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Panchadasi - (163)
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:23:12 PM »
The Chapter XIV is called, Brahmanande Vishayanande, meaning
that the Bliss of Knowledge is Bliss of Brahman.

Verse 1:-  Now is being described the bliss of knowledge,
experienced by him who has realized the bliss of Brahman
through Yoga, discrimination of the Self and the thinking of
the unreality of duality.

(Yoga is meditation, which is described in Chapter XI.
Discrimination is described in Chaper XII.  The unreality
of duality is described in Chapter XIII.)

Verse 2:-  Like the bliss arising from this contact of the mind
with external objects, the bliss arising from the knowledge
of Brahman is a modification of the intellect.  It is said to
have four aspects, in the forms of absence of sorrow etc.,

Verse 3:-  The four aspects of the bliss of knowledge are:-
absence of sorrow, the fulfilment of all desires, the feeling
that "I have done, all that was to be done", and also the
feeling, "I have achieved all that was to be achieved."

(Vidyaranya, in Jivan mukta viveka, 4, puts the last three
as minor modifications of the attainment of bliss.)

Verse 4:-  Sorrow is twofold, that of this world and that
of the next.  The cessation of the sorrow of this world,
has been described in the words of the Brahadaranyaka

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.