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Day By Day with Bhagavan:
« on: December 04, 2012, 12:22:06 PM »
Swami Sambuddhananda of the Ramakrisha Math, Bombay had arrived here. (22,3,1946):


The Swami said, 'The Upanishads themselves have said, 'I am Brahman.'  Sri Bhagavan  repliedL 'That is not how the text is to
be understood. It simply means, 'Brahman  exists as I'. and not 'I am Brahman.' It is not to be supposed that a man is advised to
contemplate 'I am Brahman', 'I am Brahman'. Does a man keep on thinking 'I am a man', 'I am a man'? He is that, and except when
a doubt arises as to whether he is an animal or a tree, there is no need for him to assert, 'I am a man'. Similarly the Self is Self,
Brahman exists as ' I am', in everything and every being.

The Swami ;remarked, 'The bhakta requires a God to whom he can do bhakti. Is he to be taught that there is only the Self,
not a worshipper and the worshipped?'

Bhagavan: Of course, God is required for Sadhana. But the end of Sadhana, even in bhakti marga, is attained only after complete
surrender. What does this mean , except that effacement of ego results in Self remaining as it always has been? Whatever path
one may choose the 'I' is inescapable, the 'I' that does the nishkama karma, the 'I' that pines for joining the Lord from whom it feels
it has been separated, the 'I' that feels it has slipped from its real nature, and so on. The source of this 'I' must be found out. Then
all questions will be solved. Whereas all paths are approved in Bhagavad Gita, it says that the Jnani is the best karma yogi, the best
bhakta, the highest yogi and so on.


Arunachala Siva.