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Ativahika Sariram.
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:19:40 PM »
On a Sivaratri Day, Sri Bhagavan was beaming with Grace in the evening. A Sadhaka raise the following question:

D: Inquiry into the Self seems to take one time into the subtle body (ativahika sariram or puriashtakam or jivatma). Am   
I right?

Maharshi: They are different names for the same state. But they are used according to the different points of view. After some
time, puri ashtakam (the eight fold subtle body) will disappear and there will the Eka (one) only.

Vritti jnana alone can destroy, ajnana.  Absolute Jnana is not inimical to ajnana.

There are two kinds of vrittis (modes of mind). 1) vishya vritti (objective) and 2) Atma vritti (subjective). The first must give
place to the second. that is the aim of abhyasa (practice), which takes one to first to the puri ashtakam and then to the One

Vritti Jnanam is usually associated with objective phenomenon. When these cease there remains the atma vritti or the subjective
vritti that is the same as Jnanam. Without it Ajnanam will not cease. The puri ashtakam also will not be found associated with any
thing outside. And the Self will shine forth uniform and harmonious.

Arunachala Siva.