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Panchadasi - (177)
« on: August 28, 2008, 12:39:22 PM »
The Chapter XV continues....

Verse 17:- With the acquistion of the desired object the pleasing
Vritti is calmed and there is great happiness.  And in actual enjoyment,
the happiness is greater.  Even in the prospect of acquiring it,
there is some happiness.

Verse 18:- But the greatest happiness is the outome of detachment.
This subject has been dealt with in the Chapter on the Bliss of
Knowledge, "Vishayanande Brahmanande".   Like this, there is
happiness in fortitude as well as in liberality, because there are
no anger and greed.

(See ibid XIV 21-34;)

Verse 19:- Whatever happiness is experienced it is Brahman
alone, because it is a reflection of the bliss of Brahman.  When
the Vritti is directed inward or is withdrawn, the reflection of
bliss is unobstructed.

Verse 20:-  Existence, consciousness and bliss -- these are the
three fold nature of Brahman.  In objets like clay, stone and
so forth, only existence is manifest, whereas the other
two are not.

to be contd...

Arunchala Siva.