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This is my Maharishee's place
« on: October 04, 2011, 05:31:55 PM »
I am going to start with this weekend trip and finish this article with many more things.

This Saturday Oct 1 , I went to Arunachala from Bangalore.

I dont intentionally do this,  but every time I make the journey for myself very tedious.
So the actual time I spend there, it will be increased focus on body fatigue, back pain and sweating.
But next day, as I return to Bangalore, after getting complete rest, I will wake up and re-collect the
journey and cherish the memories .

I started on Saturday early monring 4 AM from Bangalore and reached Thiruvannamalai at 8:40 AM. 

I went straight to Saradamma's house and meditating at their gate for 2 hours.

Then I came to Ramansramam and spent time in New Hall and in the outer mandapam close to Mohter's
shrine (I sat near that big captivating photo of Maharishee with a yellow background of a focus light)

As I was sitting, my journey tiredness started to act,  I had back pain result of sitting in the most
tedious bus for hours together.

Then they asked everybody to leave the halls as it is lunch time.  I then slept on the verandah of the Mother's shrine for one full hour.

I woke up,  washed my face, stood in front of Nirvana room and then went to my favourite old meditation hall.
My whole body was aching very much by this time and I was just seeing Maharishee's photo for a long time.
I also observed how others meditate.

I did not do any self enquiry and it is like sitting under my Guru's shade relaxedly worrying about nothing.

Then I slowly moved around 4 PM, visited the book depot.

I picked up Arthur Osborne's My life and quest,  few Ilayaraja CDs, Guhai Namasivaya works and the basic Who AM I book.

Earlier I prayed in the hall to Maharishee to enable me to pick up the opt selection suited to my current period of life mind set.  Maharishee should have heard that.

When I went to billing section there was big queue.

Generally in other places, my ego will bounce when somebody interrupts in the queue, or the counter person is slow.
But this is my Maharishee's place,  the place where all my shattered life got a fresh new fragrance.
"Our Maharishee",  "Namba Maharihsee's place" -- so I was very liberal to myself & others, and enjoyed standing in the queue.

Looking around, I felt very peaceful and at home. 

I am otherwise very angry and respect demanding person was very humble and respectful in Maharishee's ashram.  I feel such a love and such a grace which cannot be described. 

At the counter there is a short old mama (aged person). His simple life and his facial gestures, I always love to see such faces.

He nicely put all the books and a free cassette in the bag,  while handing over, I smiled very warmly, having such a spontaenous love.

Standing in the queue earlier,  I imagined some events of someone shouting at some shopping counter guy  in Bangalore,  someone being crazy in his behaviour in a high-fi restaurant and compare such a place with this Maharishee's book depot.

I will say to myself " where all of my those ego has gone ?   It is because this is 'namba' (our) maharishee's place"

There is a long story to this.

Earlier , even though I was very philosophical, in my teens and in my early 20s,  I used to be very very arrongant, restless and always shouting at others.  (ofcourse I was always harmless otherwise to all people), but I had such an anger towards all the society around me. 

But when my life was shattered and I was almost sinking,  I cried before Maharishee in Ramasramam thinking of my past conduct.

Maharishee consolde me instead of pointing out at my past mistakes.  He verily verily consoled me, 

"my dear Krishna,  why do you feel sorry?  You were always good,  come here.  Why do you worry and
feel afraid my child? Come here, let all those modern society condemn you,  I am here for you waiting.
Come and relax my child.  You have never done any sin. Come come"

Did he console me in physical body? No.  But then how this dialogue emerged?  It emerged from my depth
of my weeping heart.  It also played the dual acting role. 
One part of my mind asking question and other part of mind replying in Maharishee's place.

This is what attracted me most in the Maharishee. Not anything else.

When I came clueless, shattered,  crying,  worn out,  already society condemned, when I was falling in
the ground,  our  Maharishee came and lifted me up, saying "dont worry".

When I repented for my past sins,  he consoled saying "who are you?  Why you still carry this 'I'
which has given all this trouble to you?  Why not now put this 'I' down?   

Are all worldy people enjoying and you are condemned to all those enjoyments?  Is everybody laughing at
you?  Let them laugh Krishna, let them,  come here to me.  I am here for you. 

Come, rest here and relax.  DOnt be afraid.  Nothing in this world lasts,  so why you weep for all those things lost in your life? 

Come,  you are not a sinner.  I accept you, please come.
Even if you have done great aparadha to your Guru in your past life, it does not matter my child,  I am here for you and I accept you. Be at peace,  you are not a sinner".

These were the imaginary conversations that I had with my Maharishee on my first visit on June 2010.

Now things have got really really improved.  I carry the same conversation in my mind, I re-collect it
everytime I go there.   

Maharihsee's ashram is the place where all my arrogance melted away. All my anger melted away. All my desires melted away. 

In his face I see my console ,in his face I see that peace,  here is my Maharishee to tell that I need
not do anything.  Just relax.

I imagine when Maharishee took birth thousands of souls like me would have raised their hands and
cried "save us, save us, descend into this world and save us ".

It is Namba Maharishee's place indeed.

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Re: This is my Maharishee's place
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2011, 06:05:23 PM »

Dear krishnan,

Nice to read about your two day trip to Asramam.  The more you go,
the more you will feel peaceful and serene. All unwanted emotions will
subside and finally disappear.  No one is a sinner in life. Only thoughts
about the sin are sinful. Sri Bhagavan is grace personified. He shall
never forsake anyone.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: This is my Maharishee's place
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2011, 06:13:02 PM »
Dear Krishna,

His Grace.

Salutations to Bhagavan
॥ शांतमात्मनि तिष्ट ॥
Remain quietly in the Self.
~ Vasishta