Author Topic: Deepak Chopra Reveals Few Unexplained Facts  (Read 1247 times)


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Deepak Chopra Reveals Few Unexplained Facts
« on: November 22, 2011, 09:08:36 PM »
Desert birds living by the Grand Canyon bury thousands of pine nuts in widely scattered locations along the canyon rim. They retrieve this stored food during the winter, returning precisely to the nuts each one buried and finding them under a deep layer of snow.

Salmon born in a small stream that feeds the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest swim out to sea. After several years spent roaming vast distances of ocean, they return to spawn at the precise place where they were born, never winding up in the wrong stream.

Little children from several countries were read to in Japanese; afterward they were asked to
pick whether they had just heard some nonsense words or a lovely Japanese poem. The children from
Japan all got the answer right, but so did significantly more than half the children from other countries who
had never listened to a word of Japanese in their lives.

Identical twins hundreds or thousands of miles apart have immediately sensed the moment when their sibling died in an accident.

Fireflies in Indonesia numbering in the millions are able to synchronize their flashes over an
area of several square miles.

In Africa, certain trees that are being overforaged can signal other trees miles away to
increase the tannin in their leaves, a chemical that makes them inedible to foraging animals. The distant
trees receive the message and alter their chemistry accordingly.

Twins separated at birth have met for the first time years later, only to find that they’ve each
married a woman with the same first name in the same year and now have the same number of children.

Mother albatrosses returning to a nesting site with food in their beaks immediately locate their
chicks among hundreds of thousands of identical offspring on a crowded beach.

Once a year at the full moon several million horseshoe crabs emerge together on one beach
to mate. They have answered the same call, from depths of the ocean where no light ever penetrates.

When air molecules cause your eardrum to quiver no differently from a cymbal being hit with
a stick, you hear a voice that you recognize speaking words you understand.

On their own, sodium and chlorine are deadly poisons. When they combine as salt, they form
the most basic chemical in support of life.

To read this sentence, several million neurons in your cerebral cortex had to form an instantaneous pattern that is completely original and never appeared before in your life.

Why we need to sleep remains a medical mystery, yet complete dysfunction develops if we don’t enjoy its benefits. In the silence of inactivity, the future of the body is incubating.

Source:  Book Of Secrets


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Re: Deepak Chopra Reveals Few Unexplained Facts
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2011, 06:31:28 AM »
Dear prasanth,

Nice and very incredible information and facts.

As Shakespeare said:- There are many things in heaven and earth,
                                    You cannot even dream of, O Horatio!

Arunachala Siva.