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Panchadasi - (164)
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:33:29 PM »
The Chapter XIV continues....

Verse 5:- "When a man, (Purusha) has realized the identity
of his own Self with That, (Paramatman), desiring what and
to please whom, should he allow his body and mind to be

(Same as 7.1.  See also, Brahadarnyaka Up. 4.4.12;)

Verse 6:- The Self is spoken of as of two types: the individual
Self and the Supreme Self.  The consciousness, through
identifications with the three bodies, thinks itself as the Jiva
and becomes the enjoyer.

(The three bodies, are gross, subtle and causal.  See
Svetasvatara Up. 1.8.9;5.12.)

Verse 7:- The supreme Self, who is by nature existence,
knowledge, and bliss, identifying itself with names and forms
becomes the objects of enjoyment.  When by discrimination,
when it is dis-identified from the three bodies and names and
forms, there is neither the enjoyer nor anything to be enjoyed.

(See, Kaivalya Up. 18;)

Verse 8:-  Desiring the objects of enjoyment for the sake of
the enjoyer, the Jiva suffers, being identified with the body.
The sufferings are in the three bodies, but there are no
sufferings for the Self.

(See ibid, VII. 223-224;)

to be contd..

Arunachala Siva.