Author Topic: Complete Advaita Vedanta Talks in Tamil by Swami Guruparananda for free download  (Read 16142 times)


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I concur with what you say . Your last line sums it up very well between the teacher and student ,unless there is a wavelength it will not work .
As regarding Nochur I am sorry I have never attended any personal talk of his but have got a few CDs of his that I will listen in the coming days . Actually I never listened to any talks in the past few years of anyone as I was sort of keeping myself in silent sadhana , reflecting on what I have read and listened to earlier .I have only now started listening again slowly and started with Swami Omkarananda's Bhagvad Gita Talk for 30 mts in Shankara TV from 10.30 a.m - 11 a.m and attended couple of his talks here on Uddhava Gita at Padmanabha Swamy Temple .
Om Peace .
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