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« on: November 23, 2011, 10:32:55 AM »
Problems need not be solved, problems have to be dropped. Because, in reality, there are no problems.

Two persons Ram and Rahim, who were travelling, decide to take a break on the way under a tree. Rahim said to Ram, first let me sleep for some time while you remain awake to take care of our belongings and then, I will remain awake while you sleep so that I can have an eye on our luggage.

Rahim goes into sleep immediately. He has a dream where, he sees a thief break into his house and break open his locker and steals all his jewelry and huge cash, and seeing this, Rahim is shocked and begins to shout "Thief, Thief"  The thief, having bundled all the jewelry and cash in bag and flees and also hits Rahim a nice two blows.

Ram who was awake all through, sees Rahim shout "Thief, Thief, somebody please help" from sleep.

Now, Ram who is awake, would he run somewhere to catch the thief as mentioned by Rahim or would he wake him up from sleep? Would he not wake him from sleep? and upon waking, Rahim realises that it was all only a dream. There was no thief, no jewelry, no money.

In the same way. When he was waken up at that very moment, the dream ended. That "awakening" is what is called "GRACE" To get this Grace, Krupai, we need a Guru, an Acharya. It becomes a necessity. This awakening cannot happen from an ordinary center, but only from a one who has that "Anubhuti" just like how one Light can only light another light.

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Re: Problems
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Dear Nagaraj, 

Yes. The mind is the problem creator. It does not leave us even in dreams.

Arunachala Siva.