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Past of Bhagavan
« on: October 05, 2012, 11:40:04 AM »
I am prompted to type this article from Boundless Ocean of Grace, that speak about Sri Bhagavan's horoscope and Nadi Josiyam, his past and future. I am prompted to type this because, we should not be mistaken that Sri Bhagavan just sat and attained liberation. As one is aware, ones current life is the result of ones own past life and if Bhagavan attained liberation in just 15 minutes, it is a result of intense tapas made in past.

In Tamil Nadu amongst various systems of astrology Nadi Josiyam (nadi astrology) is also one. Some of the ancient sages purported to have forecast the horoscope of certain individuals and these are called nadi josiyams. There are various nadis like Agastya nadi, Brihu nadi, Kaga Bujandar nadi, Sapta Rishi nadi etc. The forecast are all written down on palm leaves in symbolic verse forms. The person desirous to know about his future or somebody else's has to give the thumb impression or the date and the place of birth of the person concerned. The custodian of the palm leaves of these nadis will search thousands of verses arranged in a particular order and find out if the subject;s forecast is available. If available he will decipher the cryptic symbols and explain their meaning to the person. A fee is charged for reading the horoscope. If the forecast is not available then the custodian will say no.

In 1936 one Thangavelu Nadar consulted Kaga Bujandar's nadi josiyam and took out the palm leaves regarding Venkatraman's future and about his past birth and brought out two volumes.

Now let us see what the nadi says about Venkataraman. The nadi extols the merits of the child. It says: When the child is born the celestial beings in their joy will shower rain. The Supreme Lord Siva with his consort Uma will attend the child's confinement and will be present in the labour room. The devas, tapasvins and great rishis will be overjoyed, as if they are relatives of the child. This child will become a great rishi and follow a path so that he will never enter a woman's womb again.

The father will not be present when the child is born and will learn of the child's birth on the following day. The father's profession is to turn falsehood to absolute truth and vice versa, i.e. he will be a pleader. The mother will pass away at the subject's forty second year.

The child will never be interested in his studies but will be ever immersed in consciousness of the Supreme Being. Whenever he goes he will be found sitting like a statue and will be looking inwards. He never will be conscious of the external world. Notr comprehending his inner life. his elder brother will alwats fight with him and cause him great discomfort. After 15v years 5 months and 27 days he will in a trice attain the Supreme Realisation.

He will reach Tiruvannamali where Brahma and Vishnu once searched for the top and bottom of the column of Effulgence. Casting off all formalities he will reside in the temple. Those who approach him devoutly, he will grant all their boons, like the celestial wish-fulfiling tree. He will not be of this world but of another world. Wherever he is, annadhanam (free distribution of food) will take place.

Although walking on the path in the forest of Tiruvannamalai he will remain in a state where there is no within or without.

He will be the very personification of Tapas. His sole aim is to uplift to his own state even great scholars who strenuously strive to attain liberation from the vicious cycle of births and deaths and do not succeed. Many devotees will worship his form in their minds. Others  will worship his portrait or his idol. A few others will worship him as a personification of all devas. For those who worship him in the above manner, he will be the Supreme Lord and he will save them, taking them to the shores of liberation.

All those performing severe austerities in order to get rid of births and death will, in their exalted spiritual state, have a vision of this Ramana Murthy. For those who can achieve that state he will be the Purushothama (Perfect Lord) of the Vedas and an unfailing guide in their paths.

As Dakshinamurthy of yore, who taught in silence under the banyan tree, he will initiate devotees by His silence and through His eyes.

This is not an ordinary child. No one has performed austerities as he has. Although due to severe austerities his nobody may suffer, yet, like the mother earth, he will never be conscious of the body, remaining always in the formless universe.

It is not even possible to speak of the greatness of this child in this birth. So let us see what happened in his previous birth. In his previous birth he performed taps residing on a famous hill. Seeing the intensity of his tapoas Vishnu and other devas appeared before him. However the sage did not take advantage of their appearance to ask any boons, instead he ignored them completely.

While he performed such severe austerities Lord Siva, in his abundant compassion, felt that the sage's body would not withstand the intensity of his tapas so he ordered Brahma to go and strengthen the sage's body. However, when Brahma appeared before the sage, the sage became very angry. He thought that though he was searching for Siva, instead of Siva Brahma had come to give his darshan. So he advised Brahma thus: Perhaps you have forgotten the lessontaught to you by Skanda. Think of your fate. In order to save your self from a similar fate you may go elsewhere.

Hearing these harsh words from the sage, Brahma controlled his anger and replied softly, "Chikd! I have come to help you, so that you may attain your goal. I have come on Siva's bidding to strengthen your body, so that it can withstand the intensity of your penance. Let me know what your wish is. I shall fulfil it."

The rishi replied that he required nothing from Brahma. After this the sage further intensified his tapas and went deep within himself, to reach the infinite. On realizing the sage's deep wish to have his darshan Lord SIva along with His consort Uma appeared before the sage and consoled him thus: "My child, your deep devotion to me will continue even in your next birth. In your next birth we shall be your guide and redeem you."

We have given a synopsis of the predictions of the Nadi Josiyam. Although certain passages from it seems apt other portions are unbelievable. These we have imitted. Further, the description of Venkataraman's state by the Nadi Josiyam falls far short. Those who read Bhagavan's biography will at once realize that He was living far beyond the state described by the Nadi.

Brethelem, Mecca, Nadia, Kaladi, Kamarpukur although small villages became famous as they were the birth places of Jesus, Mohammed The Prophet, Chaitanya, Adi Shankara and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa respectively. So too, Tiruchuzhi has become famous because of Venkataraman. The houses in which the famous English poet Shakespeare and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa were born are to this day protected as places of pilgrimage. The house in which this child was born was also to be made a place of worship.

॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta


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Re: Past of Bhagavan
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 01:59:13 PM »
Dear Nagaraj,

The Nadi said: Vishnu and Brahma came and told Him that He can at anytime come to their lokas. Sri Bhagavan said:
No. I am only going to merge with Siva (Atma). I don't want any lokas and keep enjoying the comforts there..

Arunachala Siva.