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Re: Quotes of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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Maharaj: The waking and the sleep state combined is the beingness,
 because of it, the world is. The beingness depends on the food essence, so what are we then?

Visitor: What is the path to follow?

M: Meditate on the Self, not on anything else; the beingness itself will tell you how it arose and will
disappear. Meditation on something is easy, but meditation on the Self is rather difficult. Did Buddha
say all this?

V: The very same.

M: Buddha's directives, are they followed?

V: All the codes of conduct, but not the essence. Millions have no idea beyond the codes of conduct
like, eat this or eat that.

M: Is this is knowledge or just ways to pass time? Finally, people are slaves to time; they follow the
dictates of time. I know nothing about rebirth, only this birth and having known it, I know it is not.
With the body?s association, the so called knowledge is received and accordingly, people behave. What
knowledge have you apart from the information collected from the outside?

V: That?s all what we get.

M: What is it you get?

V: Not much.

M: After the stamping of birth is done, what knowledge do you have then? You are told about birth,
what other information?

V: None

M: This knowledge ('I am') is for each man to understand and be still in it. By understanding the Self
you understand the world, what else is there? You are as large as the world, if you are; the world is,
otherwise not. With what, identity of yourself did you read books? Were you reading it as a woman?
Knowledge is neither male nor female.

V: No, not female or male.

M: What about the reader?

V: Me?

M: While reading, you know yourself as a woman?

V: No

M: After reading?

V: Female

M: God or heaven is momentary; nothing after that and for me it is nothing at all. All these Gods,
where are they? What is their promise? How do they exist? In which state are they? Presently I am in
that state where beingness has been forcibly imposed, the longer it stays, longer is the suffering, but it
is going to disappear. Sustenance is for moment, understand the moment, the moment since when?
How long and due to what? All the paraphernalia of this world is its expression. The one, who realizes
this, grows knowledgeable in the process of gathering this information. Thus you came to the root of
knowledge; you realize it and transcend it, stabilize yourself prior to intelligence.

V: The knowledge expounded here is valuable, but people are not mature enough to understand it, in
due course they may. Many do penances and have a deep urge, yet knowledge is not available to them

M: Do you think you understand?

V: Memories, words?

M: There are two types of sounds, the one that you hear and the primordial, unstuck, soundless sound.
The moment you feel when you wake up, that is the unstuck sound. Later, you know that you are and
all other sounds follow. The'?You are' or 'I am' all sounds are based on it, it is a language without
words; unstuck, soundless. It is nothing.

V: Is there a parallel state between the waking and sleep states on one hand and the consciousness on
the other, which is so called born?

M: Yes, there is a very subtle state, presently it is rather gross, but in childhood it is a very fine subtle
state. The 'I am' is employed like an instrument, like vision for the eye, whenever there is vision, there
is the world; the actual observer has no color, no design. The trap of birth and death is because of the 'I am',
 dwell on it, realize it and transcend it, that one has knowledge. All experience is time-bound, what
would you call that which witnesses the disappearance of thought? Think if you like; but the thought
process will disappear. You may gather a lot of knowledge but you are still trapped in body consciousness.

V: Knowledge gathering is a trap.

M: Just like the web of a spider the birth concept is a source of suffering. As long as you hold on to that
idea, you will not be liberated. When liberated you are Nirguna (without qualities), the ever liberated.
Nirvana means no sample, the Saguna (with qualities) Brahman attains Nirvana. Beingness is the
quality to be, Nirguna mean no quality and Nirvana too means no quality.

from I Am Unborn