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Beautiful quotes from Mirra the Mother
« on: September 26, 2012, 06:23:06 PM »
All the lower movements have to be conquered if ever anything
divine is to be established upon earth.

There is no greater victory than that of controlling oneself.
3 May 1954

It is indispensable to perceive the lower movements of your being,
in a detached and scientific manner, as a witness with clear
vision and insight. But youmust never allow these movements to
express and assert themselves as if they had the right to exist and
govern the rest of the being. In other words, you must never act
under the impulse of thesemovements, never physically translate
their suggestions into speech or action, never permit their orders
to be carried out in any inner or outer gesture.

You have my love and grace and blessings.
But if you are to feel them you must be disciplined, attentive
and concentrated; above all you must not listen to any of your
desires and fancies.
In life, one must choose between a disordered and useless
life of desires and that of an ascent into the light of aspiration
and mastery of one’s lower nature.