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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Akhilandamma Reminiscences:-

One day, during Bhagavan's years at Skandasramam, Kamakshi Ammal came to me and said, 'Bhagavan and
the devotees are going to the summit of the Hill tomorrow.  They have asked us to prepare food in the morning
and bring it to Skandasramam.'   

This was a joyful task for me. I got up very early the next morning, cooked the food and took it to Skandasramam.
Kamakshi Ammal and Echammal did the same.

Soon after our arrival Bhagavan started out from Skandasramam with His devotees. Ascending the Hill in the
company of Bhagavan gave me immense happiness.  On the way to the summit of Arunachala, roughly three
quarters of the way up, there is a place called Ezhu Sunai -Seven Springs, lying to the right of the path.
It was so named because of the seven springs that issue from the rock there. A little above the springs some
rocks have naturally formed themselves into the shape of a mantapam.  At the center of the mantapam there is
a big flat rock in such a position that it looks as if the seat has been deliberately put there. The rays of the sun
do not penetrate this place. Even at noon, a peasant cool breeze can be felt there. When Bhagavan arrived at
this place He informed us that the rest of us should go to the summit of the Hill and return.

Masthan Swami and Perumal Swami insisted on staying in that place with Bhagavan, but the rest of us went
to the summit, leaving all the prepared food behind us at Seven Springs.  On the way down, because I was
at the rear of the party and walking slowly, I lost my way.  While I was wondering how I could ever reach
Bhagavan. Bhagavan Himself sent out a search party that repeatedly called out my name very loudly.
Guided by the sound, I was able to find them.  I reached Seven Springs feeling very happy that Bhagavan
had bestowed so much grace and affection on me.

Arunachala Siva.



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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Akhilandamma Reminiscences:

When Bhagavan's mother finally came to understand that her son was the Supreme Lord Himself, she came to
Him and took refuge in Him.  After she came to live at Skandasramam, Bhagavan not only looked at her bodily
health, He also took the opportunity to raise her soul to a high spiritual level. Although Bhagavan came was bringing
about a spiritual ripening in all those who come into a contact Him, merely by bestowing His gracious look on them,
in His mother's case He accelerated this ripening process by being unusually strict with her.  On many occasions,
He used to correct both His brother and His mother  by chiding them with stern glances, by exhibiting indignation
or by ignoring them. His aim was to raise them to a more exalted spiritual plane.This happened many times but
I will only mention three of the incidents since they involved me.

One day I went to Skandasramam with fruit and milk.  After saluting Bhagavan I stood to one side.  Bhagavan
looked at His mother who was nearby and asked her to take some.   Bhagavan's mother was still reluctant at
this time to abandon her orthodox habits.  Consequently, she was unwilling to take even fruit and milk that had
been brought by a non brahmin.

Without giving a reason she replied to Bhagavan,'You yourself eat.'

Bhagavan, who understood His mother's mind, said to her, 'All right, it is better that you go back to your
house in Madurai.'

He then ate some of the fruit and milk and gave the remainder to Pazhaniswami.  After taking a little,
Pazhaniswami returned what remained to me, as Bhagavan's prasad. By correcting her in this way whenever
the opportunity arose, Bhagavan was causing the illusion of differentiation to be dispelled from His mother's

On another occasion when Bhagavan, His mother and a few other devotees were seated in the Asramam,
I was moving among them doing some work.  Though I was moving about very carefully, past Bhagavan's
mother's sari at one point. It had been hung out to dry in the area I had been working.  Bhagavan turned
playfully to His mother with an intention to mature her mind. 

'Look, look,'He said, 'Your sari that you hung up today has come into contact with Desuramma's body!  Orthodoxy
has gone! Go and soak it and take a bath.'

Bhagavan's mother, obviously embarrassed by this, merely mumbled,'No, no', and after that she kept quiet.


Arunachala Siva.                   


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Akhilandamma Reminiscences:-


There is another of my experiences that illustrates how strict Bhagavan was with His mother.I went to Skandasramam
one day to have His darshan.

When I had bowed to Bhagavan and stood up, Bhagavan's mother inquired of me, 'What have you brought?'

I replied that I had cooked and brought some green leaves.

'What kind of green leaves?' she asked.

I replied, 'Leaves that are found on the mountain.'

Bhagavan's mother then said to me, rather wistfully,'Only your people know where such leaves are available.
They are very tasty when they are cooked.'

From these words, I inferred that she liked this particular kind of green leaf. On the same day I went up the
Hill and plucked some more leaves of the same kind. I then brought them to Skandasramam and concealed
them under some plants that were growing just outside the Asramam. After hiding the leaves, I went up to   
Bhagavan's mother and told her in a low voice that I had picked some leaves and concealed them near the gate.
She was less discreet.

In a loud voice, she said to Ramanatha Brahmachari, 'Ramanatha, Desuramma has brought some leaves.
Take them and keep them.'

The instruction was heard by Bhagavan.

He looked at His mother and said sternly, 'It seems that you are in the habit of asking for various things
from those who come here.'

Feeling that my action has created the trouble for Bhagavan's mother, I intervened before she could give
a reply.

'No Bhagavan', I said, 'mother did not ask. I myself brought them.'

To this Bhagavan said laughingly, 'Mother also habitually asks.'

The implications of this seemingly trivial incident are very profound.  Anyone who tries to hide anything
from Bhagavan is only deceiving himself. It is foolish to derive satisfaction from hiding something from


Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Sri Suri Subbaraya Sastri and Buchirama Sastri who returned from the Asramam after having darshan
of Sri Bhagavan, had written to me that they had seen a living example of a Jnani, as stated in Kathopanishad:
'My attachment to the family (family of Sastras, that is, learning) has not got demolished.  I know that this
is my impediment. It is said that God has intense love for the Indian continent. That even animals attain
salvation through His grace. You must have heard this in Bhagavatam. You have received the shelter of
such a Sage. This is a great rejoicing for me.  You are a blessed soul. Think over deeply whatever He tells you.
I am hoping you will tell me the whole about Him and His teachings.'

When Sri Bhagavan saw this letter, He simply smiled.

(Suri Nagamma - My Life at Sri Ramanasramam.)

Arunachala Siva.             


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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I see this was posted in 2012, but I am fond of it so I will post it again.
I believe it was Annamalai Swami who saw this unfold.

A diseased dog was trying to enter the gates of Ramanashram daily for 3 days. Other dogs and some Ashram people kept driving it away. One night Bhagavan slowly walked out of the hall without disturbing anyone. The person attending him thought he was going to the bathroom and followed him at a distance. After a couple of minutes, when Bhagavan did not return, he went looking for him and heard Bhagavan?s voice saying, ?Is it enough, Are you satisfied??.

He found Bhagavan squatting next to the diseased dog. The dog was licking Bhagavan all over his body including his face while Bhagavan was talking to the dog with these words. After a few minutes, Bhagavan got up and slept on the cot without bothering to clean himself. Next morning, the Ashramites found the dog lying dead near the entrance. The dog was holding on to its life to have Bhagavan's Darshan.



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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Once, while Bhagavan was at Skandasramam, I went up the Hill with all the required food stuffs to serve a
bhiksha. I( could not see Bhagavan there so I asked Akhandanandar, who was also known as Appadurai
Swami, where He was.

He told me, 'Today is the day when Bhagavan has His shave. So please wait.'

He also told me that since it was full moon day, it was a very auspicious time to receive Upadesa
from great souls.

He added, 'When Bhagavan comes, please request Him to impart some Upadesa to you through His
gracious words.'

By inclination I am a person who has neither the desire nor the capacity to make such a request.
To see Bhagavan, to think of Him and to do service to Him - these alone were sufficient for my happiness.
Furthermore, as someone who had no education, I felt ill qualified to ask Him about anything. And
even if I did ask, I felt apprehensive about my ability to understand His words.  However, for some reason,
on that particular day, I felt like following the course, that Akhandanandar had suggested.

When the shaving was finished Bhagavan came and sat near us. He had not yet taken His bath.

While He was sitting there I approached Him, bowed and stood up and then said, 'Bhagavan, kindly
tell me something.'

Bhagavan stared at me and asked, 'About what am I to tell you?'

I was both puzzled and nonplussed.  A mixture of fear and devotion along with an eagerness to hear
Bhagavan's gracious words welled up within me, rendering me incapable of speech. I just stood there

Bhagavan understood my predicament. No one can hide anything from Him. He can understand the state
of mind of anyone who approaches Him, merely by looking at him.

On this occasion, He looked at me graciously and said, 'Be without leaving your Self.' - Unnai nee vidamal iru.

I could not comprehend the meaning of this high level Upadesa and had no idea how to practice it, but as
soon as the words came from Bhagavan's mouth, I felt an immense satisfaction and a wonderful effulgence
in my mind. These gracious words welled up in my mind again and again like the rising of the tides. The
feeling they produced gave me an indescribable happiness. I stood there delighting myself in the feelings
produced by this one phrase.  Even today, the sound of that Upadesa rings in my ears and bestows immense
peace on me. How is it possible to describe Bhagavan's grace?

After imparting this instruction Bhagavan continued to sit there for a very long time.  I also continued to
stand before Him. There appears to be a great significance in this.

(Akhilandamma Reminiscences.)

Arunachala Siva.                               


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Sri Lakshmana Sarma felt that the Sad Darsanam of Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni was not the clear-cut
description of Bhagavan Ramana's teachings.  So, he went on altering the Sanskrit verses of Kavyakanta
one by one, some of them, he rewrote entirely. Bhagavan Ramana did not appreciate it nor did He object to it.
This went on for quite some time, I think years.  Finally, after Bhagavan's perusal, it was decided to have them

Chinnaswamy was not eager to publish them.  Bhagavan Ramana Himself went to the office one day, and told Chinnaswamy to do something about it.  Then it was agreed upon.  Meanwhile, Lakshmana Sarma got them
printed outside and the books were ready.  In order not to embarass Bhagavan Ramana, Chinnaswamy
got the copies hurriedly from the publisher and pasted "Sri Ramanasramam," on the first page,  and permitted
the sales.

Now Bhagavan Ramana, what did He say, about the whole thing?

"Writing and Rewriting Sad Darsanam, (ULLadu Narpadu) was itself a Sadhana for Lakshmana Sarma.
Let it be a Sadhana.  Otherwise, his mind might have been thinking something else. 

Muruganar wrote 30,000 poems.  Bhagavan Ramana must have told the same thing about this too.  Instead
of having some other thoughts, it is better to have Ramana thoughts, which I trust, is a good Sadhana,
particularly for fellows who cannot control the mind.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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This post can also be under Bhagavan Ramana - Teachings:-

"What is meant by Pradakshina?"  Sri Sankara has written:

"Real Pradakshina is the meditation that thousands of universes are revolving around the Great Lord, the
non moving center of all forms."

"The same bhava was expressed in Tamizh by the author of Ribhu Gita, Sri Ulaganatha Swami, in greater
detail."  So saying Bhagavan Ramana got that book,read it and told us the following:

"Oh Lord!  I went all round the world to do Pradakshina to you but you are in fullness everywhere.  How then
could I complete a round?  I shall worship you as 'kutastha akhila rupa' - immovable entire form of the worlds.
That is the only Pradakshina to you. Namaskaram also means the same thing.  The merging of the mind
in the Self is namaskaram and not the mere act of prostrating whenever you get up or sit down or whenever
you go that side or come this side."....  Though there are no pains and pleasures for a Jnani, for the sake of
others, He does everything.  He is like those who beat their chests, and weep loudly, if ordered to, for an agreed
wage, in a house where there is a dead body ready for cremation. That is all.  He is not affected by it."

 - From Suri Nagamma's Letters from Sri Ramanasramam,  entry dated 15.4.1946. Sri Ramanasramam,

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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For a Brahma Jnani, who is One without a second, where is some one else to place the foot on his head?

In fact, Padamalai of Muruganar is not well known to many, until David Godman translated most of the verses,
in his book.  Sri Ramana Kendra, Delhi (headed by Prof. Swaminathan those days) published the entire Sri
Ramana Jnana Bodham, 9 volumes in Tamizh, about 3000 pages in all,  in subsidized edition through the grant of
Government of India.  Each volume was priced at Rs 10/= an unbelievably low price.  There is no second edition.
I picked up 6 of 9 volumes AT THE SAME PRICE OF Rs. 10/- from Sri Ramanasramam, sometime in 2009.
The Tamizh is somewhat tough to understand.  It contains the original Sri Ramana Anubhuti, Sri Ramana Anubhuti
Venba and Padamalai.(The first two have since come out as separate books.) It also contains Sri Ramana Alankaram.
Some of these books were written during late 1940s before Bhagavan's Maha Nirvana. Sri Ramana Anubhuti
(later called Guru Ramana Prasadam, by Robert Butler), Sri Ramana Anubhuti Venba (yet to be translated into
English) and Padamalai (translated into English by David Godman) have come out as separate books.

Salutations to You, whose feet are the primordial flowers!
Salutations to You, whose feet are tender creepers to merge with!
Salutations to You, whose feet are the riches for the devotees!
Salutations to You, whose feet are the ultimate goal for all!
Salutations to You, whose feet are yet to be fathomed by Vishnu and Brahma.
Salutations to You, whose glory we shall sing in this Margazhi (Dhanur) month!

                    - Tiruvembavai, Manikkavachagar, Verse 20.

I bow to that curved foot which is the goal for us.
          - About Nataraja, in Kunchitangristavam, AruL Nandi Sivam.

Arunachala Siva.   
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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Once Sri Bhagavan presented Sampuranamma, with a copy of Ribhu Gita and asked her to study the book.
When she wanted to be excused on the ground that that she did not understand a word of it, Sri Bhagavan
insisted and asked her to read it all the same.  "It does not matter that you do not understand," He said
"Still it will be of benefit to you."

Thus Sampuranamma's life which had the full potential of becoming one of sorrow and grief due to early
widowhood and childlessness, was transformed in to an active and spiritual way of life.

  -  Mountain Path, June 1993.   (Page 103)

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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I used to worship Sri Bhagavan, by breaking coconut, lighting camphor and performing arti before Him.
In the old days on the Hill, Sri Bhagavan had graciously allowed me to worship like this.

Once Sri Bhagavan and the devotees started to do giri pradakshina. I, Echammal and Kamakshi Ammal
followed the crowd and we had planned to worship of Bhagavan by breaking coconuts etc., while He was
walking around the Hill.  This was not of course, liked by Chinnaswami.  Outside the Gautama Ashram,
I broke the coconut, lighted the camphor and bowed to Him.  Sri Bhagavan tolerated our behavior because
He knew it meant a lot of us to be able to worship Him in this way.

During one of the deepam festivals, I went to Skandasramam with a coconut and camphor to have darshan
of Sri Bhagavan. At that time, Dhandapani Swami tried to prevent me from doing this.  When Bhagavan saw
me, He asked me when I had come etc., I performed my usual puja to Bhagavan, thanking all the while
of Sri Bhagavan's grace.

Once I went into the presence of Bhagavan with two coconuts, determined in my mind, to offer one to
Sri Bhagavan and the other at the Mother's Samadhi. Bhagavan, of course, knew what my intentions were.

He said, 'I am the idol that eats.  In the temple there is an idol that does not eat.  Break the coconut before
God who does not eat.'

On another occasion, I wanted to do the coconut breaking, and lighting of camphor, when Sri Bhagavan
was doing giri pradakshina. Bhagavan for the first time, said, 'All this happened on account of Akhilandamma.'

I realized, 'Bhagavan is the one who bestows grace without being asked. Does He shower His grace, merely
in exchange for our puja offerings?  No! Is not grace His natural state?'

(Akhilandamma Reminiscences)

Arunachala Siva.                 


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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This is both Sri Bhagavan's story and His teachings:-

Again Bhagavan Ramana answers about self inquiry and the practice therefore in Upadesa Manjari,
as told to Natananda.  In Chapter II - on Abhyasa, He says like this: Natananda:  Is the state of 'being still'
a state involving effort or effortless?

Bhagavan:  It is not an effortless state of indolence.  All mundane activities which are ordinarily called
efforts, are performed with the aid of a portion of the mind and with frequent breaks.  But the act
of communion with the Self (Atma Vyavahara) or remaining still inwardly is an intense activity which is
performed with the entire mind and without break.

Maya (delusion or ignorance) which cannot be destroyed by any other act,is completely destroyed by this
intense activity which is called Silence (Mauna).

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Sri Bhagavan and enjoyment of material riches:-

The standard example of a Jnani also enjoying material riches (Ikaloka sukha) is Janaka.  Sri Ramakrishna
used to say that Janaka drinks milk from two cups!  A Jnani does not care for ikaloka sukha but it sometimes
comes out of its own accord by divine will.  Such pleasures which came in his way, without asking,
does not in any way belittle his state of Atma Jnana.

Once a devotee who had seen Bhagavan Ramana in Virupakshi Cave eating only cold rice and lying on a
stone-bench came to see Him again after 20 years.  Now he saw Bhagavan Ramana sitting on a sofa with
pillows and eating hot food served at stroke of the bell, with incense throwing up nice fragrance around
His sofa all the time.  Somehow, these 'scenes' did not satisfy the devotee.

He came to Bhagavan and said:  "Swami, You have been spoiled!" Bhagavan Ramana readily answered:
"Yes, Yes, "I" have been spoiled!"    The devotee was satisfied and he left the place.

Others in the Old Hall, were murmuring as to why Bhagavan should say this.  Bhagavan Ramana knew their
minds and said:

"What wrong did I do?  In Virupaksha Cave as well as in Asramam now, "I' has been spoiled (beyond redemption).
And that is all I meant."  All the devotees laughed.

Bhagavan Ramana has said to Annamalai Swami:  The good benefits that are accruing to you without your
desire-ship or doer-ship, you can enjoy since they do not create any further 'agami' sin for you.
This "bhoga vasana" does not create any "karma vasana." Sri Bhagavan asking for one more piece of halwa
or some delicacy made by Sitalakshmi Amma is also another example of this.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Akhilandamma Reminiscences:-

Once, after the dining hall had been built, I brought bhiksha to the Asramam on the Guru Puja day of
Jnana Sambandhar.  Bhagavan looked at me and said, 'Why all this trouble for you?  If you donate
some provisions, the Asramites can cook them and serve them.'

From that time on, unable to disobey the gracious order of Bhagavan, I gave the Asramam whatever food
provisions I could in order to continue my service. I still managed to do some cooking for Bhagavan and
the devotees because from that time on I was permitted to assist with the preparation of Asramam breakfast.
Since Bhagavan did not say anything about this, whenever I go to the Asramam I still have the good fortune
of preparing the morning breakfast.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Our Bhagavan-Stories
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Suri Nagamma Reminiscences:-

In 1946, the proprietor of Wellington Cinema in Madras and a great devotee of Bhagavan, Mr.Framji, brought
three cine films for exhibition at the Asramam.  It was arranged to show the films in the dining hall, over a
period of three days after dinner.  Since I do not view the films, I declined to view the films and also write about
the films showing in the Asramam in my Letters.

When some told me 'When Bhagavan Himself is witnessing the pictures, what objection could you have to see
the films and also write about the incident in your Letters?' I answered emphatically,'Bhagavan is a great sage,
who sees everything as Brahman. His look is like the eternal flow of the Ganga water. Whatever falls in that
great flow gets washed away.  This is not the case of a Sadhaka like me.'

That evening, Rajagopala Iyer, came to my house and told me, that Bhagavan was also saying that it would
be good if something was written about the exhibition of films. Since it was an order, I was perturbed as to
what to do.  So I went to the Asramam and asked Bhagavan whether I should write about films exhibition,
since I was not seeing them and I do not want to write about them. Sri Bhagavan said, 'If that is so, leave them
out.'  I continued saying, that it seemed Bhagavan told that the matter was also added in my letters.'

'How funny!' said Bhagavan and added, 'They said that it would be nice if it is added and I merely said, 'If
you think so, tell her.'  I felt greatly relieved.

Subsequently, the Wellington Cinema brought several more films for continuous showing for fifteen days.
Even Chinnaswami could not do anything.  But soon the rowdy elements of the town began pelting stones
at the Asramam since they had not been permitted to come in and see films. The films exhibition was stopped.
In this connection, Muruganar also told,  'Will it not be a matter of ridicule if cine films are exhibited in a Rishi's

Arunachala Siva.