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Sundaram Iyer's Day - 2016:
« on: February 27, 2016, 03:01:40 PM »
Sundaram iyer, father of Sri Bhagavan was a pleader in a local court.  He was known for his honesty
and taking up only the rightful cases for pleading their cause.  He had a house in Tiruchuzhi where one
portion was kept vacant for the visitors. His wife Alagmmal was a nice lady serving all including the
visitors with good and tasty food.

The couple had three sons and a daughter.  Nagasami, aged 14; Venkararaman (Bhagavan was 12),
and Nagasundaram 6. The daughter Mangalam was still younger.  At this time, in 1892, Sundaram Iyer
attained Siva-padam. 

Once the kriyas for the father were over, Venkaraman and Nagasami lived with their uncle at Madurai.
The other brother, the daughter and mother Alagamma were living with another uncle.

At this juncture Venkataraman left for Tiruvannamalai.

Now the question is whether Sundaram Iyer attained Mukti.  Yes.


1. He himself was a great Siva bhakta and lived rightful life.

2. He son Venkatraman (Bhagavan) was also instrumental in Sundaram Iyer attaining Mukti.

The date is today, as per tithi:

Arunachala Siva.