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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Muruganar Story:

(Ramana's Muruganar - T.R. Kanakammal; David Godman - The Power of the Presence) 

Muruganar had come to Bhagavan pleading for grace and salvation. Bhagavan's initial response was to
tell him to be still and quiet. This upadesa was brought out in a poem that Muruganar wrote entitled
IRai PaNi NiRRal - 'Steadfastness in Service.')

O happy one,
Whichever way I went
I heard your praise
And surrendered to your feet
my body,wealth and life.
I cried out, 'Ocean of virtue, mountain high,
Show me the way to happiness!'
Ramana the just, the majestic, said,
'Stand still. Stay where you are.'

By neither digging nor soaring
Could Vishnu or Brahma find you,
whereas I, trudging towards diverse goals, was worn thin.
I cried out, 'Tell me how to merge in the feet
which are beyond the knowledge of life!'
Ramana, pure and secure, said,
'Be still. Rest as you are.'

Passing, passing through various births,
driven on and on by the force of karma,
I cried, 'Show me the way, my friend, my Master!
Show me the way to reach you!'
Ramana, the Lord of wisdom and welfare, replied,
'Don't be angry, don't be glad.
Gather your mind to oneness
And be guided by the grace of the Lord!.'

Like a picture sprawling on a paper,
Without roots I spread in all directions
and cried, 'Tell me how to cut through the surface!'
Ramana, the Master of wisdom, said,
'Like a flame in a pitcher,
burn steadily and brightly in the grace of the Lord.
Be still. Fulfill his will.'

I cried out, 'Lord and Master, tell me how
To make good deeds prevail
Against deluding evil deeds!'
My dear father, my Ramana said,
'Stand untroubled in the center.
Move only as you may be moved
By the grace of the Lord.'

I cried out, 'Mighty Master of works,
Creating, preserving, destroying,
tell me the way to salvation!'
Ramana, the wise and virtuous one replied,
'Watch word and thought
and walk as you are guided
by the grace of the Lord who dwells
in the Lotus of your Heart.'

I cried out, 'How to end
the strong inveterate deeds
that torment me and force me back
into the torrid current of births!'
Ramana, best and brightest of teachers, answered,
'Walking the straight path fixed of old,
join and be enjoined by
the grace of the Lord of joyous awareness.'

I cried out, 'O rain cloud pregnant with compassion!
Teach me fully the trick
Of escaping alive from the flood of births.'
Ramana, the Lord of wisdom and welfare said,
'Neither like nor loathe the true and false.
Stand in the center and be
Impelled by the grace of the Lord.'

I cried out, 'All forms I see are forms of you.
As none of the gods know you aright,
Tell me decisively what to do.'
Ramana, the Lord of wisdom and welfare, replied,
'There is a way to escape
the hungry current of births,
and to reach the shore and be safe.
Join and be one wiith
The grace of the Lord,'             

I cried out, 'Best of Masters! You who shone
In the kurundai tree's cool shade
To teach your devotee from Vadvaur*!
Fully and clearly bare to me
The secret of Self Knowledge.' 
Replied Ramana, my father, my king,
'Be as you are, your Self!'

* Manikkavachagar.

After an initial period of residence in the Arunachaleswara Temple, Muruganar moved to Palakkottu,
the sadhu colony adjacent to Ramanasramam.

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Muruganar's Story:-

After an initial period of residence in the Arunachaleswara Temple, Muruganar moved to Palakottu, the sadhu
colony adjacent to Sri Ramanasramam. 

Bhagavan used to say that begging for alms was a good antidote for ego.  Muruganar laid great stress on purity.
His clothes, including the ones used for bhiksha, would be spotlessly clean.  Before eating food brought by alms,
Muruganar would keep washing his hands and feet with sand in the tank at Palakottu. This would taker quite a
while.  Sometimes the monkeys which abounded there at that time would eat his food and he would have to go
hungry. Noticing this predicament of Muruganar, Sabapathy Pillai, the priest of Ganesa Temple there, invited
Muruganar to stay with him and persuaded him to do so., (Ramana's Muruganar - Smt. T.R. Kanakammal.)

Muruganar's obsession with cleanliness was legendary. One of his students, Padma Venkataraman, has noted
that he would use four full buckets of water just to wash his hands, feet, and teeth. The same attitude was
manifested when he was asked to take charge, temporarily, of the,pujas in the Mother's Samadhi:

He would be rubbing the Lingam so that there would not be any trace of oil from the abhishekam...Next, he
would endlessly clean the area. While watching him do the worship, Bhagavan humorously remarked, 'The
way you are rubbing the Lingam, it would wear away in no time. The Lingam itself would disappear!'
(Ramana's Muruganar).

Though Bhagavan had openly criticized him for the way he was treating his wife Meenakshi, Bhagavan did
recognize that Muruganar was an advanced devotee who was ready for an experience of the Self.*

* When Muruganar was once cutting spinach with Bhagavan in the kitchen, he managed to do the job so
badly, Bhagavan remarked, 'The way you have cut the vegetables is no better than the way you manged your

Soon afterwards, Muruganar wrote the following verse (Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, Verse 863) and gave it
to Bhagavan:

Why are you, O Ramana,
A naked beggar crying out
For alms and roaming here and there?
Why not seek the company
Of a nice young lady and so start
Straightaway a decent household life?

Muruganar, writing in jest, thought that Bhagavan's extreme fastidiousness in the kitchen was more suitable
to a married householder than a 'naked beggar'. Bhagavan Himself roared with laughter when He was
shown the verse. (Ramana's Muruganar).     

At some point -- Muruganar never mentions exactly when, but it is assumed to be soon after his arrival in
Tiruvannamalai -- Bhagavan answered Muruganar's pleas for grace by directing His divine look at him.
Under Bhagavan's penetrating gaze Muruganar lost his worldly delusions and found himself restored to his
natural state of Self awareness.  As Muruganar wrote many years later, 'He forgave me my misdeeds and made
good my imperfections.'  (Sri Ramana Anubhuti, verse 233).     

Muruganar has described the spiritual dimensions of this event in thousands of his verses, but in remarkably
few of them does he give any hint of the physical circumstances in which the momentous encounter took place.**

** There are many accounts of Muruganar's life that state that this awakening took place on the day he first
met Bhagavan.  In the light of Muruganar's own account, this point is unsupportable. Muruganar's description
of his first visit is not the account of a man who has been graced by an experience of the Self.

In Verse 255 of Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai, Muruganar does mention that it took place in Palakottu.(Piditha
Pathu - Decade on Holding Firm.)  Elsewhere in the same work, in a poem entitled 'Keerti Tiruvahaval' there is a brief, tantalizing description of what happened on that decisive occasion:

He took me to the forest with Him on the pretext of plucking leaves to make leaf plates. There, with great
delight, He destroyed my mind's restlessness by bestowing His glance on me. In the middle of the night,
He subdued my divided individual consciousness, granting me the experience of the undivided reality.     
(it may be in the year 1928?)             


Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Grace by eye contact of Bhagavan and devotees was rare. Bhagavan's vision rested on some devotee or other
for a very brief moment during His mouna.  It resulted in tremendous power accruing to the devotee.  Sometime
Bhagavan Ramana would concentrate that power on someone.  Before answering questions raised by devotees,
Bhagavan sometimes looked at the devotee closely.  At such moments it appeared to the devotee as if Bhagavan
was seeing with only one eye.  Like a javelin, a ray would emanate from His eyes and pierce the devotee. It
meant that Bhagavan was penetrated at the inner of that being and then replied.

The brilliance of the vision would be like an electric light in utter darkness.  By that grace all impediments in
 our sadhana would be removed enabling us to continue the sadhana, more effectively.  This could be like describing
as His greatest grace.  This is in some cases, more powerful than diksha by touch or upadesa.

(From Sri Ramana Leela, Krishna Bhikshu.)

From other books I find, that persons who got such powerful Sakshu diksha, were Arthur Osborne, Muruganar,
S.S. Cohen, and others.

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Once Bhagavan Ramana was strolling on the Hill.  As we know that His legs were weak and He was using a stick
and used to keep each pace carefully on the hilly terrain.  One day, a young boy came and suddenly held His leg
and cried:  "Bhagavan!  Please give me mukti.  Please give me mukti."  Bhagavan Ramana could not even take His leg
and the next step.  He felt that He would fall at anytime if that boy did not leave His legs.  The boy continued
to beg without leaving His leg.  Bhagavan Ramana then said:  "Aye! Please give me mukti first and then we shall see!
The attendant rushed from behind and asked the boy to go away. The boy went away giggling and he was also afraid
of his guilt.  Bhagavan knew that the whole thing was stage managed by some devotees!  But He did not say anything.   

Yan unai thodarnthu chikkena pidithen
Engezhunthu aruluvathu iniye? 

     -  Tiruvachakam, Piditha Pathu,  Decade on Holding Firm.

I followed you and held you tight and firm,
Where can you go and grace hereafter?

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:

At the beginning of 1949, a small tumor appeared above Bhagavan's left elbow.  As I was away at Vijayawada
I did not know anything about the growth on Bhagavan's body.  Afraid of serious consequences, the Asramam
doctor Sankar Rao, and a retired surgeon of repute, Srinivasa Rao, felt that an operation was necessary. They
suggested the idea to Bhagavan. The Master said, 'It does not give me any pain. Let it be as it is. Why meddle
with it?' As the tumor was growing day by day, the doctors got worried and told Bhagavan. Bhagavan replied:
'Let it grow. What does it matter to me?'  'The trouble will be over if the tumor is removed immediately' said
the doctors.

With a slight tilt of His head Bhagavan said,'Oh! Will it be over?' and assumed silence. The doctors awaited
for the return of Sarvadhikari, as he was away in Madras for three weeks. On his return, they obtained his
permission and performed the operation on Feb.9th 1949.

Subbakasmamma asked Bhagavan, with a voice full of emotion, 'Is it proper to touch Bhagavan's body with
a knife?' I too shuddered at the thought. Soon, Bhagavan came out the room covering His bandaged arm
with a towel and sat on the stone sofa in the Golden Jubilee thatched shed. There was a tired look on His face.
I felt an acute pain at it but did not know what to say. Therefore,  I sat down where I was.  After a while
the bandage became red because of the oozing of the blood. Ancients say that when the blood of a Jnani
falls on the earth, it is a sign of disaster and impending drought and distress,

Bhagavan became anxious that no one should see the bandage., But then He had no upper cloth to cover
His body. He tried to cover the wound by hanging a small towel round His neck but people were able to see
it from the sides.  When asked what He had on His arm, Bhagavan used to smile and say, 'I am wearing a
bracelet', or 'a Lingam is born' or some such thing.

After a few days, the bandage was removed. The doctors said the wound was healing up, and if a scar were
to appear, the tumor would not return.  However, there was no signs of healing and Bhagavan was feeling
restless. Despite this, in the midst of festivities connected with the Kumbhabhishekam no one felt worried
about the tumor. Most people thought Bhagavan's health was all right. Nevertheless I was still anxious because
the healing of the tumor was not complete. I consoled myself with the thought that perhaps I was unnecssarily
worrying myself over a small matter.

The Kumbhabhishekam was over by March 17, 1949.

In a few days time after the Kumbhabhishekam, I noticed Bhagavan scratching at the wound frequently and
began to wonder what might be in store.  A few days later, I noticed a growth at the place of operation and
said, 'Oh! It has grown again.'


Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:


Bhagavan replied in a tone of indifference, 'Yes. It has grown. It seems reputed doctors from Madras will
be coming. Perhaps they will operate again.' I felt deeply pained at that. 'Why operate again?  Why not
Bhagavan Himself suggest some remedy and treat the illness accordingly? When Bhagavan had jaundice,
did He not ultimately refer to some medical text books and cure Himself by taking the medicine prescribed
in it?' I said.

'What can I do? said the Master. 'Doctors repeatedly say, 'operation, operation'.

'That has been done once', I ventured to suggest.

'Yes. It has been done', said the Bhagavan.

'And the tumor has grown larger than before,' I went on. 'So what is the use of operation?'

Bhagavan agreed with me, Our conversation continued as follows:

Nagamma - Why not try some indigenous medicine?

Bhagavan - Yes. That can be done.  But then all of them say they must operate. What to do?

Nagamma - Some time ago, a child had a similar tumor which grew again after operation. An Ayurvedic
doctor who was consulted had it bandaged with the milk exudation of the fig tree and the tumor healed.
Why not try that method? After all is there any medicine that Bhagavan does not know?  If that does not
work, then an operation could be considered. I have refrained from making a suggestion all this time
but now that another operation is being contemplated,I venture to speak out.

Bhagavan - Yes. Fig milk is good. But who will heed such advice?  Go and tell the people in the office.
It will take another ten days for the doctors to come. This treatment may be tried in the meantime.

One of the attendants asked, 'Will such unorthodox treatment help in the matter?

Bhagavan replied, 'Why not?  While I was on the Hill, my mother cured a lot of people having such ailments.

I was reluctant to ask anybody in the office and so the Asramam doctors. They said, 'Just as you please.
We do not know anything about such treatment. If any doctor were to take the responsibility, that may be tried.'
In those days, there was a rule that the no medicine should be given to Bhagavan without the permission of the
office. Therefore I requested Krishna Bhikshu to ask the office. When Krishna Bhikshu consulted the people in
the office about this they said Bhagavan should be approached directly. When Krishna Bhikshu accordingly
informed Bhagavan that afternoon a devotee brought some plasters given to Him by an Ayurvedic doctor
and said they might be given a trial.

Looking towards us, Bhagavan said, 'Doctors are coming tomorrow itself. I do not know what they will say or do,'           

Arunachala Siva,
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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Muruganar Story:-

The verses in Sri Ramana Anbhuti (Sri Ramana Experience), written after many years from the event,
-- all look back in awesome wonder to this momentous experience of grace.

Here David Godman gives more than 100 verses, as example. I shall give only a few verses.
(Translation by Robert Butler)

8. I have ended the confusion of my bewildered, suffering mind.  A lowly cur, I have merged with the
gracious feet of my Master. In the surging brilliance of His divine wisdom's splendor the broad ocean
of deadly desires has disappeared completely.

13. As the deadly delusion of a body bound ego faded, a flower of pure light unfolded at His holy feet.
That radiance grew ever brighter with my love until I realized the flawless knowledge of the Self, manifesting
as the unbroken awareness 'I-I' within my heart. 

16.  The confusion of the senses ended, and the world's illusion was dispelled as grace's bright sun rose,
absorbing me in itself and obliterating all distinctions. And as I entered the light of life lived in the holy
silence of the glorious non dual state, the 'I' and all that arises from it subsided and dissolved away.

28.  A noble lion, He fixed the victorious gaze of true knowledge upon the rutting elephant of my ego,
which was drunk with self conceit, filling me with the sweet nectar of union with Lord Siva, so that the
inner experience of divine wisdom became my whole existence.

39.  As the struggle between desire and aversion came to an end, I ceased to invoke in mere words 'the one
true Godhead', and as the light of the reality which is truly sublime grew ever brighter within my heart, I
attained that state of grace, which is to dwell unwearyingly in holy silence.

49. In holy silence at His flawless feet, thinking, yet beyond the realm of thought, I established in my heart
that consciousness wherein His self and mine were one. The confusion of eye and mine, born of treacherous
desire,  died away, its falsehood revealed, and amidst grace's honeyed flood, divine reality was all.

57. Languishing in the slough of my soul's defilement, I knew not a single moment of clear understanding
until my Lord revealed to me my own self as Brahman, and as the light of grace shone forth from His fair feet,
graciously bestowing the supreme bliss of holy silence, all was illuminated by the magnificence of His mind,
voice and form.

64. Exposing the vast expanse of the heavenly realm as mere illusion, and the entire world known to the senses
as false, the 'I' shone forth as the supreme Self, ruling over me and revealing to me the goal of the Guru's mantra.

81. His gracious gaze entered my heart, bestowing the knowledge of Lord Siva, in all its fullness. All the petty
cares of my erring mind, along with the fears they bring with them, disappeared completely, and as that false
awareness of a personal self which gives rise to the multifarious and bewildering world of appearances vanished,
a new life for me began at His holy feet.

107. Ocean of compassion, He took pity on this poor ignorant fool and through His grace, cleansing the evil
from my heart,  He established the supreme reality there.  Even the final cataclysm at the universe's end
could not dislodge His radiant feet from that place.                             

172. Gaining a new life, I spent it singing praises to the lofty truth of His glorious name, albeit in feeble words
of little worth.  But my Lord, did not deem my hymns unworthy.*  Embracing me in the outpouring of His
affection, with more than a mother's love, He banished my deadly delusion and made me His servant.

* On one occasion, Bhagavan happened to overhear some people in the Asramam making disparaging remarks
about Muruganar. He at once remarked, 'The very day that Ramana Sannidhi Murai and Guru Vachaka Kovai
came out, Muruganar became one among the very foremost devotees. 


Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:

I said in a meek voice, 'Let the Ayurvedic treatment be tried first and, if there is no relief or cure, another operation
can be considered.  Once another operation is performed, Ayurvedic treatment will not be possible. If home remedies
are considered improper at this stage, a qualified doctor could be sent for.  If we write to my brother, he will bring
one doctor.'

Bhagavan: Why all that?  Some medicinal herbs or other should be sufficient.

Nagamma: Yes. That is just what I was saying. What medicinal herbs are there which Bhagavan does not know?
Will his tumor not be cured if Bhagavan asks for the required treatment?  Will those doctors listen to my words?
What am I to do?

Bhagavan: If that is so, I shall tell the doctors that we will try our own treatment and convince them.

On the 24th, doctors from Madras came and examined Bhagavan.  After they left I went to Bhagavan, anxious
to know what had been decided.  Bhagavan appeared tired. Seeing me He said, 'Doctors have come and
examined and decided upon another operation.  They will do it next Sunday.

Nagamma: You said you would try our medicines?

Bhagavan: Yes. I did tell them that Nagamma had suggested that we try the juice of some leaves. We will try
that treatment for 10 days and, if there is no improvement, an operation can be considered. At first they agreed
to it.  Then they went into the office, discussed among themselves and, coming here in a group, said, 'We told
Sarvadhikari that the operation cannot be delayed and must be done immediately. He agreed to it. So we are     
arranging to perform the operation next Sunday.  What am to do?  Let things take their own course. I tried to
dissuade them but they said, 'No.' Let them do as they please. Let anything happen.

On hearing Bhagavan, my misgivings increased. With tears in my eyes, I said:   

It is only because I know no one will care for my advice, I requested Bhagavan to tell the doctors to put off the
operation.  If only Bhagavan had said He Himself would try some treatment and cure Himself, the mater would
have stopped at that. If Bhagavan does not give His consent, what can they do?  How could Bhagavan say,'Let
anything happen?' Shall I go to the office and tell them?

Bhagavan: (Looking at me with compassion) If we tell them now they will not agree, and so let it go this time.
If there is a recurrence, we will look into it.

The doctors were saying they would remove the tumor completely and that it would not recur. And in such
a situation, Bhagavan had said spontaneously that if it recurs, He would look into it.  As such words of assurance
had come from Him, we were perplexed as to what to do under the circumstances and so did not venture to
go to the office and protest.


Arunachala Siva.     
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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:

On an evening, towards the end of March, as Bhagavan returned from the gosala, and sat on the sofa, in
the old Hall, a new visitor bowed before Bhagavan and sat down.  Everybody noticed that he had a tumor
on the neck as big as a lime fruit.  Looking at critically, Bhagavan said, 'Look! Do you notice what a big tumor
that gentleman has on his neck?  The one on my arm is also of the same size. There is no pain until it is pressed.
It is not worrying me in any manner.  Why not leave it alone? I say so but these people do not listen to me.
They say they will operate. What to do?'

If Bhagavan even talked of anything hopefully, there was no need to worry,. But when He spoke in this strain,
there was good cause to be anxious.  I very much wished someone would stop the operation. I spent the whole
night worrying about the outcome of the operation.

Next morning, Sambasiva Rao who had been to Tiruch Chuzhi returned and he found the posts being submitted
to Bhagavan early, and he asked what for.  Bhagavan said that the doctors will be coming from Madras and so
He should be ready. When I asked, 'Are they coming?', He said, 'Yes. They are coming and everything is being
got ready.'  I was nonplussed and said nothing. Sambasiva Rao said that the Ayurvedic medicine has been
received from Nellore. Bhagavan said that He could not do anything and wanted to the medicine to be kept aside.

The operation was conducted without anaesthesia and we all sat down in the Jubilee Hall anxiously looking
towards the hospital. It was over by lunch time and Bhagavan went to the dining hall from the hospital.
We saluted Him from where we were and went home. I returned to the Asramam earlier than usual and
found Bhagavan sitting on the sofa as usual. Nevertheless His face showed signs of fatigue. The daily routine,
was however going on as usual. If anyone asked, 'How is the tumor?' He would say 'What is there? There is
nothing now. Everything will be alright.' and console us.   

Bhagavan had a cousin called Ramaswami. His wife Ammalamma came for Kumbhabhishekam and stayed
for a while. Seeing her having a tumor as big as a lime fruit on the upper portion of her neck, Bhagavan
told the people to give her the Nellore medicine and plasters. He said, 'Let her at least be cured. It is no
use for me as I have been operated upon.'

A few days later, we heard that the tumor had re appeared. Bhagavan said, ' Now it has grown in size.
A doctor is coming in four or five days to apply radium needles. Let us see what happens.'         


Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:

Some people were of the opinion that the bleeding was due to Bhagavan's moving about and so they wanted
Him to keep His arm completely still.  That meant Bhagavan would have to fan Himself with one hand only,
since He would not allow the electric fan to be used except occasionally.  He would not allow anybody else
to fan Him either.

On  April 27th when Bhagavan had gone out for His afternoon walk, some people from the office came into
the Jubilee Hall and, calling all the devotees together, told them that they should not ask any questions or
indulge in any talks with Bhagavan as He was very weak. Someone might have told Bhagavan about this
while He was returning to the Jubilee Hall from the gosala, for He appeared disgusted on entering.

As the bleeding from the tumor on Bhagavan's elbow was increasing some doctors arrived from Madras
on the evening of April 30th. After all they left, I learnt that the blood brought from Madras was transfused
into Bhagavan's sacred body that night. Worse was yet to come. On May 1st, before sunrise, the doctors
and several devotees met Bhagavan after His bath and told Him that the tumor was cancerous in nature and that
it was advisable to amputate the whole arm. When Bhagavan inquired if, by doing so, they was a guarantee
that the tumor would not recur, they could give no assurance. The merely said, 'Blood oozing contnuously in
this manner What else can we do?' To which Bhagavan replied, 'We shall see about that.  What of it?' and so
saying, He left.

There were several discussions among devotees whether the arm should be amputated or not. Bhagavan answered
'Enough of this. It will get cured of its own accord.' With that He changed the subject. Meanwhile Muruganar came
in and handed Bhagavan a verse to the effect, 'Please cure yourself and save us all.' I could not contain myself
any myself any further and broke down, tears streaming down my cheek.  Muruganar also got very emotional
and broke down. Everyone was overcome with grief and could not utter a single word.  Bhagavan looked at all of us                   
and merely said, 'Oooh, Oooh', and remained silent.

On the morning of 8th April my brother came with an Ayurvedic practitioner of medicine. Bhagavan seemed
agreeable to his approach.  However that very afternoon, some of the doctors who took part in the earlier
operation came from Madras and they also consulted the Ayurvedic doctor. The outcome was the continuation
of radium therapy.  It was considered that the change in the treatment could be considered later if necessary.

For sometime, Dr. Ananthanarayana Rao had been massaging Bhagavan's legs with ointment every night.
He said that Bhagavan's condition is present slightly better. But then, Bhagavan must have the desire for the
tumor to heal up. He said that Bhagavan Himself expressed certain sentiments, when He was talking to Hiim
the previous night. He had said that a Jnani always looks forward to the time when his bodily karma comes
to an end. It is like a person bearing a very heavy load on his head for a fee,  eagerly looking forward to
reach his destination. With a sigh of relief he would then unloads himself and takes rest. In the same way,
the Jnani, as soon as his work is over, leaves the body and goes away. It is like throwing away the leaf plate
after eating is over.

Meantime the bleeding again started. I asked the doctor why he was not telling Bhagavan to pray for
healing Himself.   He said that he had told Him many times and the Master had said that it was impossible
since the there was nothing called mind for Him to create a desire.

After Bhagavan had occupied the New Hall in front of the Mother's temple, it was said that the tumor had
stopped bleeding. The bandage was removed. However as the time passed, the tumor had grown larger than
ever and started bleeding profusely. The doctors came from Madras and begged for permission to remove the arm.
Bhagavan said that the other devotees were very much against amputation. The doctors asked the dissenters
for their consent and there were arguments and counter arguments. Ultimately the amputation was agreed to
be avoided.  But the doctors said that if the tumor was allowed to remain as it was, it was only a matter of days
or weeks until it proved fatal.


Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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The 'Kaavalane' song in Tirupugazh has an interesting story.

Once Bhagavan Ramana and devotees were going round the Hill. It was mid morning.  Vallimalai Satchitananda
Swamigal was chanting Tirupugazh song:  'Vedichi Kaavalne'.... means "the king or lover of Vedichi, the huntress
VaLLi of Muruga.  There were some Telugu devotees too.  They were simply repeating without knowing the meaning
just as I sing Thyagaraja's Telugu kirtans!  Bhagavan Ramana looked at one of the Telugu devotees and asked him:  'Ememi Kavalane?',  'Enthenthu Kavalane?'  What are the things that you want?  How much do you want?  The
simple Telugu devotee, who was already hungry said:  Iddli Kaavalane.  Vadai Kaavalane.  Coffee Kavalane.

Lo and behold, with in a few minutes, a devotee was seen from the opposite direction, with  baskets full of hot
hot iddlis and vadas, and mouth watering sambhar in a bucket and a large drum of hot coffee.  All including
Bhagavan Ramana sat down and ate the idlis, vadas and drank coffee!

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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A Brahma Jnana Guru shows abundant kindness towards people. In fact, any Guru worth his name should have
kindness as his first characteristic.

Quote Sri Ramana Lila:-

Bhagavan's kindness was proverbial.  His concern for the downtrodden was phenomenal.  His kindness was
directly proportional to the misery of the visitor.  Also, His welcoming smile to an infant was warmer than that
to a learned scholar. Similarly, His replies to an unlettered person were more illuminating than those to a scholar.
His warmth towards a poor man was greater than that towards a rich one.


1. Once Bhagavan Ramana was walking on the middle path of pradakshina of the Hill, with a few devotees.
After some distance,  He suddenly went into an inner path and walked fast.  The devotees did not understand Him.
They walked behind Him.  In the deep jungle, there was a poor coolie who was holding a mud pot with ganji
(rice gruel).  The coolie's eyes widened and he blurted out:  O Swami, you are here! Bhagavan Ramana smiled
and said:  Yes, I have come to take some ganji from you! The coolie handed over the pot and He took mouthfuls
of gangi and returned the remaining to him.

He looked at the other devotees and said:  You have brought nice snacks with you.  You take it for you.  I am
happy with this. This was the food given to me in the early years, and these were the people who were taking care
of me!  Then He hugged the coolie and took leave of him!

2. On another occasion, again a coolie was standing outside the Old Hall.  Bhagavan Ramana found him from
the shadow at the gate and QUICKLY WALKED TO HIM.  He had brought a pot of gangi again.  He took it happily
and asked him:  How are you?  How is your family?  Is the income from land labor enough for you these days?
He answered in the positive and then after holding hands together as namaskaram, he left in full satisfaction.   

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:

It was then suggested by others that some Ayurvedic treatment should be arranged.  There was no doctor of
outstanding merit in Ayurveda and it was also not proper to subject Bhagavan to the rigors of Ayurvedic
treatment.  Bhagavan lent a willing ear to everyone and said, 'Yes, Yes.' to every suggestion, with the result
that nobody knew what exactly in His mind.  The tumor was slowly growing in size and more and more blood
was oozing from it.  Dr. Ananathanarayana Rao and Dr. Shankar Rao began accompanying Bhagavan every
morning when He went to Gosala and they cleaned and freshly bandaged the tumor after exposure to sunlight
as it was said to be beneficial. On one such occasion, Bhagavan smilingly said, 'Look, How nice. This is Surya
Kanthamani.  It has become a bracelet for my arm. See how read it is. See how brilliantly it shines when the
sun's rays fall on it.'  When a devotee expressed his anguish at seeing so much blood oozing out, the Master
said, 'Yes. Yes. Let the blood leak out. The blood of somebody has been transfused into my body. Should not
all that go out?'

When someone who saw the tumor when it was being dressed said, 'What a terrible sight. Why does not
Bhagavan cure Himself?'  After listening patiently fora while, Bhagavan said, 'What a request! When all of you
say that I have a body with arms and that one of the arms has a tumor, I listen and then feel that I have got
what you say.  Otherwise, I do not feel anything. Just as you all have come here, the tumor has also come.
I do not see any difference. For whose sake should I desire to cure the tumor?'

In due course, after some debate, Bhagavan agreed for Ayurvedic treatment. The doctor was the native of a
small village nearby.  He was known as Vallivayan Thatha. (the grandfather called Vallivayan). He was a
pious man. He would treat people for disorders and dislocation of the bones with herbs and leaves. Earlier
in 1943, when Bhagavan had a fracture while coming down the steps in the Asramam. The Vallivayan
had treated Him and cured Him within three days.

When he saw Bhagavan's tumor, he said, 'Ayyo! Bhagavan. How frightful! This is cancerous in nature.
It should not have been touched.  Why did you allow to be operated upon?'  He began to weep loudly.
Bhagavan explained His unwillingness for operation and since nobody including some doctors agreed,
He had to consent. They had come to amputate the arm recently but since the devotees did agree, they
had gone away, said Bhagavan.

From that day the physician started applying his bandages. Bhagavan also suggested some leaves.
Vallivayan said, 'Bhagavan, any part in this treatment is only nominal. I can do but  little. If is for you
to have pity on us and cure yourself,'

On July 10th(1949), it was stated that the bleeding had decreased considerably and all felt very happy.
But four days later, when Bhagavan was returning from His stroll, He was shivering, perhaps with fever.
We were all worried and sat down at a distance.  Shantammal cried and said, 'Oh! Your body.'  Before
she could complete, Bhagavan interrupted, 'Oho, the body?  What about it?  What has happened? Is it shivering?
So what?  What you want is that there should be life in this body. Life is in it.  Are you satisfied?  This is
Nataraja's dance, Ayya! Why fear? Daily it is achala darsanam. Today, it is Tandava darsanam. Where is the
need to panic?'

After a few days, Bhagavan explained, 'Nothing particular. The body could not bear the pain as there had put
some irritating leaves. So there was shivering. Those leaves have also been taken away now. I think this type of
bandaging will be stopped from today.'  Vallivayan stopped those leaves, and the shivering stopped but there
was fever continuing. The doctors feared that the shivering and fever would continue unless penicillin injections
were given. Under those circumstances, Bhagavan was finding it difficult to use the eastern door way of the
New Hall. as usual, because of the slightly greater height of the door steps. However, He did not allow any
alterations to be made for the steps saying that these had been recently constructed, after great trouble and expenses.
It was suggested that He could use the Northern door way, but He did not agree, as it would cause disturbance
to the ladies sitting at that side.

The attendants had previously implored Bhagavan to stay in the small room constructed on the eastern side of
the New Hall, with its own bathroom next to it. Consequently, Bhagavan had consented to stay there in the
afternoon and sleep also there in that room.  He was sitting in the New Hall only during the hours of darsan.   

Because of the weakness, Bhagavan was also finding it difficult to negotiate the steps into the dining hall.
Doctors and devotees told Him that food would be brought and kept near sofa and requested Him to consent
to eat sitting in sofa. At first Bhagavan said, 'How can I eat alone leaving the devotees out? They all come here
for my sake.' When pressed, He said, 'If I give up going over to the hall now, remember that I will never again
step into it.'  Even so, devotees could not bear to see the great strain on the Master caused by His having meals
in the dining hall and so all agreed and arranged to for food to be taken to Him in the New Hall., He also started
eating the parched rice, in the Hall itself in the midst of all devotees. For one with such  feelings of equality,
would it be a happy thing to have to eat separately?


Arunachala Siva.             
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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:

On 23rd July, after Bhagavan had read a letter from a Madurai devotee, 'e said to me: 'Look!  This devotee
asks why there should be so many different medical treatments for Bhagavan. Would it not be better if one
of the devotees took over Bhagavan's ailment?'       

Overwhelmed with grief, I replied, 'Yes. That is correct. Instead of you suffering this pain all by yourself, why
don't you distribute it to all of us?  Whenever food items are brought, you distribute them. So, why not distribute
the illness likewise?  We do not have the ability to take it over ourselves and so Bhagavan Himself will have to pass
it on to us. I am asking you to give it to me. Why not give it?' As I said this, I burst into tears.  Bhagavan merely
looked at me with compassion nodding His head and remained quiet.

On the afternoon of July 25th, Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar, a highly qualified allopathic physician, came here
unexpectedly.  The doctor entered the hall and after prostrating before Bhagavan, said that he had heard from
some devotee in Madras about the tumor and so had to see it for himself. Bhagavan readily agreed, 'Why not?
You may see it.'  The Master added that courtesy required that the one put the bandage should untie it and
He sent word for Vallivayan Thatha. The Thatha untied the bandage of Bhagavan at the gosala and showed
the tumor to  Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar. The latter said that that a tumor of this sort should not have been touched
by the surgeon's knife but, since the operation had been done, it was now not the appropriate time to try out
herbal treatment and that the tumor should instead be daily cleaned and tied up with sterilized bandages. It
was therefore arranged that the doctors should start attending to it again. Dr.Guruswami Mudaliar also gave
some homeopathic medicines and went away saying that he would come back a week later when he would say
whether he could take up the responsibility of treating Bhagavan. It seems that he said that the wound might
not after all be cancerous in nature.

Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar had said that it would be beneficial if Suryanamaskaram could be performed.
Balarama Reddi offered to do it.  Bhagavan said,'Why not?  Do as you please. However, a pandit was
appointed and he began to do the Namaskarams from then on at the Vedapatasala. After Suryanamaskaram,
everyday, he would give the tirtham and Bhagavan would take it as a sacred medicine.  Some devotee said,
that those prayers were being done for a fee and it would be much better if someone did them with great
devotion and without payment.  It occurred to me to take up this for Bhagavan's case. I approached and asked
Bhagavan for permission. He said that the Surya namaskaram was being done already; however, realizing my
sincerity of purpose, said, 'That is all right. You may. It is good.  I merely mentioned that it is already being done.'
From the very next day, I started the practice.

Women and men also did circumambulation of the Hill once a week for the improvement in the health of
Bhagavan. The tumor was bleeding profusely that it had to be bandaged both morning and evening.  Some
people wept and said, 'We are afraid that Bhagavan  will soon no longer be in our midst.'  Laughing at
their words, Bhagavan said, 'Oh! What an idea! Where will Bhagavan go without being here? Where can
He go?'               
I thought that there is double meaning in Bhagavan's words. Bhagavan said, 'Where will Bhagavan go?
Where can He go?  But He did not say, where Bhagavan's body would go?

On July 31st, hearing that Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar would be coming with my brother in the afternoon, ten
doctors, including Dr. Srinivasa Rao and Dr. Raghavachari arrived at the Asramam in the morning. They all
wanted to place before Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar the results of all their investigations and have his final
opinion. When Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar came in the afternoon, they accordingly placed all the facts before
him and sought his views. Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar agreed with them that the tumor was cancerous in
nature, and discussed with them as to what was the best thing to do under the circumstances. At last it
was decided that an operation should be done with an electric machine so that the loss of blood could
be minimized. With Bhagavan's consent, they fixed Sunday, the 7th August, 1949, for the operation.  As it
was a holiday, all the doctorsz who had assembled said that they would come to the Asramam that day to
assist Dr, Raghavachari, the chief surgeon, Dr. Guruswami Mudaliar also agreed to come. 

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Bhagavan Ramana's kindness was proverbial.  His concern for the downtrodden and ignorant was phenomenal.
His kindness was directly proportional to the misery of the visitor.  Also, His welcoming smile to an infant was
warmer than that to a learned scholar.

There were several occasions when people exceeded their limits in their talk and 'discourses' with Bhagavan
Ramana. Such behavior was looked upon as a nuisance by those who came to Him for meditation or self inquiry
which was facilitated by His presence and some of them did feel the results straightaway.

There was one Sanksrit scholar who came and was talking about scriptures everyday, day in and day out.
Everyone got annoyed but Bhagavan simply was listening to him.  After a few days, the Pandit came to the Old
Hall and simply kept silent!  No talks, no Sanskrit scriptures, no lingual diarrohea!  Bhagavan Ramana
simply looked at the devotees and said:  Pandit has also become one like us! 

On another occasion, a Pandit was speaking in Sanskrit.  Again,torrents of speeches in the tongue of the gods
that even gods would begin to sulk. Jagadeeswara Sastri had to stand up and shout:  "O dhushta, (mischievous
fellow)  please stop all this nonsense!"  Pandit then kept quiet.

Why did aberrations occur?  By the touch of Bhagavan's Sakti, the mind of some visitors got churned and their
latent tendencies, vasanas, surfaced.  These were imbued with three gunas and showed themselves as irreverent

Arunachala Siva.