again whenever mind  is much
agitated and is uncontrollable for any reason.

While the regular and fixed hours of practice are for novices, earnest aspirants burdened by no activities must use all available
time for practice. They must keep in increasing their period of practice to about ten hours or more. The author was mostly using
the morning hours of 2 to 6, 8 to 11 am, 2 to 3 pm, 4 to 6 pm., and 8 to 9 pm., and that too in his 66th year onwards. Initially
it would be hard to meditate for such long periods. But if there is earnestness, the difficulty would not be felt. Then there is
Guru's Grace aiding and encouraging you. As the early morning meditation is most important, the aspirant should be regular in
practice then. It would be hard to keep awake at that time and harder still to meditate. The author is trying to overcome this
deep sleep had recourse to various devices, but later found a decoction of equal quantities of tea and dried mint with milk
effective. A little quantity of it in a flash, using a couple of sips whenever yawning started, warded of  sleep. While pure tea
itself prevented sleep, it caused waves after waves of thoughts to rise and prevent meditation. But a mixture of tea and mint,
while it kept one awake, overcame the turbulent action of mind and lulled it, making it easy to meditate.