Author Topic: worship of bhagavan/Arunachala and human relations  (Read 4807 times)


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Re: worship of bhagavan/Arunachala and human relations
« Reply #15 on: October 08, 2011, 11:51:57 AM »
 Dear Krishnan,

When we pursue spiritual practice seriously,family members get a sense of insecurity. They fear, we will renounce or neglect family.Fortunately,Bhagavan was a role model who magnanimously permitted all his kith and kin to live with him and cared for their material welfare too. He never recommended Sanyasam.Convince  and reassure your family members by quoting the life led by Bhagavan and that your  commitment to family and work will be kept up.

People will always gossip  and blow things out of proportion. Let not praise go into your head or insults into your heart. Criticism is every where and we should learn to live with it and take it lighly.These treatment are necessary to  tame your ego.

I have a rented apartment at Tiruvannamalai and I  visit just for 2 /3 days in  month. People,when they speak to me over phone, they will sarcastically ask  Are u in Tmalai or Chennai?

Bhagavan entered my life when I was 40 and similar situation was faced. I didn't care a damn.
When we are on the right path and if wife and parents are convinced that we will not let them down, simply brush aside the views of the rest.

If Bagavan is with us , who can be against us?


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Re: worship of bhagavan/Arunachala and human relations
« Reply #16 on: October 08, 2011, 01:16:53 PM »

Dear arcsekhar,

Nice and crisp reply.  Once I was sitting next to  a German lady in the Asramam dining hall during dinner. Normally foreigners do not
speak to us but as an exception she spoke to me,. She asked me to tell the kitchen workers to serve her only plantains and buttermilk
and rice. Then she herself volunteered and told me that she had been coming from Germany once a year for the past eleven years,
and this time, she had a brain surgery [not one but two]  and fortunately the cancer was benign and she survived. But due to extensive
damage to the skull, her half the skull had to be replaced by plastic!  I then arranged for whatever she wanted for food and after food,
I offered to her that I would drop her in her place, since I have a car. She said: No, thanks, an autorickshaw man usually waits and
he drops me to my house. See I have been coming from Germany once in a year, you are coming from Bangalore once in three
months but there are many many living in T'malai but never steps into the Asramam.

So, one should know that unless Sri Bhagavan calls us, we can never come to Him.

Devotion to Sri Bhagavan and understanding His teachings are all His gifts and boons. So long as we are fortunate, we should
keep quiet and pursue.  We can never force any one. But as you said, taking care of wife and children - close relatives is our duty.

Sri Bhagavan Himself would not like  us to forsake them and then pray to Him.

Arunachala Siva.