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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Meditating on Sunya:

There is nothing wrong in meditating on the Space, the Akasa, which is also of the 5 elements.
But meditating on the Space is difficult.  When a child sees a large empty hall, to which his father
has shifted, he will immediately look for certain of his dolls to be placed in such and such a place
etc., If you see an empty sky on a new moon day, you will try to track stars if any.  Meditating
on empty Space, Sunya, as Buddhists call, might be difficult.  But if one could could do that it
is okay.

Fixing a holy place or a holy name for your meditation is not an attachment.  Perhaps this is One
attachment, which will also go off in due course.  Bhagavan Ramana says it is like a mud on your feet.
When the mud dries up, it falls away on its own!

But seekers definitely need an one point attention to begin with. One reason why Teravadis in
Buddhism went for praying to the idle of Buddha, is the same case.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Again, please do not think only the so called 'holy places' are holy.  It could be even non spiritual place. 
For Mother Teresa,and later to Sister Nirmala,  their foundation Nirmal Hridaya in Kolkata is the holiest
place in the world.  When Mother Teresa came back from Vatican after getting the acclaim of Sainthood,
she said that Nirmal Hridaya is the holiest place for her and not Vatican.  For Sikhs their book Granth
Sahib is the greatest and not the Gurdwara per se.  The place could be anything.  Kanchi
Chandrasekara Saraswati, on his birthday , slept almost all nights in the cowshed in Kanchi Math.
He did not sleep in the Math premises or before the deity of Kamakshi-Chandramouliswara
inside the Math.  He slept there whenever he used to stay inside the Math without tour.  You and I
cannot sleep even one night in such a place.  An army of mosquitoes due to cowdung and cow-urine,
mud floor, smell of hay and cowdung.  For him, that place was holier than anything else.

Place need not be a Siva or Vishnu temple.  It need not be even Arunachala Hill.  It need not be
Gangetic bank in Kasi. It can be as you consider it holy.  You make the place holy and not the place
as such.  Since I have experienced that sublime holiness in Arunachala, I consider that Hill and town
as the holiest, holier than Kasi and Kailash.

There is a Tamil poem:

Neerellam Ganga
Nilamellam Kasi
Oorellam Thillai
Malaiyellam Annamalai.

All waters are Ganga
All earth is Kasi
All places are Thillai, Chidambaram
All hills are Arunachala.

You only make it holy.     

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Meiporul Nayanar:

Karthigai Uthara Star Day.

Chethi Nadu was one of the ancient kingdoms with the town thirukkovalur - where Lord Siva
destroyed the demon Andhakasuran, the form of ignorance - as it's capital. That kingdom made
its fame indelible in the history when the king MeiporuL Nayanar, whose life was an example of
tolerance and doing good even to enemy, ruled it.

He had his heart engaged in hailing Hara and hands in helping His devotees. He served them as
the way they required, ruled the country with law and justice bringing peace to the country and
devotion bringing peace to the minds of the people. His valor allowed no enemy to raise against the
kingdom. He considered the wealth of loving the luminant feet of Lord Siva to be the greatest of all.
The graceful form of the devotees made him do anything for them.

Mutha Nathan was the king who made all futile efforts to win Meipporular in the battle-field. He
finally realized that fox can't beat the elephant in the fight. As the sin of taking revenge went high
in his mind, he started enjoying the rotton smell of crooked ways. He knew that the Meiporular
salutes and serves the devotees smeared with holy ash and other great symbols of Lord Sankara.
That spineless coward called Muthanathan wanted to exploit this superior quality of that devotee
e covered his body with the holy form of devotees smearing ash, with matted hair, covered a knife in a book he held in hand, as the darkness coming in the shadow of light. He arrived in the dark night in the palace of Meiporular with his mind darker than the one outside. Thinking him as a devotee of the Lord, the guards at many doors on the way permitted him with salutations. When he arrived at the room where the king was sleeping with dreams too of serving the devotees, the personal guard of the king by name Thaththan told him that the king is taking rest and requested him to wait. But Mutha Nathan went ahead saying that he was coming from Himalayam to meet the king. Thaththan couldn't stop him as he was in the form of devotee.
The queen who saw him immediately woke up the king. The king pleased instead of getting angry for
being disturbed at his private place, bowed down as soon as he saw the form of a devotee. Mutha
Nathan told him "I have got a rare Agama given by your God. I came to explain you that. So ask your
wife to leave and we should be alone".  The king with untainted heart asked his wife to leave, gave him
a nice seat, sat over the ground and bowed down, to raise up in our hearts. The crooked enemy like
opening the book, took the knife and pierced the body of the king and pierced himself into the gloom
stricken Hell. Who won ? Even if he lost his life, it was Meipporular who had a firm belief that the holy
form of devotees is the Truth and winning his place under the Graceful feet of God and won the hearts
of the devotees inspiring them.

Thaththan who doubted Mutha Nathan from the beginning leaped immediately into the room and
raised his sword to kill the crooked. But Meiporular stopped him saying "Thaththa! He is one among
us". Thaththan cried and asked him to order his duty. Meipporular asked him to guard the devotee
of the Lord from others till he crosses the frontier. Unable to go against the word of his loving king
Thaththan guarded the wicked to the frontier. Meipporular held his breath till Thaththan came back saying that Muththa Nathan crossed the frontier without any trouble. He praised Thaththan for his action
and advised his court-men to uphold the good deed of loving the devotees and respecting the holy
symbols of the Lord. The truthfulness of his love for the form of devotees led him to the Truth that
dances in the great golden hall of Thillai.  Let the greatness of Meipporular who guarded even the enemy
who took his life in a crooked way, just because he was in the holy form of devotees, stay in the mind.

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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David Godman, in one of his talks with some Westerner has said that it is quite rare to witness
a person like Bhagavan Ramana who is both enlightened and saintly. 

I also agree with him.  There are only two in my view where both saintliness and enlightenment
were together.  One is Bhagavan Ramana and the other is Chandrasekhara Saraswati
of Kanchi Math.  Both were extraordinary.

There are many people who were enlightened but not saintly, at least, in outward behavior.
Seshadri Swamigal and earlier Kaduveli Siddhar [about whom I wrote] were
such types.

There are many who are saintly in their disposition but not self-enlightened.  There are numerous
examples which I do not want to quote here.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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During Bhagavan Ramana's time, when they renovating Arunachaleswara Temple, they found a
stone slab near the Siva Linga, and on removing it, they found a dark tunnel.  They immediately
rushed to Bhagavan and asked Him what to do. Bhagavan Ramana said: "Do not try to investigate
the tunnel. Please close the stone slab, as it was before."  Arunachala Puranam says that yogis,
siddhas and jnanis who are living in the Hill as forms of bright lights, come through the tunnel,
in their subtle bodies and pray to Arunachaleswara at night. Arachelogists have in fact found that
the Hill is as old as the earth itself, geologically, say about 3 billion years old and is older than Himalayas.
But if they try to dig it and find something, they would find nothing, since the treasures may not be
visible to their biological eyes.  Recently, some company took lease of the far-western portion
of the Hill, and wanted to dig and take ferro-aluminum alloy ore.  People in the villages nearby protested
and the project was abandoned under a High Court Order. It is like Mackenna's Gold.  Gold is there
in the Appachian Mountains, but if any one tries to take it, they will not return alive.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Nikeshepam or Treasure in the treasure of a Jnani, his
Brama Jnana.  This has to be transmitted to the disciple,
who has got faith and conviction in him.  Without this
transmission of Guru, one cannot have atmajnana by one's
own efforts unless he passes through several births, vide
the starting verses of Viveka Choodamani.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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One needs outside help, till we understand and arrive at that state of non-dualism.
It starts from the womb.  Suppose mother denies that the food she eats should not go to the
child in the womb and the child should take care of its problem, can the child survive?
Can you cure your stomach pain or cataract in the eye by meditating within?  Don't you need a
doctor outside?  This outside help from God or Guru is called Grace. With people
in the world it is called love or compassion.

There is a story about Ribhu Gita, Tamizh translation, by Ulaganatha Swamigal, [Bhikshu Sastrigal].
He completed Ribhu Gita, with no invocation song on God, no mention about God throughout the book!  Nataraja wanted to teach him a lesson.  As soon as he completed the book, he became blind.
He suffered for a while.  Then slowly he started praying to Nataraja of Chidambaram. Nataraja
appeared in his dream, and told him:  Have you become that great to write a book
without seeking Vinayaka's help and my grace?  Include an invocation song and also as a
punishment, you add a song on me, at the end of each chapter of Ribhu Gita.  Ulaganatha Swamigal
dictated these songs and asked his disciple to write them out at the end of each chapter and
then submitted the entire work to Siva Nataraja of Chidambaram and prayed.  He got back his eye sight!
This is mentioned graphically in Sri Ramansramam's book and also in the wonderful English verse
translation by Dr. H. Ramamoorthy and Nome by Society for Abidance in Truth, SAT, California. 

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Anaya Nayanar:

Karthigai - Hastha Star Day:

Anaya Nayanar is a great inspiring example for a person leading a very simple life reaching the
highest state of yoga - getting the liberation and unification with the Almighty - just by the whole
hearted-love for God. He is a devotee who worshipped the Lord with the music. He was born in the
town Mangalam in the kingdom Menmazha Nadu . That land of forests which had the blended fragrance of jasmine, lily and many other flowers that attracted the crowds of bees, had the blessings of spreading
the fragrance of Anayar's love for Lord Siva, his music of His praise and his seeing of God in his own surroundings.

He was taking care of the cows of the village. Great are the cows that give five holy substances
that are used to anoint the Lord! Great are the cows that are the embodiment of all the Dhevas!
It is these cows that give the holy ash, the wealth of the devotees of the Lord. Anayar served only
the God who dances with the ghosts by his words, body, mind and action. He took the cows everyday
to the lawns outside the town. Like the God who gets satisfied with offer of any leaf or flower and
gives coveted boons, the cows grazed well and produced a lot of milk under his supervision. He
protected them from falling sick or falling prey to wild animals.

His love flowed from his heart, to his blessed lips as a jet of modulated air to flow through the flute
in his hand, spread over the entire forest and anoint the Lord. He selected a bamboo which had
all the superior qualities that are said in the scriptures and made a flute as per the rules (song: 13
Anaya NayanAr Puranam in Periya PurANam talks about the way flute is made). He played the holy
 five letters of the Lord in the flute with the tune of seven swarams .

On a blessed day, with his head ornated with flowers of fragrance, forehead full of holy ash that
frightens the death, the ash smeared body beautified by a garland, with the flute and the staff took
the cows for grazing. It was the season of arrival of monsoon greeted by the dance of the peacock,
the song of the creepers swaying in the breeze. He reached the beautiful garden of Konrai flowers.
The sight of the very Konrai flower reminded him of the merciful Lord who wears that flower.
He could see only Siva there. Wherever he saw all the flowers appeared as the form of the Almighty.
His mind could do nothing but meditating at that appearance. His thinking could do nothing but
surfacing the His great love for God. He could do nothing but showing his inexplainable feelings
through his flute. His feelings could do nothing but making the sound of the holy five letter in his flute.
(Songs 24 - 28 in Periya Puranam show beautifully the technique of playing flute)

It was the sound of bees singing; sound of slow wind in the bamboo forest; pleasant sound of dawn.
Like the bees which hallucinate at drinking the honey in the best of flowers, the cow herd stopped
chewing while grazing; the calves that had their mouth at the lap of the cows, stopped drinking milk;
the dancing peacocks unconciously appear there; the bulls and wild animals bow down with bliss.
Snakes fall unconcious on peacocks; Lions and elephants walk together; Deers dare to come with tigers.
Wind doesn't blow fast; rivers and springs flow calm; clouds don't roar. That blissful music filled the
heart of Devas and overflew.

The music that won't be felt by the sinners was heard by the snake ring ornated ears of the Lord. That form of grace which recited the melody of Samavedha , came along with the mother of the universe without any sound of the crowds of Devas and Rishis to interfere with the music. That Almighty which loves the songs
of the devotees told the devotee Anayar, "Stay with me in the same state". Through the flower flow that
Devas showered on him, Anayar reached the place where the Lord dances in bliss. Let the dedication of Anayar's music to Lord and the love which made him see the omnipresent God in the world and stay
with Him in bliss forever stay in the mind.

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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The Hill within me is not leaving me today without writing to you.  Now take holy names.
There are innumerable names for Siva and Vishnu and Devi in Hindu pantheon.  Each
god has got 1008 great names for him or her.  What is the holiest?  It depends on your faith.
For Saivites and Advaitis they prefer Om Nama Sivaya, which is Sthula Panchakshara,
which has to be told to you by a guru.  Vaishnavites have got Om Namo Narayanaya.  You can choose anything that appeals to you.  A simple name does not need any initiation. Bhagavan Ramana has said: 
Even if you say your own name or I,I, I, it will take you to quelling of the mind.  He said Siva Siva
to Annamalai Swami and Muruganar and to a Harijan who came to Him and asked Him to say something
to do!  He told His devotees not to change to any other name from what is already appealing to one or
initiated by a guru.  When someone said 'Can I shift from Rama, Rama to Ramana Ramana,' He asked:
"Why? Are Rama and Ramana different?"

Arunachala Siva.     


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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The whole world is either Maya or Divine.  It is Maya till you arrive and it is all Divine, once you have
arrived. Each place is holy but some are holier than the rest.  Take for example, God appears before
you and say that you have to sacrifice one component of the body.  Now I shall take both your eyes?
Would you agree?  You will say instead, "You told me to sacrifice only one component.  I shall
sacrifice my whole hair or whole of my teeth." At best, you will agree to sacrifice your two legs but
definitely not the eyes.  The whole body is important, but the eyes are the more important of them.

There is a story in the Bible, which is told in a different context.  A shepherd was herding 100 sheep,
one was lost in the jungle.  He was more worried about the lost sheep [Bible says it is lost lamb, any way], than the remaining 99 sheep.  Now tell me, is the lost sheep more important than the remaining 99 or

For me Tiruvannamalai is the holiest.  I do not in fact, like to visit any other place.  For some other
it could be Sri Rangam.  For some more, it could be Velankanni, or Tirupati.  For my son, he says he
would like visit only Angkor Vat, in Cambodia again and again.  Why one is holier or more important
for some one and not for some one else?

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« Reply #1675 on: December 09, 2015, 06:58:36 AM »

God always likes a person who is devoted to His devotees.  Many saints in Periya Puranam,
[e.g. Appoothi Adigal] prayed only to Siva's devotees, like Tiru Navukkarasar. Yazhapanar,
a low caste violinist prayed only to Tiru Jnana Sambandhar and played his violin only for his songs.
Bhagavan Ramana says in Verse 104 of Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai:

Let me be a devotee of the devotees of the devotees,
who listen to Your name with love!
Please bless so, O Arunachala!

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« Reply #1676 on: December 10, 2015, 06:51:40 AM »

In sleep, god as a matter of grace, allows the prana, breath to continue, whereas the mind is
temporarily under suspended animation.  [ The prana goes in and comes out, so that others
would not think that you are dead, this is god's grace].
-- Who am I?

In dream, mind shows some mischief.

In wakeful state, it is the mind which calls all the shots.

In all three states, Soul or the Self or Brahman is ever present.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
« Reply #1677 on: December 12, 2015, 08:08:43 AM »

In any Sadhana, concentration is the essence of success. If it is Puja, concentrate on the Puja,
on the idol to whom you do Puja, concentrate on every flower that you offer, concentrate on
the mantra you chant.  Live in total concentration, till you offer Arti, place it on your eyes and complete
the Puja.

If it is mantra japa, do not count the mantras.  If you do so, your mind will go only into the counting mathematics. Do it without counting, as far as practicable.

If it is meditation, instead of mediating on Pure Space, try to meditate on a symbol, say Bhagavan
Ramana's face or feet.  Chant mantra within your lips and if any thought drags you out, you mentally
imagine, that you are placing a flower on His feet and come back to the meditating mode.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Moorga Nayanar - Liberation Day - 12.12.2005.

Kartigai -Moolam.

The Pallava kingdom was famous for the scholars. Its Capital Kanchi  was very famous for its institutions
which attracted students from throughout India . In that kingdom on the north bank of the river Pali is
the town Thiruverkadu situated. In that town which is sung in the Thevaram born the Moorga Nayanar.
He came in an agricultural family which found its heart and service in the feet of the Divine with three

In his childhood, In his youth, from the day he could think he had the firm faith on the Father of this
universe and limitless love for His devotees. The love generally manifests as service. He had the principle
of having his food only after giving feast to the devotees who depend only on the Oldest Young God.
In the rice that is brighter than the stars, the ghee will flow like the glacier over the mountains.
The best vegetables of the town will get added taste when Nayanar serves them with care to the
devotees. Whatever be the need of the devotees that will be fulfilled once it is noted by the Nayanar.

His courtious service with wholehearted love brought a lot of devotees to his house. He continued to offer flawless service to them and spent his entire wealth in that. He was not left with a piece of property.
A person renounces the principles he has been following when he is pushed to a situation of continuing troubles. It is the quality of great persons to stand for their discipline and principle and stands in the
history as beacons to save the ships that requires direction. Moorka Nayanar was not worried about
loosing the property. For him the property achieved its goal, serving the servants of Siva. But he
was very much bothered about the lack of resources for the continuation of his holy job of hosting the devotees. He could not find any other alternative to earn in that town.

He had learnt the techniques of gambling long time before that. In the absence of any other alternative
he decided that it is better than not serving the devotees. He started travelling to many towns,
anointed the Lord Sankara in those towns with the scented water of his heart-full love. He stood by his
service using the money he got from gambling. He saluted the Lord in Thiruvarur on his way to Tirukudandhai (KumbakoNam) . He considered his victories in the casino of Tirukkudandhai as the blessings of the Lord
and used that money for providing feast to the devotees. He used to loose the first game to encourage
the opponent and would win the games that follow and get more money. He was quite strict in following
the rules of the game. He won't cheat but if somebody cheats and refuses to pay then he will stab him
with a knife. So he was called Narchudhar Murkar (principled gambler fierce person).

The service for devotees continued with the money from gambling. He won't touch the material till
the devotees eat to their satisfaction. He will eat in the last round after all the devotees had their
food. This happened then on throughout his life in this world like the relentless tides of the sea. The artist
for whose dance the Devas, Ganas sing and play, that Lord greeted him in His abode. Let the strong stand
of the Moorka Nayayanar on his service even in the troubled circumstances stay in the mind.

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Chirappuli Nayanar: 13.12.2005

Today is the liberation day of Chirappuli Nayanar.

The star of liberation day - Kartigai, Poraadam.

The river Kavri was making the Chozha kingdom prosper to the extent of saying "Chozha kingdom provides
food for other kingdoms". Thiruvakkur was a town in that kingdom which is praised by the prodigy
Thiru Nayana champanandar in his Tevaram:"If anybody in the world out of poverty asks for something,
without saying no the generous people of Thiruvakkur readily help them."

The roaring sound of the thunder will be less audible in the town, because of the sound of reciting
Vedhas . The melody of the singing of the honey-bees will go to the background, as the rich tunes in
which the devotees are praising the Lord whose body can not be classified as male or female or neuter
come to the foreground. The scented smokes emerging out of akil and similar substances that are used
in the houses will disappear in the smoke from the fire of rite performed for the peace of the worlds.
The clouds in the sky will appear to be formed out of the smoke of benzoin used in the temples
of the God.

In that beautiful and blessed thiruvakkUr, Chirappuli Nayanar came in the family that does the service
of reciting the holy Vedhas as the job of their life. He had the principle of giving things without hesitation
to the devotees of the immortal Lord who ate the poison and gave the nector to the Devas without hesitation. When the lovers of the Lord arrive at his place, he will prostrate at their feet and welcome them. With the face like a blossomed lotus, he will talk in the sweet voice nice words. Then he will provide nice seat for them to sit and relax. They will be given a nice feast in which the major item is love. He will give them whatever they wish. In total he was like the rain that pours to all without deception. The crops of his love flourished in the rain of his generosity.

Recites the holy five letters of the Lord always; Prays the Lord through the fire of rite all the three times;
Helps in making the temples of the Transcedent Lord for timely prayers; Above all never forgets the
forgiving feet of the holy Father; He doesn't need to remember Lord Siva, because only when you forget something you need to remember. He shows the peaks of his love to the people who have love for the Lord who abide in the peak of Kaias . The bliss he enjoyed out of the service to the Lord and His devotees continued forever as it became the bliss of abiding under the holy feet of the Almighty That has the un-perishable wealth. Let the un-interruptable service of the Chirappuli NayanAr stay in the mind.

Additional Note:
It is said that in the feeding service of devbotees he had as motto, God Himself came as the thousandth devotee to accept the offering and complete the thaosand. thiruvakkur temple has the abode of this form as Ayiraththil oruvar.

Arunachala Siva.
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