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Re: Just Be
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Dear sirs,

Bhagavan is a great doctor. He knows what medicine should be given to patient and the dossage also. Looking at the devotees, He prescribed in different way to different deciples according to their understands and their capacity.

He suggested to someone to go to the family, told someone to "Iru". and told someone to read ribu githa.

I think, we should read, visit temples, do japa, puja and meditation whatever suits us. Take effort 99%. One % is Guru's grace. The we will be "Just being"



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Re: Just Be
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Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya!

Dear ramanaduli,

Right. But please make it otherwise, ie, 1% effort and 99% Grace or atleast 49:51.
Grace is more important.

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Re: Just Be
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Dear ramanaduli, sreeswaroop,

See this beautiful conversation in Talks No. 319:


Devotee: Impurities of limitation, ignorance and desire (anava, karma and maya) place obstacles in the way of meditation.
How to conquer them?

Maharshi: Not to be swayed by them.

Devotee: Grace is necessary.

Maharshi: Yes. Grace is both the BEGINNING AND THE END. Introversion is due to Grace. Perseverance is Grace. And
Realization is Grace. That is the reason for the statement: MAmekam saranam vraja (only surrender to Me.) (Bhagavad
Gita). If one has entirely surrendered oneself is there any part left to ask for Grace? He is swallowed up by

Devotee: The obstacles are powerful and obstruct meditation.

Maharshi: If a Higher Power is recognized and surrendered to, how will they obstruct you? If you say, "They are powerful", the source
of their power must be held so that they do not obstruct you.


There are about 15 conversations in Talks about Grace.


Saint Manikkavachagar says in Verse 10 of Tiruvesavaru, Tiruvachakam:

NAneyo dhavam seithen
SivAya nama enap peRRen
ThEnai in amudhamAi
Thithikkum siva perumAn
ThAne vandhu enathu uLLam
Pugunthu adiyErku aruL seithAn
Oon Arum yuir vAzhkai
ORuthu anRe veruthidave.

What tapas did I do? I merely chant Sivaya Namah.
He is sweet like honey and nectar, Siva Peruman
He came on His own and entered my Heart
So that I can dislike this flesh filled body and this life
And punish myself for the end.

Arunachala Siva.