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Experience of Self Realization:
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:57:10 PM »

(From the Technique of Maha Yoga.)

Talking about the experience at the time of Realization, Sri Bhagavan said, 'Realization is called Vritti Jnana. You can feel
yourself one with the One that exists. The whole body becomes a mere power, a force current; your life becomes a needle\
drawn to a huge mass of magnet and as you go deeper and deeper, you become mere consciousness. There are no thoughts
and cares any longer; they are shattered at the threshold. It is an inundation. You are a mere straw; you are swallowed alive;
but it is very delightful, for you become the very thing that swallows you. This is the union of jiva with Brahman, the loss of ego
in the real Self, the destruction of ignorance, the attainment of Truth.

Speaking about this on another occasion, He said: 'After tasting such bliss even once, one will repeatedly try to regain it.
Having experienced  the bliss of peace once, no one would like to be of it or engage himself otherwise.


Arunachala Siva.