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Arunachala Sadhana
« on: September 01, 2011, 08:08:46 AM »
dear friends,
Two ways of deliverance as I have to come know through various sources including from some kind members in this forum here , is self enquiry or remembrance of Arunachala as a sadhana.
In the second method , assuming we have a nine to 6 job , what can be the sadhana that we could adopt to ensure continued remembrance of Arunachala throughout the waking period on work days and what could be a possible schedule on weekends.
like for eg :- I can think of remembrance of the stories of VAjrangada,Vallalar, the remembrance of the story of the holy hill.
 What other practices could the sadhak who is following pre dominantly the Bhakti path with Arunachala as his deity follow and finally what could be a suggested schedule to organise them?
Sundaram Anand


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Re: Arunachala Sadhana
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2011, 08:31:51 PM »

Dear Anand,

Mu view is that remembrance of Arunachala is Only the Hill, perhaps
along with the story of Light which appeared before Vishnu and Brahma.
No need to remember all stories.

Arunachala Siva. 


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Re: Arunachala Sadhana
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2011, 09:34:54 AM »

I was also posting a question in this forum similar to yours.  Meaning work -- sadhana balance.

But I now feel like to answer a same question posted by others.  Perhaps only 'our' problem needs an answer from others.  For other's problems,  it seems, one can very well tell a solution.

Ok now coming to your question,  faith in the Mountain Arunachala and absolute surrender must be carried on at all possible times. Suppose you work on a project issue, after completing that issue, you may go for a tea break.  Immediatley Arunachala Ramana must come to your heart.  While eating lunch in office cafeteria, you should offer your food first to Arunachala Ramana.

While coming from office,  you can constantly think of Him.   If you drive,   the waiting time in signal can be used.

Morning as soon as you wake up,  Arunachala Ramana must be remembered.   Night you can hear some mp3 songs on Arunachala and sleep.   And in week ends, you shoudl always think alternating the modes --  chanting,  meditating,  thinking on I am the realtiy aspect,  walking in the sandhya time, going to a temple  etc.

Mind gets choked if it does only one form of sadhana. So for that matter,  you can connect to the same Arunachala Ramana in various aspects.

Sometimes in weekends, I go to browsing centre.  I will open Nome's talk on Ribhu Gita or a feature documentary film on Ramana Maharishee and hear the Ramana's death experience.   I will hear to Papaji's talks.

Sometimes in weekends, I got to Landmark shop in Forum mall. There I will read variety of books (small passages)  on conquering desires,  words of knowledge and consolation from my Gurus I respect.     But I dont like pseudo Gurus,  Gurus who take meditation classes for money and conduct workshops.

That way I try to use all modern life things for sadhana.  For the sake, as I see all luxurious shops, in the mall,  I increase my detachment and just be happy and content seeing the Galleries, Gift archives and other articles keept for show.    For me those shops in the malls have become places where my desires are gettting destroyed and in that place appreciation of what is there takes over.

To that matter ,  from Sufi to Buddha,  from Papaji to Shirdi Sai baba,  some source will inspire me whenever I visit Landmark shop.  It will be a ever fresh message happening in the present moment and I will bathe in that peace.  Nowadays I have started treating 'Landmark visists' as a visit to a spiritual storehouse.   

I await until the message of the weekend comes to me .  Somehow, everytime the message is delivered.

So instead of constraining oneself,  only to self enquiry or surrender,   you can do both.  Because you know, otherwise, mind will get definitely bored in the same method of sadhana. That time you alternate to your backup path.   

So you know -- sadhana is a base.  Foundation.  So rather than moving out of it, it is better to follow one course or other.

Once you come to Maharishee ,  the term relaxation will slowly get converted into sadhana.

The external aids for one's mind relaxation like magazines,   films in 3D theatres, music in a Bose system,  Pizza Hut eating etc. etc.  will be replaced by a much more cost effective way, viz. -- sadhana.
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