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The social service,  being kind to nature, environment conscious etc.  has been merged into the sadhana modes.

But what I feel is,  not everybody are having enough resources to do social service.   Though it is ture that one gets enormous amount of punya by doing these social services,   the oppurtunity and finance to do such things are not in the hands of many.

So such people must stick to devotion and jnana & just be contented with appreciating other's initiatives.   Maharishi Ramana has frequently told that take care of yourself,  the world is taken care by Ishwara.  This does not mean one should be selfish,  but one must enquire this thief called the 'self' who wants to serve a world.

Others who are well equipped financially and have a natural attraction to social service can take that up.

Service done in a spirit of love -- though we want it or not,  will give one tonnes and tonnes of punyas.   

It is said that the more one increases his love and serve others,   Ishwara will automatically dissolve the remaining sins to some extent.

This will finally give one the right to sit before a jnani to get upadesa.

That sitting before jnani can be done even now.

It is a paradox  but neverthless it works this way only --  some mysterious force propels one to act,  whether to take social service or not is not in our hands.

For example,  in Sri Sathya Sai Ashram,  many devotees go for 'service' every year and stay for 15 days to 30 days.  From my close relatives I came to know that they do some medical camps,  do some free education or free meals in a area etc.   Seems those who have time do this all through the year by joining various samithis.

Well -- this will advance one spiritually,  develop love in the place of lust and patience in the place of anger.  Something good, pious,  punya karma --  those who are destined to do this social service does it.

But for even rich people or people without enough time and resources ,  having enough family burdnes they can turn to Maharishee and just be quiet.  According to Annamalai Swami,  the sadhaks in jnana marga or bhakthi marga also get to their credit lot of punyas by all of their sadhanas.  So those who follow these two paths -- surrender or vichara need not look into for any other stuff.  At the same time,  they should not discourage social service,  which others do.

It is warned that no amount of punya will get us jnana --   but it seems from thousands and thousands of devotess of various great saints,  it seems to me that earning enough punyasby various pious activities -- japa, dhyana, social service etc. etc. etc.  ,  sooner or later starts bearing its fruit and God starts pulling those souls into Him.

The one condition though very common to wahtever path karma or bhakthi is this --  ego should not raise its head.  If it raises,  if it is not checked and at the same time keeps on doing pious activities,  suddenly the worst part of one's nature may come out and one may end up taking a demon birth like Ravana or Hiranya.

Occaisional raising of ego to little extent may not be that harmful --  but the base of the whole construction of sadhana is this:  put down your collar,  be humble ,  dont jump,  know your own limits.

This basic material for the building of sadhana is very very very essentail -- if foundation is strong,  one will glitter like a gold and automatically earn all other good qualities.

So let us all pray to Maharishee to give us that patience and love,  that humbleness and bhakthi.


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Re: the best attitude towards social service, nature conscious etc.
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Dear Krishnan,

All financially well-equipped people can afford to help others. But most of them do not do that.  Even if some do that, they
do it with ego. Very few financially well equipped people do real good to others.  I can readily remember Pollachi N. Mahalingam.
He is a great industrialist having pots of money. But at the same he is good natured, a great devotee of VaLLalAr Ramalinga
Swamigal. Naturally he must be a vegetarian.  He has helped to bring out Tirumandiram, by sponsoring its printing at a very
moderate cost with meaning in English and Tamizh and Sri Ramakrishna Math is selling that book. Several editions have come
and all are sponsored by him by footing a major portion of the cost, and so the selling price is very moderate. Recently he has
helped one Vardhamanan Padippagam in Tamizh Nadu, to print 8 volumes of Tiru AruL Pa of VaLLalAr and all the 8 volumes
are sold at Rs 1250 including postal charges!  Each book is about 300 pages!  Next he has done the same thing with 12
Saiva Canons with meanings in Tamizh.  The 24 volume book is sold at Rs 2750 including postal charges, i.e. an incredibly
moderate price.  He has got free eye hospital in Coimbatore. His workers in factories are well paid and the whole family of
the workers are covered by medical insurance with premia paid by Mahalingam.

Such instances are rare.

Arunachala Siva.