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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3720 on: August 06, 2016, 04:45:13 PM »

Naked in the Bee-House

Being humble is right for you now.
Don't thrash around showing your strength.

You're naked in the bee-house!
It doesn't matter how powerful
your arms and legs are.

To God, that is more of a lie
than your weakness is.

In his doorway your prestige
and your physical energy are just dust
on your face. Be helpless
and completely poor.

And don't try to meet his eye!
That's like signing a paper
that honors yourself.

If you can take care of things, do so!
But when you're living at home with God,
you neither sew the world together
with desires nor tear it apart
with disappointments.

In that place existence itself
is illusion. All that is, is one.

Lost in that, your personal form
becomes a vast, empty mosque.

When you hold on to yourself,
you're a fire-worshipping temple.
Dissolve, and let everything get done.
When you don't, you're an untrained colt,
full of erratic loving and biting.
Loyal sometimes, then treacherous.

Be more like the servant who owns nothing
and is neither hungry nor satisfied,
who has no hopes for anything,
and no fear of anyone.

An owl living near the king's palace
is considered a bird of misfortune,
ragged and ominous. But off in the woods,
sitting alone, its feathers grow splendid
and sleek like the Phoenix restored.

Musk should not be kept near water or heat.
The dampness and the dryness spoil
its fragrance. But when the musk is at home
in the musk bladder, fire and wetness
mean nothing. In God's doorway your guilt
and your virtue don't count.

Whether you're Muslim, or Christian, or
fire-worshipper, the categories disappear.

You're seeking, and God is what is
sought, the essence beyond any cause.

External theological learning moves like a moon
and fades when the sun of experience rises.

We are here for a week, or less.
We arrive and leave almost simultaneously.

To be is not to be.

The Qur'an says, "They go hastening,
with the Light running on before them."

Clear the way! Muhammed says, "How fine!"
A sigh goes out, and there is union.

Forget how you came to this gate, your history.
Let that be as if it had not been.

Do you think the day plans its course
by what the rooster says?

God does not depend on any of his creatures.
Your existence or non-existence is insignificant.
Many like you have come here before.

When the fountain of light is pouring,
there's no need to urge it on!
That's like a handful of straw
trying to help the sun. "This way!
Please, let this light through!"

The sun doesn't need an announcer.
The lamp you carry is your self-reliance.
The sun is something else!

Half a sneeze might extinguish your lantern,
whereas all a winter's windiness
cannot put That out.

The road you must take has no particular name.
It's the one composed of your own sighing
and giving up. What you've been doing
is not devotion. Your hoping and worrying
are like donkeys wandering loose,
sometimes docile, or suddenly mean.

Your face looks wise at times,
and ashamed at others.

There is another way, a pure blankness
where those are one expression.

Omar once saw a group of boys on the road
challenging each other to wrestle.
They were all claiming to be champions,
but when Omar, the fierce and accomplished
warrior, came near, they scattered.

All but one, Abdullah Zubair.
Omar asked, "Why didn't you run?"

"Why should I? You are not a tyrant,
and I am not guilty."

When someone knows his own inner value,
he doesn't care about being accepted
or rejected by anyone else.

The prince here is strong and just.
Stand wondering in his presence.
There is nothing but That.

Hakim Sanai


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3721 on: August 06, 2016, 04:49:27 PM »

How can light find darkness?
Darkness is merely
The absence of light.
How can one find one's source?
One's source is revealed in
The absence of one's self.

Wu Hsin


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3722 on: August 11, 2016, 11:27:38 PM »

Look! What wonders the spring has wrought!
The river bank is a paradise!
Rose-embowered glades,
Blossoming jasmine and hyacinth,
And violets, the envy of the skies!.
Rainbow colours transformed
Into a chorus of rapturous sounds,
And the harmony of flowers
The hillside is carnation-red;
In the languid haze, the air
Seems drunk with the beauty of life!
The brook, on the heights of the hill,
Dances to its own music.
The world is dizzy in a pageant of colour!

My rosy-cheeked Cup-bearer!
The voice of spring is the voice of life!
But the spring lasts not for ever;
So bring me the cup that tears all veils --
The wine that brightens life --
The wine that intoxicates the world --
The wine in which flows
The music of everlasting life,
The wine that reveals eternity's secret.
Unveil the secrets, O Saqi.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3723 on: August 11, 2016, 11:31:33 PM »

The Tavern Haunters

Being a tavern haunter means
Being sprung free of yourself.

The tavern is where lovers tryst,
Where the bird of the soul comes to rest
In a sanctuary beyond space and time.
The tavern haunter wanders lonely in a desert
And sees the whole world as a mirage.
The desert is limitless and endless --
No one has seen its beginning or its end,
And even if you wandered in it a hundred years
You would not find yourself, or anyone else.
Those who live there have no feet or heads,
Are neither "believers" nor "unbelievers."
Drunk on the wine of selflessness,
They have given up good and evil alike.
Drunk, without lips or mouth, on Truth
They have thrown away all thoughts of name and fame,
All talk of wonders, visions, spiritual states,
Dreams, secret rooms, lights, miracles.

The aroma of the Divine Wine
Has made them abandon everything;
The taste for Annihilation
Has sent them all sprawling like drunkards.
For one sip of the wine of ecstasy,
They have thrown away pilgrim staff, water jar, and rosary.
They fall, and then they rise again,
Sometimes bright in union,
Sometimes lost in the pain of separation;
Now pouring tears of blood,
Now raised to a world of bliss,
Stretching out their necks like racers;
Now, with blackened faces, staring at a wall,
Or faces reddened with Unity, chained to a gibbet;
Now whirling in mystic dance,
Lost in the arms of the Beloved,
Losing head and foot like the revolving heavens.
Every passage that the Singer sings them
Transmits the rapture of the invisible world,
For mystic singing is not only words and sounds;
Each note unveils a priceless mystery.

They have thrown away their senses
And run from all color and perfume,
And washed in purified wine
All the different dyes: black, green, or blue.
To them, devotion and piety are only hypocrisy;
They are weary of being either masters or disciples;
They have swept the dust of dunghills from their souls,
Without telling even a tiny part of what they see,
And grasped in bliss at the swirling robes of drunkards.
They have drunk one cup of the pure wine
And have become -- at last, at long last -- real Sufis.

Mahmud Shabistari


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
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As Night Let its Curtains Down in Folds

Peace, Salma, and peace
to those who halt awhile
at al-Hima. It is right
for one like me to greet you.

Would it have hurt her
to return the greeting?
Ah, but a statuette
goddess is beyond control.

They left as night
let its curtains down in folds.
I told them of a lover
strange and lost,

Surrounded by yearnings,
struck by their arrows
on target always,
wherever he goes.

She smiled, showing her side teeth.
Lightning flashed.
I couldn't tell which of the two
split the darkness.

Isn't it enough she said
I am in his heart
where each moment he sees me,
isn't it, no?

Muhyiddin ibn Arabi


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3725 on: August 12, 2016, 12:55:32 AM »

My One and Only, only You can make me
     one with You,
For Your Oneness is neither reached by roads
     nor religion.

Truth! I am Truth wrapped in Truth --
For Truth Is, indivisible from itself.

Your Presence is the dawn, brilliant,
Lightning flashing forth in all directions!

Mansur Al Hallaj


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3726 on: September 25, 2016, 08:50:50 PM »
Though the words of the great saints appear in a hundred different forms, since God is one and the Way is one, how can their words be different? Though their teachings appear to contradict, their meaning is one. Separation exists in their outward form only; in inner purpose they all agree.

     A prince orders a tent to be stitched. One person twists the rope, another strikes the pegs, another weaves the cloth, another stitches, another rends, another uses a needle. Though to outward appearance they are diverse and different, in inner purpose they are united and performing a single task.

     So it is with the affairs of this world. When you look at it carefully, all are doing God's service; reprobate and righteous, sinner and disciple, devil and angel. For example, the king wants to test and try his slaves so the steadfast can be sorted from the weak-hearted, the loyal from the traitor, the faithful from the fake. If he did not have tempters and provokers, how could he test his slaves' loyalty? So, the tempters and provokers are serving the king, since it is by the king?s will that they act. He sends a wind to show the difference between the stable and the unstable, to separate the gnat from the sparrow-hawk, so the gnat will vanish and the sparrow-hawk remain.

     A certain king ordered a slave girl to adorn herself and offer herself to his slaves, so their loyalty could be revealed. Though the girl's action appears sinful outwardly, in reality she is doing the king's work.

     The great saints have seen for themselves, not by proof and rote, but face to face and unveiled, that all people - good or evil - are obedient servants of God. Nothing exists that does not proclaim God?s praise. Therefore, to the saints, this world itself is the resurrection, since the resurrection means all people serving God and doing no other work but God's work. These saints perceive this truth even here below, for even were the veil removed they would not increase in their certainty.

     All may be servants, but some have been raised above others in their closeness to God. To those who are absorbed, all differences are lost. To those who have not yet arrived, many stages appear between one and another.

     Let me cite a parallel. A gardener planted a tree, and the tree bore fruit. Surely, this tree that bore fruit is better than a hundred trees that are barren. It is possible those other trees may never bear at all, since there are many stages of growth where disease might attack. A pilgrim who reaches the Kaaba is better than the pilgrim who is still travelling in the desert. The one in the desert fears they may not pass the many landmarks and reach the Kaaba, while the former has already reached their destination. One certainty is better than a hundred doubts.

     The Amir said: ''Those who have not arrived still have hope.''

     Rumi answered: What is the hopeful person compared to one who has arrived? There is a vast difference between fear and attainment. Why should I speak of such a difference when it is obvious to all? What I am speaking about is attainment, since there are many differences between the stations of attainment.

     It is possible to indicate the various stages of fear and the stations of fear, but the stations of attainment have no indication. In the world of fear everyone decides what they will devote to honor God. One person gives through physical efforts, another donates their wealth, another sacrifices their life. One worships with fasting, another with prayer, another by ten prostrations, another by a hundred. These stages are very different and can easily be distinguished. In the same manner there are stages of travel from Konya to Caesarea that are distinct and well-known: One must pass Qaimaz, Uprukh, Sultan, and so forth. But the stages by sea from Antalya to Alexandria are without landmarks. The ship's captain knows the signs, but they are not shared with landsmen since landsmen cannot understand.

     The Amir said: ''But even speaking about it imparts some benefit. We may not know everything, yet still we learn a little, and can find out and guess the rest.''

     Rumi replied: Yes indeed, by Allah! Someone sits wakeful through the dark night, thinking of some way to find the day. Though they do not know how to get there, still, in waiting for daylight, the day approaches. Another person is travelling by caravan upon a dark night in a storming rain. They do not know where they have gone, which way they are passing, or what distance they have covered, but when day comes they see the results of that travelling and go on from there. Whoever labors for the glory of God, though both their eyes are sealed, their labor is not lost. Even an atom's weight of good is not lost. Though all within is dark and veiled, and they do not see how far they have progressed, still in the end they will know. ''This world is the seedplot of the world to come.'' Whatever they sow here, they will reap in the next world.

     Jesus laughed a lot. John wept a lot. John said to Jesus, ''You have become exceedingly carefree against all the subtle deceits, that you laugh so much.'' Jesus replied, ''You have become exceedingly unmindful of the subtle, mysterious, wonderful graces and loving kindness of God, that you weep so much.'' One of God's saints was present at this incident. He asked God, ''Which of these two has the higher station?'' God answered, ''He who thinks better of Me.'' In other words, ''I come when you think of Me. Each person has an image and an idea of Me. Whatever picture he forms of Me, there I am. I fill that picture where God dwells. I care nothing for that point of view where God does not exist. Cleanse your thoughts, O human, for they are My abode and dwelling place.''

     Now test yourself as to weeping and laughter, fasting and prayer, solitude and company, and the rest. Which of these is more profitable to you? Whichever brings you straighter on the road and gains you the greatest advancement, choose that task. Take counsel from your heart, even though others may disagree. The truth is within you. Compare it with what others say. When they agree, then follow that course.

     The physician comes to someone who is sick and questions the inward doctor; for within you there is a doctor, namely your natural temperament, instincts and inclinations. Therefore the external physician questions it: ''This food that you ate, how was it? Was it light? Was it heavy? How was your sleep?'' From what the inward doctor answers, the external physician makes their prescription. Therefore the root of the matter is the inward doctor; the patient's own response. When this inner doctor is feeble and its temperament is corrupt, the sick person sees things incorrectly and gives skewed indications. They say that sugar is bitter, vinegar is sweet. Therefore they need the external physician to guide them until their own instinct is restored. After that they consult only their own inward doctor to find the counsel they need.

     We have a similar doctor within our spiritual being. When this higher Self is feeble, our inward senses perceive falsely, and whatever we follow is contrary to the truth. So the saints are physicians who guide a person until their instinct is restored to its right balance, and their religion and their heart have gathered strength.

"Show me things as they truly are."

     Humanity is a mighty volume. Within the people of this world all things are written, but veils and darkness do not allow men and women to read the knowledge within themselves. The veils and darknesses are those many preoccupations, worldly desires and thoughts of every kind. Yet, though they are wrapped in darkness and are hidden by so many veils, they can still read something and therefore learn. Consider when these darknesses and veils are removed, what they will learn then, and what varieties of knowledge they will discover within!

     After all, all these trades and professions - tailoring, building, carpentry, goldsmithery, science, astronomy, medicine and the rest of the world's countless and innumerable callings - all these were discovered from within by some person, they were not revealed through stones and dirt. When they say that a raven taught people to bury the dead, even that was due to the reflection of a human being. Someone's own inner urge drove them to learn that. After all, the instincts of the bird are but a part of humanity, but a part does not command the whole.

     After the Amir left, someone said: ''When the Amir comes, the Master utters mighty words. The words never stop, because he is a master of words. Words flow from him without interruption.''

     Rumi said: 'If in winter time the trees do not put forth leaves and fruit, people should not think they are not working. They are continually at work. Winter is the season of gathering; summer is the season of spending. Everyone sees the spending, but they do not see the gathering in. In the same way, a person gives a party and spends all sorts of money on it. Everyone sees this, but no one sees the gathering in and collecting little by little for the sake of that entertainment. No one sees any of that. Yet the ingathering is the root of the matter, for the spending comes out of that income.

     Whoever we are in unison with, we communicate with them every moment, even in silence, in absence and presence alike. Even in battle with others, we are together. We may strike against others with our fists; still, we are speaking to them and are absorbed in one action with them. Therefore we are in unison. Don't become distracted by the fists - in those fists are spiritual gifts. You don't believe this? Then open those fists, and see the difference between the sweet joy of unison, and pearls of great price.'

It is What it is


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3727 on: September 25, 2016, 09:15:10 PM »
I am that complete which prevails everywhere,
I am Shiva,Eternal bliss.

That which cannot be cut by a dagger, nor burnt by fire.
That which cannot be dissolved by water, nor destroyed by death.
That very soul, the bliss of consciousness which is the truth, I am.

I am Shiva
The pure unbounded consciousness.

Absolutely beautiful...
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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
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He saw the lightning in the east and longed for the east,
but if it had flashed in the west he would have longed for the west.
My desire is for the lightning and its gleam, not for the places and the earth.

The east wind related to me from them a tradition handed down successively,
from distracted thoughts,
from my passion,
from anguish,
from my tribulation,
From rapture,
from my reason,
from yearning,
from ardour,
from tears,
from my eyelid,
from fire,
from my heart,
That "He whom you love is between your ribs; the breaths toss him from side to side."

I said to the east wind, "Bring a message to him and say that he is the enkindler of the fire within my heart
If it shall be quenched, then everlasting union, and if it shall burn, then no blame to the lover!"

Ibn 'Arabi
Poem 14 of the Tarjuman al-Ashwaq,
 translated by R.A. Nicholson


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3729 on: September 30, 2016, 07:21:28 PM »

Awareness is not limited to consciousness.
It is of all that is.
Consciousness is of duality.
There is no duality in awareness.
It is one single block of cognition.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
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It does not make things easy,
it makes them possible.

Luke 1:37


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
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Great religions are the

Poets the life

Every sane person I know has jumped

That is good for business
Isn't it



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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
« Reply #3732 on: September 30, 2016, 08:09:04 PM »

If one desires clear sight
One cannot place one's trust in reflections.
The way in is
The only way out.

Wu Hsin


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
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Half life

We walk through half our life
as if it were a fever dream

barely touching the ground

our eyes half open
our heart half closed.

Not half knowing who we are
we watch the ghost of us drift
from room to room
through friends and lovers
never quite as real as advertised.

Not saying half we mean
or meaning half we say
we dream ourselves
from birth to birth
seeking some true self.

Until the fever breaks
and the heart can not abide
a moment longer
as the rest of us awakens,
summoned from the dream,
not half caring for anything but love.

 Stephen Levine


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Re: Divine poetry and thoughts
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When I existed

When I existed,
You did not.
Now You exist
and I do not:
as a storm lifts waves
from water --
still they are water
within water.

O Madho,
how can we describe
this illusion?
What we believe does not exist.

A mighty king sleeps
on his throne
and in his dream
becomes a beggar.
Seeing his kingdom vanish
before him
he greatly mourns --
such is our condition.

Like the tale
of the serpent
and the rope --
I know a little
of the secret.
Seeing many bracelets
we think gold has many forms --
but it is always forever gold.

In all things
exists the Lord,
assuming countless shapes;
in each pore he plays and sports.
Ravi Dass say,
He is nearer than my hand.
All that comes to pass
is by His will alone.