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Qualifications for maturity :Padamalai
« on: December 01, 2012, 06:53:34 AM »
Padamalai : Qualifications for maturity (p.256)

* When the mind, through the quality of extreme purity, merges in the Heart, it will attain perfection as peace.

* If the mind that has become one-pointed, like the tip of darba-grass, merges with the Heart, the experience of pure Being, seemingly impossible to attain, will be very easily discovered.

* Taking a thick fat crowbar (as a needle), it is not possible to stitch together extremely delicate silk cloth using very fine thread

The Needle /Crowbar examples has the following explanation  I found on the net :
The average intellect is gross when compared with a truly silent mind; the comparison is very apt. Without becoming very subtle it is impossible to sink into the heart which is total silence, non-dual wholeness...
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Re: Qualifications for maturity :Padamalai
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Dear atmavichar100,

Yes. Siva Puranam of Manikkavachagar also says this:

 கூர்த்த மெய் ஞானத்தால் கொண்டு உணர்வார் தம்கருத்தில் 75

நோக்கரிய நோக்கே நுணுக்கரிய நுண் உணர்வே 
koortha meijnanam = subtle mind towards the Reality. uNarvAr - experiential.

Arunachala Siva.