Author Topic: Suffering = Desire for Self  (Read 1257 times)


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Suffering = Desire for Self
« on: October 21, 2011, 06:52:47 PM »
“Why should there be suffering now?”

Bhagavan: “If there were no suffering, how could the
desire to be happy arise? If that desire did not arise,
how would the quest of the Self be successful? What is
happiness? Is it a healthy and handsome body, or timely
meals and the like? Even an Emperor has endless
troubles, though he may be healthy.

All suffering is due to the false notion ‘I-am-the-body’.
Getting rid of it is jnanam.
॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta