Author Topic: when I am are near Arunachala --  (Read 1580 times)


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when I am are near Arunachala --
« on: April 30, 2012, 01:58:28 PM »
I guess I interacted with one person --  his name is Chandrasekhar,  that is what claimed. He may be the person you are referring to .

But generally from my experience , whoever may be we interact with,  our attitude near the mountain of arunachala must be very very careful.

Whatever you see there,  is a reflection of your own reality.  Unless absoultely necessary please dont react with anger  near arunachala.

I have one experience -- once I was very stiff towards on Auto guy because he asked a bit high fare.  He humbled down but I was still in the stiff mood throughout the auto journey.

Within few minutes,  in the bustand I purchased a water bottle from a shop.  For no reason,  the shop keeper was addressing me harsly .

And more intrestingly, I have observed scenes of quarrles near the Auro restaurant auto stand.  That particular quarrel is between a auto wala and a lady who seems to be some sort of labour worker there.   The fight was fierece and I was just going to Auro restaurant.

People in the restaurant watched that quarrel.     

Many things come out in Arunachala quite in a wierd way --   both bad and good come out there .

Just make sure,  you let Arunachala take over you there.  Dont keep your attention or get carried away by any of the scenes there.

For example,  in Auro restaurant opp. to Ramansramam whenever I order good costly food and start eating,  a vague feeling will come that sometime before I have suffered a lot for good food in this very place. 

Sometimes when I saw a group of poor people standing in big queues for food or free medicine camps near Arunachala,  I will get a vague fear that my Prarabdha in my old age or next life may be like this . 

Initially I was greatly disturbed by all this dramas,  but then I decided that Arunachala is carrying out his own prescription of treatments -- mental surgical,  chloroform,  glucose tolerance etc. etc.  into my ego - mind and that I should let Him do his job without interfering.

Probably a moment of fear there will eradicate an entire future life of that suffering.  Fast forward happens near the Arunachala quite often.

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