Author Topic: Prints of Arunachala complete with the 'Ten (Eleven) Verses to Arunachala'  (Read 4540 times)


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Several years ago I created some large prints for those who like the 'Ten (Eleven) Verses to Arunachala'. Each one contains a nice photo of Arunachala with the verses.

They are approximately 60cm x 43cm with embedded colour profile and at optimum resolution for printing at your local print shop.

They are available for download from:

This page contains preview images linked to the larger images for download - to download the full size image without opening it inside your browser, right-click on the link concerned and choose 'Save link as ...' from the menu. This will save the image to your hard drive.

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Dear Graham Sir,

Excellent photo.  But the verses appear too small for reading.  The Hill is absolutely majestic.  Thank you for the same.

Arunachala Siva.