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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Today is the liberation day of H.C. Khanna, an ardent devotee of Sri Bhagavan from Kanpur.  He to Bhagavan much
later after living a householder's life.  He stayed in the Asramam and attained Sri Bhagavan's padam in later years.
His Samadhi is in Koranthu Thottam, along with those of Chadwick, Cohen, and Lucy Ma.

H.C. Khanna's son, his son and daughter, and the grand children, come to the Asramam every year on this day to
respect to their father, and grandfather.  I met them during one of my visits to the Asramam.   

The conversations of H.C. Khanna and Mrs. Khanna are in Day by Day, entries dated 1.6.9146, 26.6.1946 and

Arunnachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Cheraman Perumal Nayanar - Guru Puja - Aadi Swathi star day.

Today is the Guru Puja day for Cheraman Perumal Nayanar, who merged with the Lord. This is celebrated in
all Saiva Maths today. 

Cheraman Perumal Nayanar, is the prince of Chera Kingdom (today's Kerala), where he was doing puja to
Siva in Tiruvinchaik Kalam. He did puja daily there, without any worldly interest.  Soon, his father died
and it was left to Cheraman Perumal Nayanar to ascend the throne. Unwilling to leave Siva Puja in Tiruvichaik
Kalam, with ministers' persuasion, he became the King of Chera Kingdom.

He was ruling for some time and one day he heard about Sundaramurthi Nayanar of Tiruvarur. He came to
Tamizh land, where he first visited Chidambaram and Nagaip Pattinam. He then came to Tiruvarur and met
Sundaramurthi Nayanar. Both developed a great friendship, spending there time in Siva puja and talking about
Siva's glory.  They undertook journey to various Siva temples and prayed there. Cheraman invited Sundaramurthy
and brought him to Chera Kingdom.  Both went to the former's palace and Cheraman did pada puja to Sundarmurhi,
which the latter reluctantly accepted. Both then went to Tiruvinchaik Kalam and prayed to Siva. Cheraman
gave a lot of gold and elephant tusks as gift when Sundaramurthi parted.

After some years, Cheraman heard that Sundaramurthi was leaving the world to reach Siva's Abode. A white
elephant had come and he was leaving to Kailas skyward.  Cheraman felt bad that Sundaramurthi was not telling him
before hand.  He then went to his royal horse, chanted Panchaksharam, and the horse took him skyward
to Kailas, and put him at Siva's feet there, earlier than the arrival of Sundaramurthi!   

After reaching Kailas, Cheraman composed a song titled Tiruk Kailya Jnana Ula.  This is in Saiva Canon. 

Today is his liberation day.

Arunachala Siva.       
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Sundaramurthi Nayanar Guru Puja - Aadi Swathi:

Today is the Guru Puja day of Sundaramurthi. This liberation day is celebrated in all Saiva Maths.

Sundaramurthi was born to a pious couple of Saivite faith in Tirunavalur.  He was earlier Aalaala Sundarar in Kailas.
He was the friend of Siva there. One day Aalaala Sundarar saw two young girls in the garden in Kailas
and immediately fell in love with them. Siva on knowing this, asked Aalaala Sundarar to be born in the
earth and also marry two girls!  This pious child of the Saivite couples, grew with great Siva bhakti.
The child had a charming personality.  The king of the country, who was childless, saw this young child
and wanted to rear him.  He requested the parents, who readily agreed. Thus the child became the
prince of the Kingdom.

The prince had great love for Siva in Tiruvarur. He was called Nambi Arooran. The prince who belonged to
Tiruvarur. He was praying to Siva in Tiruvarur. The king soon wanted to fix the wedding for Sundarar.
A girl was chosen and the marriage was arranged. But even before the marriage could be started, Siva
came as an old man and said: This man is my slave. Not only he but even his forefathers were slaves to me.
The dispute went to the elders for judgement. Sundarar became very angry.  The old man showed a palm leaf to
the elders and said that it was written there about the slavery of the family.  The elders were about to give the
judgement but Sundarar plucked the palm leaf from the elders and tore it off.

The old man laughed and said that he had the original with him and only a copy was given. He wanted Sundarar
to come to his place Tiruvennai Nallur for further judgement. They went to Tiruvennai Nallur and the elders there
also agreed what was written on the original palm leaf was correct and there was no other go for Sundarar but
to walk behind the old man!   Sundarar was called VaN thondar because of his raging behavior,

Sundarmurthi grudgingly walked behind the old man.  He was asking the old man where was his house. The
Lord went into the temple and disappeared.  It struck to Sundaramurthi that the the old man was Siva Himself.

Sundarmurthi earlier had called the old man as Pitha, mad cap!  Now he wanted Siva as to what he should do.
Siva said, Paadu, sing! How to sing, Sundarar asked Him. Start as Pitha.. the old man said. Sundarar started
singing songs starting Pitha PiRai Choodi... (on Tiruvennai Nallur).

Sundarar started visiting various temples of Siva and sang songs.  He went to Thillai, Chidambaram, Sirkazhi,
Nagappattinam, Tiruvaiyaaru, Tiru Maraikaadu and other Siva temples.
Soon he came to Tiruvarur and was spending his time in the temple. He met one girl Paravai and they got
married with the consent of Siva. Paravai was also a Siva devotee. Both had good time in praying to Siva
in Tiruvarur. This time Paravi wanted Sundarar to get some paddy grains from Siva as it was needed to run the family.
Sundarar prayed to Siva and got  bags of paddy grains which was in a tank!  Sundarar asked Siva to send
his bhootas to fetch the bags of paddy grains and place them in Paravai's house!  Siva granted accordingly and the bags
were kept on the house of Paravai by the bhootas!                   


Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Sundarmurthi Nayanar Guru Puja:

Sundarmurthi then went to various Siva temples and prayed to Siva. He did particularly stay in Tiruvarur and
prayed to Siva.  On another occasion, when gold was needed for Paravai, While in some other place, he asked Siva
to give him gold coins. This was also given and the coins were taken by bhootas and given to Paravai in Tiruvarur!     

Sundarmurthi then went to Tiruotriyur.  There in the temple, he met one Sangili who was also a Siva devotee.
She fell in love with Sundarar and they got married. Thus Siva who stopped his marriage earlier, now got him
married twice!  Once he wanted to go to Tiruvarur to meet Paravai. Siva did not agree. But he left Tiruvotriyur
without His permission. He lost his eyes!  Then Siva forgave him and he got his eyesight.

Sundarar then went to Paravai's house. She refused to meet him since he had married another girl.
Sundarar requested Siva to go as messenger and make their quarrels solved. Siva went to Paravai's
house twice and asked her to make amends. She agreed. Sundarar and Paravai lived there happily.

Once Sundarar went to the temple of Tiruvarur and prayed to Siva. While entering the temple, he did not
pay his respects to various Siva devotees, on the mantapam outside. They got angry and told him that he
should not have this pride if he is a Siva devotee. Sundaramurthi then prostrated to them seeking their
pardon. Here, he composed his famous Tiruth Thondar Thogai, the list of all the Saiva Saints and telling 
that he is the devotee of all the devotees of Siva.

Time has come for Sundarar to leave for Kailas. So also for the two wives of Sundarar.

A white elephant had come from Kailas and he traveled skyward to Kailas on that elephant.  The two wives
also reached Siva's Abode.. Sundarar went there and prostrated to Siva for gracing him on all his earthly

Today is the liberation day of Sundaramurthi Swamigal.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni. (1878-1936) Liberation Day.  25.7.2015.

Today is the liberation day of Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni.  He, a renowned Sanskrit poet and scholar, was known
by his title Kavyakanta - one from whose throat poetry came out spontaneously. 

After meeting Sri Bhagavan in 1907, and having got convinced of His spiritual attainment, he, for the first time,
called Him 'Bhagavan' and 'Maharshi'. These got popular in due course.  He compiled Sri Ramana Gita, which
is based on the replies of Sri Bhagavan to spiritual questions put by the Muni and his friends.

Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni has more than two dozen publications, mostly in Sanskrit, to his credit.

Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni was a great Siva bhakta.  He chose Tiruvannamalai, the holy seat of Siva, for
his tapas in 1903.  He briefly met Sri Bhagavan on the Hill.  In 1907, when he came again to Tiruvannamalai,
he found that nothing tangible had emerged from his severe tapas. Disappointed, he climbed up the Hill
and fell flat on his face holding Sri Bhagavan's right leg with his right hand and His left leg with his left hand.
With a voice trembling with emotion he cried, 'All that has to be read, I have read. I have performed japa to
my heart's content. Yet, I have not up to this time, understood what tapas is. Pray, Enlighten me about the
nature of tapas'. 

After listening to Muni, Sri Bhagavan silently gazed at him as he sat in anxious expectation. Then He said in
Tamizh, 'If a mantra is repeated and attention directed to the source from where the mantra sound is produced,
the mind will be absorbed in that. That is tapas.' This short instruction filled in Muni's heart with joy. He stayed
on the Hill for some hours and composed five verses in praise of the Swami in which he shortened the original
name Venkataraman to 'Ramana', which has stuck to the Swami ever since.  He wished his disciples to call Him
Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.  The Muni must be given credit for this name.

In 1908, the Muni did severe tapas for 18 days in a Ganapati temple in Tiruvotriyur, in Chennai. On the 18th
day, when he was lying wide awake he saw the figure of the Maharshi coming in and sitting next to him. Evdr
since His arrival at Tiruvannamalai in September 1896, the Maharshi had never left that place. When the
Muni narrated the incident to the Maharshi in 1929, the latter also recollected the even and said that He
appeared to have moved skyward and descended at a place. "I was on a high road, on one side of which,
some distance removed from it, was a Ganapati Temple. I went in and talked, but what I said or did, I do not

Once kundalini rose in the body of Ganapati Muni, he suffered an unbearable burning sensation. The Muni felt
that that the pain would subside if Bhagavan touched him.  The Muni's wife, son, and some others took Bhagavan
to the Mango Tree Cave, where the Muni lived.  Bhagavan went there and sat beside the Muni, who took Bhagavan's
hand and put it on his head and asked Him to bless Him.  Bhagvan kept quiet for a while and said, 'It will be all
right soon.'  On His way back to the Skandasramam, Bhagavan said, 'He told me, but to whom can I tell?'

Once Ganapati Muni had composed 700 out of the 1000 verses of the Uma Sahasram in praise of the Divine Mother,
and this work was to be read out in the next morning at Arunachaleswara Temple. Till the late evening of the
previous day, he found that further verses were not complete.  He went to the Pachiamman Temple where Sri
Bhagavan was then staying and sat before Sri Bhagavan, with his four disciples who were to take down the verses.
The Maharshi sat silent and in deep meditation.  The eager disciples of the Muni watched in tense admiration,
the sweet flow of Sanskrit verses as they came from the lips of Kavyakanta and wrote them down.  The job over,
Bhagavan opened His eyes and asked the Muni, whether all that He said had been taken down! The Muni's grateful
response was,"All that Bhagavan inspired in me has been taken down!"  It is noteworthy that whereas the Muni
revised the first 700 verses of this monumental work some six times, he did not revise any of the last 300.                 

Kavyakanta visited several temples in places in Padaiveedu in Tamizh Nadu and in North India and did tapas.
Viswanatha Swami accompanied him to some of these places.  He attained liberation after brief illness in Sirsi,
North Karnataka in 1936. His wife Mrs. Visalakshi Ganapati had left this world much earlier.  She was an
exponent of Tara Vidya, one of the Sakata vidyas. His son Mahadevan and others were also spiritually well

Arunachala Siva,.               


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Kaliya Nayanar Guru Puja - Aadi Kettai (Jyeshtar) star day.

To the liberation day of Kaliya Nayanar. The Guru Puja is celebrated in all Saiva Maths. 

The Nayanar was born in Tiruvottiyur, in the community of oil merchants.  He was wealthy and at the same time
he was a great Siva devotee going to the temple of Siva in Tiruvotriyur and praying to Him.  He was trading in
sales of oils and he used to take til oil everyday and light lamps to Siva.  In course of time, his wealth dwinded
and the oil business fell into bad times.  Even then he did not leave his service to Lord. He used work as a laborer
with merchants crushing oil and he earned oil everyday as wages.  He used to light lamps with that oil.
Even this work was lost by him, since the merchant had closed the business.  But he did not deter in lighting
lamps to Siva in the temple. At one stage he used to beg money or oil from Jain merchants,  but they made
fun of him and said No.  He even offered to sell his wife for some money to purchase oil, but he failed.

One evening when he did not have even a drop of oil for lighting in Siva temple, he wanted to light the lamp
with  his own blood!  He took his sword and wanted to cut off his neck!  Siva appeared before him and appreciating
his glorious service to Him even in times of distress, He took him to His Abode!

Arunachala Siva.       


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Kotpuli Nayanar Guru Puja -  Aadi, Kettai, Jyeshta star day.

Today is also the liberation of Kotpuli Nayanar.  This is celebrated in all Saiva Maths.

Kotpuli Nayanar was born in the place called Naattiyathaan Kudi, in a wealthy agricultural family. He used to feed
the devotees and the poor everyday.  Soon the king asked him to serve the army for the battle with an enemy king.
Kotpuli, being also a warrior readily agreed to serve the king as a warrior.

He stored a large number of paddy bags and called the relatives and told them to stay in his house and serve 
food for all devotees and the poor.  As he went to the battle, there was a famine in the area, and the relatives
took away some paddy everyday for their use and stopped feeding the devotees and the poor.

When Kotpuli returned home after the battle, he came to know from the neighbors that the relatives had
plundered his stock of paddy bags for their own use without feeding the devotees and the poor. Kotpuli became
very angry and he called the relatives saying that he is giving them a feast. When they arrived, he killed
them one by one and wanted to kill himself too.  At that moment Siva appeared and appreciating his devotion
to the devotees and the poor, He took him to his Abode. 

There is also a story that Sundarmurthi when he came to Naattiyathaankudi, he did not find Siva and Uma,
in the temple!  He asked Ganapathi who showed him a field nearby.  He went there and found that Siva
and Uma were in the guise of a man and his wife, were ploughing the land of Kotpuli Nayanar.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Pattinaththar Guru Puja - 30.07.2015:

Today is the Guru Puja of Pattinaththar, a Saiva devotee and siddha.  Today is Aashada (Aadi), Purvashada, (Puradam)
star day. The liberation day is observed in all Saiva Maths.

Tiru Venkaattu Adigal, Pattinaththar, is one among the twelve who sung the Saiva Canon 11. This devotee of wisdom
and experience, has written many poems that educate the people of the perspectives that one would not have
thought about or would have been reluctant to think about. This devotee of the end 11th century AD., has lived
as the rich as well as a begging saint and provided us the wisdom out of it, "Don't get lost in logistics of life. Realize
the Truth and live blissfully praising It."

The once very famous coastal city of the Chozha empire, which was a major hub for business given its geographical location having a port, is Kaverip Poom Pattinam,  where the lifeline river Kaveri enters the ocean. Understandable
from the commercial importance of the city, there lived lots of businessmen prospering in local and international
trade. There lived one rich businessman, by name Sivanesar, rich not just in material wealth but also in the
discipline, charity, integrity and devotion for the Lord Siva.  For him and his chaste wife Jnanakalai, a child was born
as the fruit of their discipline and devotion. As it was born by the Grace of the Lord taken abode in the nearby town Tiruvenkadu, they named the child as Tiruvenkadar. The child grew over the mounts of wealth. When he was five years old, his father reached the Feet of the Lord praised by Veda-s.

Tiruvenkadar, learnt the art and literature and shined in discipline and devotion for Siva. When he was sixteen,
he was married to the girl appropriate for him called Sivakalai, daughter of Sivachidambaram Chttiar and Sivakami.
known for their love to Siva, and charity. This couple lived for it supporting the devotees of the Lord, who goes on
alms, and the righteous people.  As one of the duties and the means for the married people Tiruvenkadar, set to
develop the business. He took great effort and became the very rich person known across the borders. He brought in wealth through the trade over the sea and on the land. Though he had covetous money, he did not have an offspring
till he was thirty years old. An ardent devotee of the Father of the Universe, he worshiped the Lord at Tiruvidaimaruthur,
pleading Him to grant him a child.

The Lord Mahalingeswarar,  wanted to show grace on two of His true devotees. There lived a servant of the God by
name Siva Sarman, who had his heart lost in the salutations to the Lord who swallowed the terrible poison halahalam.
He regularly hosted the devotees of the Lord providing them feast and materials. In this process he became poor,
but as a determined devotee did not slip in his service. The Lord Mahalingeswarar,  wanting to show way for both
this devotee and Tiruvenkadar, appeared in the dreams of Sivanesar and his wife Suseela that there would be a
child in the shade of the bhilva tree near the abode the next day and they could take and give the child to
Tiruvenkadar couple and get lots of wealth for continuing the service to Lord Siva.  The same way, the Lord ordered Tiruvenkadar, to liberally donate to Sivanesar when he brings the child to him. The same happened to the joy of both
the devotees and they thanked the Lord Mahalingeswarar, called Marudha Vaanar in Tamizh.

As the child was got by the Grace of Lord, Tiruvenkadar named the child as Marudha Vaanan and nurtured that
child of wealth in all affection. The young Marudha Vaanan liberated a Gandharva called Maninhadran, who was cursed
to be a fish by a sage Rishi Sindhu. When the age became sixteen, Marudha Vaanan went on trade over the ocean. On
return he brought the bags of cow dung cakes, but in which were concealed the rare valuable gems and also gave a
box to the mother and disappeared!  The father who had lots of materialistic thinking about developing the business,
was searching the son and came to open the box Marudha Vaanan,  had left with the mother. There was a ear(hole)less
needle and a palm leaf wound in a silk cloth. In the palm leaf it was written in Tamizh, 'Even the ear(hole)less needle
won't come for the last journey!'. This statement broke into him, shattering his materialistic illusions and grew a great wisdom in him.

With the Supreme Guru's Grace guiding him, he renounced his wealth and material life and determined to completely
get into the Glorious path of Lord Siva. He commanded his dutiful head clerk Chendhanar, to distribute all his wealth
for charities and endowments, advised and consoled his wife and became a Sage. The relatives who had only the status
as their prime concern and not the love were unable to digest their highly wealthy relative wandering like a beggar in
the streets. They gave him poisoned sweet cake through his sister. But the enlightened Marudha Vaanan,now called
Pattinaththar,  realized this and through it on the roof of the house singing 'Ottappam veettaich chudum.' 'The cake
on the roof will burn the house.'  The house and the neighborhood caught fire and the relatives fell in his feet and
pleaded for mercy. Then Pattinaththar extinguished it by singing another song. He stayed in that city till his mother
died, on her request.

Later he went to Tiruvidaimaruthur and sang the songs in Saiva Canon 11.

1. Tiruvidaimaruthur Mummanik Kovai, the garland of three gems (there are three sets of verses) on Tiruvidaimaruthur
Siva, Mahalingeswarar.

2. Tiru Ekambam Udaiyar Tiru Andati, a song on Ekambam, Kanchipuram, Ekambara Natha Swami.

3.  Kovil Naan Mani Maalai - a song of three gems (there are three sets of verses) on Kovil, that is Chidambaram.

4. Tiruk Kazhumala Mummanik Kovai, a song on Siva in Sirkazhi, of three gems (there are three sets of verses). 
5. Tiruvottriyur songs. 
One of the days when he stayed in Tiruvotriyur, worshiping Siva, he was playing with the cowboys. The boys used to
cover him in a pit with sand and plants and he used to come out from altogether another pit! When this was
continuing, one time, when they covered him in a pit, he did not come out again as Pattinaththar, but he became a Sivalingam, merging with the Supreme Lord.

Pattinaththar is not among 63 Saiva Saints, as he came after Periyapuranam was composed by Sekkizhar.

This is the verse of Pattinaththar where he heaps praise on the three saints of Periya Puranam:

வாளால் மகவரிந்து ஊட்டவல்லேன் அல்லேன்; மாதுசொன்ன
சூளாலிளமை துறக்கவல்லேன் அல்லன்; தொண்டுசெய்து
நாளாறில் கண்ணிடத்து அப்பவல்லேன் அல்லன்நான் இனிச்சென்று
ஆளாவது எப்படியோ திருக்காளத்தி அப்பருக்கே?

I cannot cut my son with a sword and feed the devotee (Siva in the guise of a Bhairagi sannyasi)*
I am not able to refrain from touching the wife, on account of her swearing not to touch her.**
I am not able to, in six days, fix my own eye on Siva's bleeding of His eye.***
How can I become a fit person to the Lord of Kalahasti?

* SiruthoNda Nayanar who cut his son to prepare a food for Siva, with human flesh.

** Tiru Neelakanta Nakka Nayanar, who did not touch his wife and became old, when she had sworn not to touch her.

*** Kannappa Nayanar, who plucked his eye to apply it on Siva's bleeding eye.

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Kunju Swami Liberation Day -07.0.2015:  (Aashada) Bhrani star day, Krishna Paksha trayodasi:

Today is the liberation day of Kunju Swami, a very old attendant and devotee of Sri Bhagavan. He is from Kerala,
Palakkad.  He was working as an attendant for Sri Bhagavan from 1920 till around  1932.  At this time, with
Sri Bhagavan's permission, he ceased to be attendant to Him and started his full time sadhana, staying in
Pakakottu. There were many sadhus located there who were Sri Bhagavan's devotees.

Kunju Swami also took the role of a roving ambassador for Sri Bhagavan and whenever Sri Bhagavan asked him
to go to some place or Math, he used to go and spend some time there in those Maths, attending various
functions and ceremonies.

Sri Bhagavan composed Upadesa Saram in Malayalam also. Murugnar used to refer this for his chanting, though
he was also proficient in Tamizh by that time.,

When Mother Azhagmma attained Videha Kaivalyam, on May 1922, among the various ceremonies to be
performed for Mother, Kunju Swami and another took the mortal coil of    Mother and placed it near Pali Tirtham,
where after the Samadhi Ceremonies followed.

For some years later, since Kunju Swami felt that he had no full time work as an attendant to Sri Bhagavan, it
was not proper for him to take meals in the Asramam.  So, Kunju Swami received Rs.5 every month from
Ramakrishna Swami (who was getting Rs 25 pm. from his home), and this amount was given to one lady
Sowbagyathamma for feeding him every day.

There were many many small incidents that took place in the Asramam, when Kunju Swami was with Sri
Bhagavan, in the Asramam. These details have been given by me in my post on Kunjum,Swami based on
David Godman's compilation,'The Power of The Presence' Book II).

Kunju Swami merged in Bhagavan, on this day in his 90's, that is in 1990s in the Asramam. His Samadhi
is inside the Asramam.

Arunachala Siva.         


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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Murthy Nayanar Guru Puja Day - Aasshada Krittika - Aadi Krittikai.

Today is the liberation day of Murthy Nayanar, and his Guru Puja day is celebrated in all Saiva Maths and in many
Sivaite homes.


Pandya kingdom was famous for developing the literature in Tamizh by having Sangam a congregation of poets.
Madurai,  was the capital of the kingdom with huge buildings and prosperity. It has the gigantic temple of
Sundareswarar and Meenakshi in the central city. Nearby,  housed the Tamizh Sangam cherished.

In the merchant tradition of that magnificent city, came the marvelous devotee Murthy. For the Lord who has sandal
like body, he undertook the service of providing sandal paste everyday without any break.

Then, after sometime,  the Vaduka king from the north killed the Pandya king in the battle and captured the kingdom.
As he followed the jainism and practiced intolerance, he troubled and tortured the true devotees of Lord Shiva.
In spite of the heavy hurdles put by the horror hearted king, Murthy continued the service to the satisfaction without pause. The determination and dedication of the devotee drowned the devilish acts of the king. Irked by this, he blocked all the ways through which Murthy can get the sandal. Murthy couldn't get the sandal required for the service. Disappointed but not going down in the determination he ground his hands instead of sandal on the stone that is used for grinding.
With the skin pealed, bones and nerves coming out, with blood flowing out like the love that flows in his heart,
he continued. (Is he grinding the source of reincarnation !!). The Lord not bearing this, raised the sound, "Out of the determination of love, you did this, don't continue this !"

"The king who brought these troubles will be dead soon. Then you rule the kingdom and reach our world", said the Lord.  Shocked and surprised, Murthy stood up. Like the sorrows disappear in the presence of the blissful Lord, his wounds and pain disappeared and he became as bright as the Sun.

The king who never knew holiness of Siva and Siva devotees, died and reached the place he deserved , the Hell.
The next morning the Ministers were worried as the king died without leaving any offspring to rule the country. So they decided to send an elephant, eyes tied, with a garland to select the new king. They worshiped and sent out the elephant eyes tied. It roamed around the city and came near the tower of the temple, and garlanded Murthi when he was entering
the temple.  Meanwhile, Murthy decided as it was God's order, he will take up the service of ruling the kingdom and came out of the temple, stood near the tower. It was the picture of mighty saluting the magnificent when the majestic elephant saluted Murthi Nayanar! and took him on its head as he had the feet of God on his head. The entire city roared with instruments sounding with the pleasure of the people. The rising of the sun of Murthi Nayanar over the mountain of the elephant drove away the darkness of fear in their mind. The ecstatic procession reached the palace.

Murthi Nayanar said to the ministers and court men, "If the fragrance of Shvaisim spread. then I am ready to rule the country". All of them agreed it as a boon. He further said that even if he becomes the king he would have holy ash as the sandal, holy ornaments of devotees as the valuable ornaments of the king and the matted hair as the crown. The lusture of outside beauties don't ruffle the true devotees. When he has the feast of bliss in his heart, why should he bother for the liquor of transient pleasures ? He continued the worship of the Lord who never worships anybody, ruled the kingdom with the shaivism of the Lord who never worships anybody, ruled the kingdom with the shaivism illuminating the hearts of the people. As he ruled with holy ash, Rudraksham and matted hair as the ornaments he is praised, "Mummaiyal  Ulakantan
Murthiyan", i.e. Murthi  who ruled the world with three (holy) things).  In course of time, he gave the kingdom to the successor and joined the sandal fragrant feet of Almighty. Let the determination of mUrthiyAr in doing the service and
the simplicity and unperturbedness of mind even when he became the king stay in the mind.

Arunachala Siva.

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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Pugazh Chozha Nayanar Guru Puja - Aashada Krittika - Aadi Kritikai:

Today is the Liberation day of Pugazh Chozha Nayanar.  This is celebrated in all Saiva Maths and Saiva homes.

The center from which the venturous early Chozhas, who had fluttered their flag in the cliffs of Himalayas, ruled
was uRaiyUr. As it was the capital, it had the movement of courageous corps and all the four kinds of fighting forces.
It had the array of beautiful cliff-high houses. As the crown at the center is the temple of the crescent moon headed
God, Panchavarneswarar, Siva, showed Himself in five colors to a Sage in this colorful city. It is now at the center of the city Tiruchirapalli.

Pugazh Chozhar,  whose name has got fame in it and whose deeds were fountain of fame was a king who ruled from
that famous city. He was an emperor with the kings of the entire region keen on saluting his valor and accept his rule.
But he was a slave of the Shambu, Siva, bound  to Him, with his selfless service as a slave.  Shaivism spread its
fragrance over the far reaching frontiers of his state. Temples of the Three eyed Lord had timely worships with tremendous devotion. The needs of devotees were taken care of by the caring king before they cared to ask. Peace and prosperity
were predominant in that place and in the minds of the people. His respect for the devotees was so great that when
his royal elephant was killed by Eripaththar, another Saiva devotee,  for straying down the flowers meant for the feet of God, he bowed down before Eripaththar and said, "It is not sufficient to just kill that elephant for the crime done, please kill me too".

Once he went to karuvUr, the traditional city of chOzas, accompanied by courtmen and beloved relations. He bowed in front of the Lord in karuvUr whose bow is the great mountain, before going to his bungalow. The gems of the empires were submitted to him by the kings who surrendered to his strength and love. He came to know that only one king adhiakan volunteered the trouble of not accepting his empire. As it was the tradition of the kings he ordered his four forces to overrun the fort of the foe. The powerful, plenty in number and courageous army of pukazch chOzar powdered the fort of enemy in the fight. They brought the heap of heads to show their valor to the king. He was petrified to see a head with plaited hair which is a mark of the devotee.

Though it was the custom of the kings of olden days to fight and enlarge the frontiers, our peerless king felt it was a
crime that had happened.  He said in all sadness, "Is it the way I am ruling the empire ? Even after seeing the matted head of a devotee how am I still governing, with grayed fame ?". He ordered the ministers to guide the new king, his son, in the right path of God and to the gloom of them he decided to give up his life. He, smeared in holy ash, held the matted haired head in a golden plate and entered the fire with the glory of the God quenching his heart. He entered the feet of Lord unreachable for nonbelievers with the increase of enchanting of his fame. Let the devotion of Pugazh Chozhar,
in which that king bowed to Eripaththar, for the mistake of his elephant, and out of which he sacrificed his body for the mistake of his soldiers stay in the mind.

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Kootruva Nayanar Guru  Puja - 11.08.2015.  Aashada (Aadi) - Ardra (Tiruvadhirai) Star Day.

Today is the liberation day of Kootruva Nayanar, one of the 63 Saiva Saints. This day is observed in all
Saiva Maths and all Saiva homes.

Crushing with courage the combats of the enemies, coming out all colorful in the efforts, courteous to the devotees, keeping the Feet of matted haired Lord always in his heart, were the attributes to the devotee KalainthaikkOn Kootruvan.

He won the battles, which were boons for his bowing down to the Lord and devotees. His valor won a vast land and wealth. He could take the pride of having the powerful in all the four kinds of armies - squads of elephants, speeding horses, showy still strong chariots and specialized soldiers. When approached the priests of Thillai (Chidambaram), priests
(Diskhitars),  for performing his coronation, they refused saying, "Except for the emperors in Chozha tradition. we do
not do that ceremony for other kings." So he had to defer that ceremony hoping for the dikshitars' change of mind.
So he moved to the mountain state of Kerala,  making some of the priests of Chidambaram  to take care of the crown.

He felt sad on his failure to get coronated by the priests of Chidambaram.   Kootruvan then prayed to the Lord of pleasing dance to put His pleasant feet as crown on his head. The easily pleased God, pleased the devotee by crowning His peerless feet in the sweetest dream of Kootruvan, who pleased the devotees with the plenty of his wealth. He got the coveted coronation!  Instead of getting crowned by the priests of Chidambaram, he got coronated by the Power which is prayed
by the priests of Chidambaram!  His tremendous wealth served the true objective of earning as he spent it on the worship of the Lord of the world, with the world worshiping his love for the Lord Siva. While the money that is spent for material benefits never returns, the property that was used by Kootruvan, out of his prosperous loving heart, brought him the worthy of all wealths - blissful place in the Feet of the God.  In course of time, Kootruva Nayanar merged in the Feet of Lord Siva.

Arunachala Siva.

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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Tomorrow is the Indian Independence Day -15.8.2015:

I remember Subrahmanya Bharati's song under Swantara Payir, the plant of Swatanra.

தண்ணீர்விட் டோ வளர்த்தோம்? சர்வேசா! இப்பயிரைக்
கண்ணீராற் காத்தோம்; கருகத் திருவுளமோ?

எண்ணமெலாம் நெய்யாக எம்முயிரி னுள்வளர்ந்த
வண்ண விளக்கிஃது மடியத் திருவுளமோ?

ஓராயிர வருடம் ஓய்ந்து கிடந்த பின்னர்
வாராது போலவந்த மாமணியைத் தோற்போமோ?

Have we grown this plant of Swatntra, with water?  O Sarvesa!
We have grown this plant with tears of our eyes.  Should it be your will for it to get scorched?

All our thoughts were ghee and we have grown this plant, within our life,
Without spreading light, should it extinguish?

The Ruby we got after one thousand year of tiresome waiting,
It came to us, should we allow it to be lost?   


A New Wave poem written during Emergency:

They said we got it at midnight!
It is yet to dawn! 

Arunachala Siva.
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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Today is Tiru Aadip Pooram, the Pooram (Pubba) star day of the month of Asahada (Aadi).
On this day, the goddess Andal, was found as a little child under a tulsi plant in the flower
gardens of Periyazhwar.  Periyazhwar was living in Srivilliputtur, and he was a great devotee
of Sri Vishnu.  Periyazhwar took the girl child and kept her as his foster daughter.  He used to
take her to the temple of Vishnu in Srivilliputtur Vadapatra Sayi, submit his garland and pray
to the Lord.  Andal also grew up as a devout Vishnu bhaktai.  When the garland was ready at home,
for Periyaazhwar to take to the temple, she used to wear it and and see her form in the mirror,
considering her as the wife of the Lord.

One day, Periazhwar noticed a hair in the garland and became angry  with Andal. He then made a
fresh one and took it to the temple. When that garland was to be placed on the Lord, it fell down.
Thrice it did so. Then the Lord said:  I want only Andal's garland.  Please bring it and place it on me!'

Periyazhwar became astonished and shed tears about his daughter's love for the Lord. Accordingly,
he went back home, brought the garland and also took Andal with him and went to the temple. This
time, the garland was accepted by the Lord!

Soon, Periyazhwar had a dream where Lord Ranganatha asked him to bring his daughter to Sri
Rangam. He did so.  There Andal merged with the Lord.

Andal was also having in her mind Ranganatha of Sri Rangam, constantly contemplating Him.  She
felt that it is the Lord Ranganatha who would be her husband and not any human being.This happened
when she visited Sri Rangam with her father. She merged with Lord Ranganatha there in the sanctum.

She sang 30 verses of beautiful Tiruppavai, the early morning bathing song.  She also composed 143 verses
of Nachiyar Tirumozhi, the holy verses of the queen. These two works come under the 4000 divine
hymns on Vishnu.

The following song of Tiruppavai is recommended for chanting by all, everyday, nitya anusandhanam:

சிற்றம் சிறு காலே வந்து உன்னை சேவித்து உன்
பொற்றாமரை அடியே போற்றும் பொருள் கேளாய்
பெற்றம் மேய்த்து உண்ணும் குலத்தில் பிறந்து நீ
குற்று ஏவல் எங்களைக் கொள்ளாமல் போகாது
இற்றைப் பறை கொள்வான் அன்று காண் கோவிந்தா
எற்றைக்கும் ஏழ் ஏழ் பிறவிக்கும் உன் தன்னோடு
உற்றோமே ஆவோம் உனக்கே நாம் ஆட்செய்வோம்
மற்றை நம் காமங்கள் மாற்றேலோர் எம்பாவாய்

She also narrates her divine wedding with Ranganatha in Nachiyar Tirumozhi:   

Nacihyar Tirumozhi verse:

வானிடை வாழுமவ் வானவர்க்கு
மறையவர் வேள்வியில் வகுத்தஅவி,
கானிடைத் திரிவதோர் நரிபுகுந்து
கடப்பதும் மோப்பதும் செய்வதொப்ப,
ஊனிடை யாழிசங் குத்தமர்க்கென்று
உன்னித் தெழுந்தவென் தடமுலைகள்,
மானிட வர்க்கென்று பேச்சுப்படில்
வாழகில் லேன்கண்டாய் மன்மதனே. 5

Like the havirpakam held in the Vedic sacrifice for the gods in the heavens, is attempted to be stolen
away by a fox of the jungle, should I not be married to my Lord with conch and disc, but to the ordinary
mortals?  If that be so, I shall not live in this world.

Andal's grand dream came true in Sri Rangam.

This is the Nachiyar Tirumozhi verse.

இம்மைக்கு மேழேழ் பிறவிக்கும் பற்றாவான்,
நம்மையு டையவன் நாராய ணன்நம்பி,
செம்மை யுடைய திருக்கையால் தாள்பற்றி,
அம்மி மிதிக்கக் கனாக்கண்டேன் தோழீநான்.

In this birth, and for another 7 X 7 births of mine, He only is my Refuge.  He is my man, Narayanan.
He took mine in His great hand and we came round the fire, as husband and wife. He placed my foot
on the grinding flat stone to confirm the wedding.
Arunachala Siva.

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Re: Rough Notebook-Open Forum
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Kulachirai Nayanar Guru Puja,  Sravana (AavaNi) Anuradha (Anusham) Star Day - 23.8.2015:

Today is the liberation day of Kulachirai Nayanar. This day is observed with celebrations in all Saiva
Maths and by Saivites.  There is also a festival in Madurai, Sundareswara temple, to mark this day.

Kulachirai  was a minister in Pandya kingdom. Apart from Kulachirai and the queen of Panydan, Mangayarkarsai, all the residents of Madurai were converted to Jainism since the Pandya King  Nedumaaran was himself a Jain.  He was always in the company of Jain monks. 

The queen Mangayarkarasri sent word for Tiru Jnana Sambandhar, who was at the time in Chozha
country, to come and make the King Nedumran to leave Jainism and embrace Saivism.  Accordingly
Tiru Jnana Sambandhar came to Madurai along with Kulachiraiyar and he stayed in a choultry along with
his devotees, to see the King next morning.  The Jain monks in the night set fire to the choultry.  The
saint poet sang a song with the result the fire was put out but it went into Pandya's stomach.  The Pandya
King suffered more with colic pain and he was also a hunch back. 

Next morning, the saint came to the Kingdom and cured the Pandya with vibhuti and singing a Padigam.
The Jains who, in spite of their mantras and peacock feathers, could not cure the King.  The saint poet
also cured the king from his handicap of hunch back.  Thus the Pandya King who became happy, embraced
Saivism and also drove the Jain monks out of the  kingdom.

Thus Kulachirai Nayanar, who was himself a Saivite, and who was instrumental in bringing the
saint to convert Pandya was blessed  by Lord Siva.  He took him to His Abode.  The queen also
attained Sivabhodham upon reaching her old age.

Arunachala Siva.